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Mondays can be alright sometimes😋🤸‍♂️ How's school so far?? #monday #bombadilla

3376 155 Aug 21, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Yesterday❤Skien #bombadilla 📸 stred

3170 162 Aug 20, 2017 Oslo, Norway

Funfact: Sander wanted to become a football reporter when he grew up😂 #bombadilla #52

3908 163 Aug 16, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

We're playing Festdager Skien this weekend. Hope to see you there🎤 And thanks adamogevabergen for the hair😋 #bombadilla

3514 152 Aug 15, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Where should we do more concerts?? Maybe we'll have one near you🎶🔥🌴 #bombadilla

4004 627 Aug 13, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Yesterdays concert in Mandal was awesome🔥🌴 Aaaand Bombadilla is 55th place on Spotify today. Can we hit that top 50 together this weekend?? Play it! Have a good one peepz. Stay safe👌🏼 #skalldyrfestivalen #bombadilla

3749 240 Aug 11, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Touchdown Mandal! Skaldyrfestivalen tonight! We're on stage at 20:15😁 Aaaand spotifynorge just added Bombadilla to their "Hits Hits Hits" playlist🔥 Check it out🎶 #bombadilla #spotify

4113 183 Aug 10, 2017 Mandal, Norway

Thanks to spotifynorge for listing our newest single in "Sommerhits 2017" and "Party Up!" 🙊🎶 And thanks to all of you guys for streaming and sharing Bombadilla😋 #bombadilla

3454 182 Aug 8, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

#tb to when we did the Bombadilla music video in Spain🌴🎶 #bombadilla #summer

3643 172 Aug 6, 2017 Alicante, Spain

Who's ready for the weekend?🌴😁 Best comment gets a follow! #bombadilla #weekend

3849 266 Aug 4, 2017 Oslo, Norway

Thanks for the party 🎉 tv2norge Tune in tonight at 20.00! #allsangpågrensen #bombadilla

2637 174 Aug 3, 2017 Fredriksten Festning

You can watch us on Allsang på Grensen 20:00 tomorrow on TV2🙈🙏 You can also watch the show in Sweden 20:00 on sjuan this Friday🙈 #bombadilla #summer

3367 126 Aug 2, 2017

Wanna see us do a few acoustic songs at Norway Cup tomorrow?? Meet us at nrkmp3 17:30 and let's go crazy🌴💯 #bombadilla #norwaycup

3849 310 Jul 30, 2017 Oslo, Norway

Thank you Norway Cup!! We're on Tv2 zebra in a few minutes😍🙌🏽 #norwaycup #bombadilla 📸 hannamehammer_

4498 158 Jul 29, 2017 Norway Cup - world's largest youth soccer tournament

This girl came all the way from freaking Gøteborg to Lofoten just to see us the other day. That's sooo cool😍 And a big thanks to you guys for over 1 million streams on Bombadilla already! #bombadilla #summer

3840 124 Jul 28, 2017 Oslo, Norway

Thanks for having us on your tour this year vglistatopp20 🙅🏼‍♂️ #vglista #bombadilla

3456 132 Jul 27, 2017 Leknes, Norway

VG-lista Leknes tomorrow and Drøbak Havneblues Festival (thursday) the day after💯😄🌴 #letsdoit #bombadilla

3435 161 Jul 25, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Who's listening to Bombadilla today??🙊 #bombadilla #summer #fanpicture

3379 164 Jul 24, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

Crazy is good😉👌🏼 #bombadilla #summer

4310 145 Jul 22, 2017 Bergen, Hordaland

We're ready to go crazy in Bodø tonight🙊 #vglista #bombadilla

3354 106 Jul 19, 2017 Bodø, Norway
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