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Crazy. Sane. Different. Same. Right up against the edge of madness is the where the brilliance lives. #aho #charlesbukowski #TheClassbyTT Via charlesbukowskiquotes

1521 21 Aug 23, 2017

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ✨ Dark vs light. Shadow created by light. Light flooding out the dark. Dark hiding the light. It has been feeling very 'Star Wars' these days. And this eclipse certainly comes at a curious time. ✨ If you blame your problems on the planets, know your rising sign, plan to watch the eclipse for the sheer beauty or eye roll at all of the above, this eclipse highlights a feeling that is a relevant one circulating in our world. Duality. Opinion. Judgment. The "Oh you believe/ support/ care do/ didn't do / felt that way about THAT? How DARE you'. Currents of blame and judgement layering over the pain, sorrow and confusion. Dark side, light side. Right, wrong. At times, these terms are loaded and become confusing. We think we should be one OR the other. BUT - these are not parts to kill off or fear. They are to be understood. ✨ Use this time to TUNE IN TO YOURSELF and see what feels right - FOR YOU. Honor the eclipse, this marked moment in time, to create space for reflection and introspection. Take spiritual inventory. Create a healing circle for yourself. Light a candle. Meditate. Journal. Sing. Weep. Pray. Sleep. Or do nothing at all. The power is IN the intention. And if you want to tune in to the mystic unseen current the universe offers, there is no time like the now. The choice is always yours. There's that sacred moment in between circumstance and reaction - and that is called you. You choose what to do. Happy solar eclipse my friends! For the Astro loving folks wander on over to my favorite MysticMamma for some deeper insights. - xTT #solareclipse #reflection #spiritual #inventory #releasing #harnessing #selfmastery #ornoneofthat #TheClassbyTT

1097 7 Aug 21, 2017

The part of you. Where the dull ache is. Is the part of you asking for your presence. So. Tend to it. Feel your feet on the floor. Wiggle your toes. Feel the air on your skin. Lift your chin. Invite the breath into your body. Soothing. Slowing down. Take it in. Really take it in. The great relief in presence. Song : Pluto by SleepingatLast #simplified #yougood #behere #withyou #TheClassbyTT

590 4 Aug 20, 2017

"People always say 'the screaming class' or 'the chanting class.' We’re not doing that! The message in this room is stay in your body and do whatever you need to do. If you need to laugh, you laugh; if you need to weep, you weep; if you need to stand there and breathe, breathe. You cannot do this class wrong. Oftentimes when you’re giving people the space to feel something, and you’re creating an experience through music, sound, community, sweat, embodiment, and feelings, people make a lot of noise. There’s not a lot of space that we have in this world where you can do that. It’s almost like an exhaust pipe as opposed to a scream, a forceful exhale that’s emotive. We’re making that sound after creating a lot of tension in the body. When I say, “Make sound if you need to make sound,” that’s when the room usually fires. I’m asking people to bring things in the room and process…and at the same time, you’re sculpting your ass and you’re lengthening your body and burning calories. [Laughs]" - TarynToomey for DailyFrontRow Photo of Courtney_Deri by JaimieBaird #whatwedo #checkingboxes #Sweat #Sound #Sculpt #Strengthen #Spiritual #TheClassbyTT

878 30 Aug 17, 2017 The Class by Taryn Toomey

It's you. It's always been you. It will always be you. So go right on ahead. Save yourself. Anne Sexton via Words_of_Women #oxygenmaskonfirst #TheClassbyTT #saveyoursoul #doit #now

1199 13 Aug 16, 2017

Healing collective whole. #repeat #powerful #repetition #hooponopono #TheClassbyTT

1057 17 Aug 15, 2017

In #EastHampton this morning? Join the exquisite duo Courtney_Deri + LaurCamilleri as they join forces to guide you in and back out again. 11/15 930am 📷 JaimieBaird and HeroBeachClub #summer #purify #enjoy #you Details and registration

879 2 Aug 15, 2017

✨THE GLOBAL IMMERSION ✨ 11/9-11/12 Application on link in bio. #goinging #deepdive #TheClassByTT 📷 JaimieBaird More details released tomorrow 8/15

558 14 Aug 15, 2017

Look at those beautiful hands of yours. Really look at them. The ones that have been feeling doing touching giving receiving. Place one in the other. Squeeze them. Kiss them. Rub them together. Feel the warmth. Place them over your eyes and breathe deeply. Thank them. You. #see #you #touch #taketime #youwithyou #simpletools #TheClassbyTT Image by evavai8

