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Using paused reps for technique/positioning enforcement. 305kg.

750 8 Oct 21, 2017 Olympic Sports Gym

160kg x 8 bench today. Think this matches my best but it was easier than expected at the end of a really rough week. Cheers emilysplanet_pl !

604 12 Oct 20, 2017 Olympic Sports Gym

Amanda Cunliffe amanda2746 hitting her first ever 100kg squat today and with ease as well! The squat has never come naturally to Amanda with her build, but a big emphasis on basics and very frequent and consistent practice has seen it come together to become probably her strongest lift at the moment, with a fair bit more to come!

389 7 Oct 20, 2017 Olympic Sports Gym

Not my best benches today but had about 4 minutes to train and worked up to 180kg x 4.... cheers captain_scarlift

539 7 Oct 17, 2017

350kg deadlift :) shaping up

1405 22 Oct 16, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

365kg / 805lb squat first time back in wraps :)

1264 26 Oct 15, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

185kg x 3 bench, with 155kg for 3 sets of 8 back off. Urghghg

569 4 Oct 12, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

330kg / 728lb raw squat PB (belt + sleeves) Looking good for getting back in wraps! Cheers guys c_alexander75 aw.performance.coaching coach_wodyn

1068 21 Oct 12, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

305kg squat pretty fast..

677 4 Oct 12, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

and finishing bench with 2 sets of 12 and this final set of 16 with 125kg.

428 6 Oct 10, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

170kg x 6 top set of bench today

537 5 Oct 10, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

Well I admire the optimism about what you can do with 75 litres of petrol, but your bullshit isn't going to help me in 200 miles when you stop again is it

213 12 Oct 10, 2017

Squats - 240kg x 10 for a new 10 rep PB emilysplanet_pl you are a good rep counter when I am not. 👊 Lovely work by coach_wodyn destroying my adductors before this, a new important bit of maintenance for my squats it seems!

934 16 Oct 9, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

finishing this week off with 320kg squat, 205kg bench and a 325kg deadlift for a nice round 850 total 12 weeks after surgery. Good to see what the next 4 will bring :)

946 8 Oct 8, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

When Kim kc_pl puts up a 145kg squat, 82.5kg bench and a 170kg deadlift in one session, then realises that's only 397.5kg then I guess you load up 172.5 and go again for a first ever unofficial 400kg total, without any lifts being PBs (90kg bench the other week!). Just finishing our first year of training together now after starting with a 337.5kg total! 👊👊👊

354 5 Oct 7, 2017

A beautiful 200kg bench then a rough as fuck 205kg bench, however that marks the first of my lifts to surpass what I could manage the week before I had surgery :)

817 17 Oct 7, 2017 Olympic Sports Gym

320kg / 705lb raw (sleeves) squat. Really pleased with this :)

1181 17 Oct 5, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

Uo to 195kg today on bench before volume. Not long and 200 will be the every day warmup number again :)

791 6 Oct 4, 2017 Olympic Sports Gym

230kg x 10 squat PB . Every rep feeling really rough today. Probably would have backed out after 2 if i didn't say I was doing 10...

704 11 Oct 3, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila

Bench 120kg x 20 today :)

498 24 Oct 2, 2017 The Strength Therapy / Sila
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