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43 1 Jul 15, 2017


40 1 Jul 14, 2017

Super fact 🤔

40 6 Jul 11, 2017

Savage level: 🚨🚨SYSTEM OVERLOAD ERROR 51 🚨🚨 😂😂😂

32 5 Jul 5, 2017


34 7 Jul 1, 2017

I took this picture 5 months ago so I can always remember in this life all you need is a positive thought and a prayer to get through any situation. People and things will always let you down, but a positive mindset makes it possible to sidestep the obstacles and hurdles as you work towards your own personal goals. You don't have to retaliate or adjust for anything. Just keep running your race with blinders on. Never ever let anything negatively effect your health, wealth or happiness, even if you have to pursue them alone 💯💯

43 3 Jun 24, 2017

Guess who's going to the movies for her very first time today 👀👀❤️

32 3 Jun 21, 2017


26 1 Jun 20, 2017

It takes time to learn the true meaning of Father's Day. It's far more than getting a necktie or some socks and a card lol it means a lifetime of kissin boo boos, wiping tears, being lame and playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the aux no matter who's in the car, going to CiCis pizza instead of your favorite restaurant and enjoying every single precious minute of it all ❤️

73 0 Jun 19, 2017


24 2 Jun 17, 2017

Hanging wit the crazies ❤️❤️

28 0 Jun 15, 2017

Facts of life, had a deep talk with a old head when I was being tailored for some suits yesterday and he dropped these jewels of knowledge on me 💯💯

34 3 Jun 15, 2017

Midget squidget ❤️

65 0 Jun 12, 2017

Seeing her grow from a lil squirt to a little lady and walking across that stage is a feeling I can't even explain. She's been like a daughter to me over the past 8 years and I really couldn't be more proud of her for overcoming all that was stacked against her and claiming what she deserves even in the face of adversity and turmoil. I'll always be there when u need me Kallie-bahn ❤️

68 2 Jun 11, 2017 Conover, North Carolina

Big facts, do more talk less 💯💯

17 0 Jun 10, 2017


21 5 Jun 10, 2017

Guess who's back 🤙🏿

64 2 Jun 8, 2017 Greensboro, North Carolina

When u kinda want a pool but u kinda don't want to deal with pool maintenance 🤔😂😂😂

21 5 Jun 5, 2017 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

How fucking dare you 😂😂😂 man some people are bold as hell on social media... how dare you come out of your mouth like Michelle Obama wasn't the perfect picture of style and grace in the midst of tasteless ridicule and unwarranted media scrutiny... I'm just gonna leave it at face value and not take it to the reason I'm sure this thought really originated... 👎🏿

18 17 Jun 3, 2017

Yolo 🤙🏿

29 2 Jun 1, 2017
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