928 9 Aug 15, 2017

1105 5 Aug 14, 2017

Sending love and unity into the currents that rip through us that create pain and heartache. The human condition is confusing. Oooooh, these times. Hand on heart. Use the elixir of love. #Charlottesville #heal #act #unite #TheClassbyTT Song : Your Soul by RhodesMusic Image via the exquisite MaraHoffman

1302 18 Aug 13, 2017

A 30 minute 'Dig on in, feel it, let it strengthen you' movement practice for your heart, butt and soul. During this Class, experience yourself. When you meet the resistance, soften and witness. What does the voice in the head say? Notice. Then decide. Engage and listen to it? Or not. The choice is yours 📷 RachaelDunville Download the #playlist in order and then follow instructions in the comments below. 1) Wish That You Were Here by Florence + the Machine 2) Naïve Reception by FABRICLIVE Daniel Avery 3) Breathe (Reprise) by LA Thunder 4) All We Do by Oh Wonder OhWonderMusic 5) Run (Live and Acoustic from Park Ave) by SnowPatrol 6) Howl by Florence 7) Lost by Coldplay There is a big difference between resistance and injury. Modify as you need and take good care of yourself. Always.

1416 30 Aug 12, 2017

Dear Community, We are THRILLED to introduce our new teachers to #TheClassbyTT world. These past few months (well, their lifetime) they have been digging DEEP, doing the work and showing up. We are incredibly honored and grateful to have them as a part of our community of leaders. Come support them, supporting you. NEW YORK Amanda AmandajeanKamm Sophie Sophie_t_Kos Zoe ZoelePagenyc Leslie Leslie_Bish_ CJ CJFrog Along side JayceeGossett TarynToomey LaurCalmilleri Courtney_Deri Samantha.Moriarty RajBarker LindsayjoyTyson LOS ANGELES Shakeema withlovefromshak Brenna _Brennadwyer_ Dani Dani_Edgren Alison Alisonmcleawolper Along side ThisIsNatalie Erin_Rose_Ward HeatherLilleston Exquisite image via MysticMamma #TeacherTraining #TheClassbyTT #TrainingGround #OnebyOne #Spiritual #Fitness #ForLife #NYC #LA Check link in bio - schedules - for all ongoing and community classes.

419 42 Aug 11, 2017

Close your eyes. Envision ☝️gumusservi. Spend a minute there. Open them. Notice the power you have to ask your mind to take you .....anywhere. #youcan #choosewisely #airtrafficcontrol ✨ Image via Pinterest

844 14 Aug 11, 2017

#SoundOn : Behind those doors - just a little spiritual bushwhacking ✨ 4,3,2,1 ...-> #handsonheart -> #donotfidget -> #bringyourheartdown -> #BOOM -> #itsover#ApplyToAll #TheClassbyTT Florence

596 17 Aug 10, 2017

Today. Is the day. Repeat. Today. Is the day. Repeat. Today. Is the day. Repeat. Today. Is the day. SAY it. Today is THE DAY! #gogetafterit #reminders #itistoday #theday #TheClassbyTT

959 10 Aug 3, 2017 New York, New York

W H I S T L E R : The Retreatment is heading to Canada October 18 - 22 with Jayceegossett and Kevinjcourtney guiding the group into the forest quite literally - and spiritually. Details on link in bio under The Retreatment. Registration opens 9am EST/6am PST. Please email Natalie to reserve your spot ✨ #TheRetreatment #deepintheforrest #uponthemountain #TheClassbyTT Image via Pinterest

759 9 Aug 2, 2017 Whistler, Canada

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Place you hands on your lap or body. 10 slow breaths. Follow it in. Follow it out. Every exhale soften any tension in the face, shoulders, skin, heart. Then lift chin, flutter lips and shake the head. Now GO DO all the things! 🏹 #Onward #Reminder #TimeWellSpent #TheClassbyTT Image via Pinterest

538 2 Aug 1, 2017

Safe travels, #SamShepard ✨🙌

701 20 Aug 1, 2017

A 70 minute movement practice ✨ Dear Heart : lets get you beating, strong and clear. In tandem sculpt the body #MultiTasking #AtItsFinest ✨ Download, in order : 1) Circuital by MyMorningJacket 2) Rootless Tree by DamienRice 3) Immigrant Song by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross 4) Rootless Tree by DamienRice (yes - repeat) 5) State of the Art - AEIOU by Jim James Removador 6) Break on Through by TheDoors 7) Find Me by Sigma feat Birdy 8) Break Apart by Bonobo Si_Bonobo feat Rhys Follow instructions in the first 2 comments. Please be mindful of injuries and take good care of yourself. You only get one you. #creating #awareness #withstrength #TheClassByTT Picture JaimieBaird

1784 50 Jul 30, 2017
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