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Ooooooh - The Retreatment ✨ Fall foliage, Atlantic breezes, lawn chairs, soft sheets and the sound of catharsis #goodcombo Announcing the return of #TheRetreatment WeekapaugInn in Rhode Island this fall. TarynToomey and KevinjCourtney will stand steady and hold the space for you to do whatever it is you come for. Registration opens TOMORROW 6/23. Details are on our website, link in bio. #strengthening #ability #focus #fitness #healing #wounds #discipline #bellylaughing #feelingthefeels #spiritualendurance #TheClassByTT

515 5 Jun 23, 2017

Thank you VOGUE for announcing The Class by TarynToomey 's collaboration with lululemon :: Available in the US, Canada, London and online on July 6th ✨✨✨✨ In The Class, we work with the idea of getting "out of the mirror" but that does not mean one shouldn't drape themselves in something that makes you FEEL - good - beautiful - excited - alive - grounded because THAT certainly helps the spirit ✨ Thank you NaomiWatts x 100000 for more things than words can express and JaimieBaird VogueMagazine and the amazing lululemon team who we have been working on this with for a year! 📷 JaimieBaird #Mind #Meets #Wearable #Movement #TheFeelIng #OfFreedom #Lululemon #TheClassByTT

942 24 Jun 22, 2017 The Class by Taryn Toomey

They say : 'You can do it, go go GO, do you see, you are doing it, you are DOING IT, go go GO - you DID you did it!' You say : 'You can do it, go go GO, do you see, you are doing it, you are DOING IT, go go GO - you DID you did it!' #unite #youcan #ithinkican #iamhere #doyoufeelme #youaredoingit #theclassbyTT Image amberibarreche via thepoems

1316 12 Jun 20, 2017

GOOD MORNING :: Take 3 minutes ✨ Stand and give your body a little shimmy. 1 minute - reach arms over head, shake the hands and breathe deeply. 1 minute - easy squat, reach arms forward as you lower, press into heels to stand and exhale FULLY. Use the breath, feel the heart pumping, allow it to awaken and clear YOU. 1 minute - sit in stillness with eyes closed and watch the breath. Stand tall, feel firmly planted, regal in the chest. Get ready. Today IS THE DAY ✨ #letsgo #setthetone #todayistheday #theclassbyTT Picture jaimiebaird

866 8 Jun 19, 2017

Be gentle; go easy. Breathe in, breathe out. Rest. #keepitsimple #layitalldown #tending

612 4 Jun 19, 2017

Beautiful cleansing ✨Let your light return. Sound on. Childs pose, rise up to shins and extend the arms over head, inhale a deep, full breath through your entire body. Land lightly in a low push up, shoulder blades stay down the back. Exhale fully, cleanse your chest, lungs, as you push up. Childs pose. As you rise up to the shins, breathe deeply into your body. Feel the sides stretch as you pull back. End with a series of steady push ups - when you feel the 'no', bring up all the heaviness you have been carrying in your mind, spirit, FEEL IT. Let the body FEEL and LET IT PROCESS OUT. Use sound, cleanse yourself of it. #Strong #Willing #Tools #ThatAreInYou #TheClassbyTT Song : Foals 'Spanish Sahara' #welcomehome #lightreturns

630 9 Jun 17, 2017

#ArmorDown , says the heart #FeelMe #IamHere #WithYou

566 6 Jun 15, 2017

Ooooh Hello Hamptons ✨ Join us this weekend to launch our summer sessions in #EastHampton ☀️ June 17th - Every Saturday and Sunday 9am at the Loft 35 space at lululemon on Main Street - top floor is now the studio! July 1 - Labor Day 9am / 930am 7 days of the week. Join jayceegossett courtney_deri laurcamilleri taryntoomey for your morning sweat, body strengthening, mind cleansing #theclassbyTT Then ready to enjoy some of life's greatest pleasures : eat, beach, friends, fun, belly laughing, warm sunshine, ocean waves, lots of napping, snuggling and loving with a strong body and happy heart. Sign up now open. Andddddd - more classes coming to your in #BridgeHampton for in July + August 💫 #sweat #forthesoul #forthelove #fortherośe #youchoose #theclassbytt

718 9 Jun 14, 2017 East Hampton, New York

What would you tell someone you love to do? Then do that. #you #love #you

593 7 Jun 12, 2017

Strengthening + cleansing back body lift. On back, lift hips, hold opposite elbows overhead and rest arms. On the count of two, draw right knee in toward chest, engaging the abdominals, keep hips lifted and lower foot to the floor for the count of two. Allow the contraction happen in the glutes and soothe the system with deep, slow, full breaths. Practice discipline and steady yourself in the change. Observe the breath come in and fully empty. Allow any tension created from the contraction to release. Sound if needed. It is, but it's also NOT about the Butt lift; it's about creating the discomfort and witnessing what you say to yourself when IN those places. Use your tools. Focus. You CAN - any of it. Give up. Give in. Receive the strength. #applytoall Song : "Priestess" by pumarosamusic#soundon #strong #body #evolved #mind #dothework #itworks #theclassbytt

700 8 Jun 10, 2017

When the 'voice' won't pipe down - just DO IT. That thing you THINK you can't. It's just THE VOICE in your HEAD. #oh ! #focus #voice #youcansay #pipedown #ivegotthingstodo #letsgopeople #theclassbyTT #vincentvangogh

1235 21 Jun 9, 2017 Brentwood Santa Monica

Are you at the goop Wellness Summit in #LA this weekend? We are - and we are soooo excited! TarynToomey will be debuting a brand new iteration of The Class which has been created for ALL (i.e. for the strong, for the fearful, for the injured, for the young, for the old - you get it - for all human beings!) And do not worry - we are bringing it back to #NYC with us. If you are at the Summit, please be sure to introduce yourself - we would LOVE to meet you. beckywrightmcdonald thisisnatalie #goop #theclassbyTT #ingoophealth Photo danielxduane + imcdonald_ 🏹

320 16 Jun 9, 2017

laurcamilleri - "Seeking outside validation is an abandonment of self. When you are in the midst of making a decision - ask yourself, is your decision based on an outside factor or an internal one? Close your eyes, lean back and feel the safety of your own support - your back holding you up. Let the idea that you can have your own back wash over you. Remind yourself that all the validation you need is within you." xx - Laura Join her this week as she guides you in and back out again Friday 715am Friday 915am Saturday 1230pm #theclassbyTT #spiritual #fitness #tribeca #nyc Photo jaimiebaird

572 26 Jun 6, 2017

What he said #soundon :: Thank YOU johnlennonofficial So much. It all feels like so much. Everywhere. Where to even begin. One thing is for sure - these times are not easy. We have to stay focused. Love prayers connection unity belief again and again. #lovebreedslove #keep #loving #praying #connecting #stayfocused #johnlennon #thankyou

585 2 Jun 4, 2017

Sound on ✨ A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Something for everyone - newsletter link in Bio. . ✨✨✨ . Song playing : 'Solider' by fleuriemusic. . ✨✨✨ . #TheLayer Summer Reboot . . ✨✨✨ . #Summertravel Hamptons Nantucket Los Angeles San Fransisco Vancouver Toronto Chicago Miami . . ✨✨✨ . #Happenings goop conference. . ✨✨✨. #TheRetreatment 's Marthas Vineyard Rhode Island Whistler . . ✨✨✨. #Community Bi-Costal Pot Lucks. . ✨✨✨ . #Collaboration tenoverten. . ✨✨✨ . #Workshops mindfulmft anasavoy andreacurryyoga . . ✨✨✨ . #something #foreveryone #theclassbytt #confused ? #readnewsletter christopherboots

358 12 Jun 2, 2017

✨ THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD ✨ The Class x MindfulMFT with TarynToomey and Vienna Pharaon ✨ Join us for a therapeutic experience to expand on the mind-body connection achieved in The Class by Taryn Toomey. Following the cathartic workout, Therapist Vienna Pharaon will guide us to dive deeper into our self-critic and our inner child work through meaningful conversation and activities. We will take advantage of the space we find ourselves in post-Class to see how our current life’s story is influenced by our past, and to address what we can do to shift into a conscious space of choosing. Merging movement with emotional processing allows us to deeply connect to ourselves by dropping us into our body, out of our mind, and into our reason for being. Monday, June 5th 12:15pm - 2:15pm Sign up on #yes #that #letgodeeper #theclassbyTT #itwillmakesense #keeptrackingit #youwillfindit #YOU

338 7 Jun 1, 2017

The Class is for ALL. It's YOU IN YOUR body. Quote taken from janelarkworthy 's first hand glimpse into her experience at The Class ✨ "The Class started slowly; fluid, flowing movements accompanied by Toomey’s nurturing words, which turned on the waterworks as I tried in vain to hold them back. “Keep it together, Jane,” I thought to myself. “She’s just saying, ‘Welcome to the Class.’ Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun just a bit?” But I couldn’t help it. As they began streaming down, I gave in to their early arrival, wiping my cheeks with the occasional shirt sleeve." ✨Ooooh do we LOVE a woman with humor and honesty - thank you, Jane, for your ability to be IN whatever is showing up - and let it be OK! Read full story at coveteur #amazingwriter #humor #grace #honesty #tears #outofthemirror #intoyourbody #theclassbyTT

630 12 Jun 1, 2017 The Class by Taryn Toomey

Go ahead. Pick it up. Look at it. That 'thing'. Is it light or dark? Does it support the rise or pull you down? Allow yourself to feel it. FEEL it. Then decide. It's up to you what you do with it. It is. You. #whichwayyougoing #keepgoing #keeprising #higherself #lightbody #evolving #release #fully #theclassbyTT Image evavai8

627 9 May 30, 2017

#LA can you feel it?! YES she's thereeeeeee. Come drop in to the magic that is jayceegossett this week - Tuesday 7:00am Santa Monica - Wednesday 9:15am Brentwood - Thursday 7:00am Santa Monica * Register on #theclassbytt website! 📸 jaimiebaird #westcoast #radiantbeing #theclassbyTT

428 7 May 30, 2017

Before bed tonight : sit upright, close your eyes, soften your face and simply watch your breath move in and out. Even just for a few minutes. Then set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier then you normally would and do the same when you wake. Set your beautiful self up well. Rest well. Tend well. Love well. You. #timewellspent #startnow #tending #practice #meditation #theclassbyTT

887 12 May 30, 2017
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