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It is. #happening #TheClassbyTT Via Evavai8

875 7 Oct 23, 2017

There is beauty all around. Look for it. Take it in. ✨ Join JayceeGossett and MamaMedicine for a co-taught workshop. Jaycee will lead you through 45 minutes of #TheClassbyTT. Following, Mama Medicine will lead a Medicine Reading Ceremony where you will discover what links you with others in the room and how your journey is supported by friends you've never met. 10/24 : 7pm - 8:30pm #medicinereading #meaningful #discover

693 5 Oct 22, 2017

Be gentle with you. Simplify. You didn’t do it because you didn’t do it. You did it because you did it. That’s it. ✨ #GoEasy #Choices #Simplified #TheClassbyTT Photo JaimieBaird

1509 15 Oct 22, 2017

I can’t try. I won’t try. #fillintheblank #burpee #meditate #loveyou #different #choice #inability #TheClassbyTT

725 6 Oct 21, 2017

AmandaKamm says - Take 10 minutes to release, connect and come home. Download, in order: 1 - Silence 2 - Cold Little Heart, Michael Kiwanuka 3 - V. for Visconti, Angele David-Guilou 4 - Shine, Mondk Cozmo ✨ 1 - Bring feet a little wider than hips. One hand on heart, one hand on belly. Close the lids. Find your breath. Feel it. Take a few rounds settling into the body. Take oneself off of autopilot and tap into your interior architect. Inhale, creating space. Exhale, clearing. 2 - Begin by tapping the heels then release the arms. Take a squat on beat as the arms reach forward on the down and reach them back on the up -> elbows bent, palms open. Spine long, channel like. Feel the energy moving up the body. What’s it carrying? 3 - Shake. Move. Hop. With no inhibitions, SHAKE. “This is so silly but I think I like it. Yeah, I like. So weird. Something is definitely happening.” Let the narrating take the backseat. Keep your attention below the ears. Give freedom to all that we are sweeping under the rug and need to be felt and released. Open the mouth let it come out in form of any sound. Exhale, deeply. At the end of the song, hands on body, find stillness. Feel the shift. 4 - Heart clearing. Gently come down to a sit. On heels or legs crossed in front. Find that tall, channel like spine. Feel the strength of your back lift your heart. Reach the arms out to the side. Hands open, fingers electric. As the arms open wide the heart reaches, as hands come to meet in front the chest stays lengthened. Close the eyes. Open. Close. Lead with that voice that lives right there. The centerpiece of your being. Repeat on beat. At the end of song wrap your arms around yourself. Squeeze. Feel the shift you created. Dwell in it. Then bring it with you wherever you go. xx Amanda #move #music #medicine #TheClassbyTT Photo JaimieBaird

487 42 Oct 21, 2017

Song : “Uninvited” by Alanis Morisette #soundon Move : Skater side to side as you swing the arms. “What is a purge? The body trying to get rid of something that is making it sick”. Enjoy 🏹 #weekend #release #enjoy #you #TheClassbyTT

379 13 Oct 21, 2017

Thank you GirlBoss for recognizing OUR #GirlBoss TarynToomey :: we are so proud to call you BOSS, TT! -xx The Class Team 👏 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “..everyone flocks to you for healing and finding their inner strength and power...” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #healing #strenth #grace #empowerment #TheClassbyTT Image Rachaeldunville

515 4 Oct 20, 2017

The storms are meant to cleanse you. #TheRetreatment in Whistler Jayceegossett KevinjCourtney thisisNatalie is in full swing. Step in -> intentionally creating the storm -> cleansing the spirit -> stepping out. Ah. That’s better. ✨ Thank you for our beautiful pillow gifts Chanelofficial Sajewellness MyNuFace halfmoon_yoga #awakening #strength #you #TheClassbyTT

422 3 Oct 20, 2017 Whistler, Canada

Let’s go people 👏 #giddyup #happyweekend

2147 18 Oct 20, 2017

That tool belt.

415 21 Oct 20, 2017

This is your reminder to stand up, take a walk and breathe. #timewellspent #return #better #TheClassbyTT Image via VisualwordsBook

604 3 Oct 19, 2017

Whether you are a moon skeptic or moon lover, reading anything that creates awareness is powerful. Move though life AWAKE - gathering, reflecting, applying and integrating. NEW MOON 🌑 LIBRA ⚖️ 10/19 - via the exquisite MysticMamma : “Libra is about partnership and connection yet her shadow is sweeping things under the carpet as a means to not face and address what is not working, what sis out of balance or what is simmering beneath the surface. ✨ With Uranus in fiery Aries opposite the lunation what we have stuffed or repressed will certainly come up and out! This can be good, freeing and liberating or it can be anxiety producing, chaotic and unexpected. ✨ It is up to each of us and how we navigate this lunar cycle- with a willingness to face our own shadow, anger, rage and need to be in control… If we are conscious of it we can start to relate to it more directly and work with this shadow part of self in integrative ways… ✨ Before we can find peace, balance, harmony and right relationship- we have to acknowledge where are out of balance, out of harmony and out of alignment. ✨ We have been in a huge death and rebirth portal in relationships of all kinds– romantic, marriage, business, financial and more. ✨ This can also relate to relationship patterns and karmas we are completing as well. Massive endings and new beginnings are incoming and our willingness to let go of the old will make the coming month more graceful and easeful! We are also heading into an alignment of Pluto and Juno- the God of death and rebirth and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. These two have been dancing with each other since April this year but there exact alignment is on 11/11.” ✨ #libra #newmoon #awareness #mysticmamma #TheClassbyTT

436 9 Oct 19, 2017

Dear Bullshit, You have taken up too much valuable real estate in my heart and mind. And because I only get one of me, it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye. Sincerely, Me ✨ WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY TO THE BS? Write it, mark the time and day and bid farewell. 🏹 #nomorecoffeebreakswithBullShit #sorrynotsorry #timetogo #TheClassbyTT #ElizabethGilbert 🙌 MantraMagazine

3149 52 Oct 19, 2017

“Release self expectations, trust the process. Release self expectations, trust the process. Release self expectations, trust the process.” - says Leslie_Bish_ Come do just that 👆WITH her. Tuesdays 11am Thursdays 530pm #repeat #enjoytheride #trusttheprocess #TheClassbyTT Photo JaimieBaird

491 12 Oct 18, 2017

#TheRetreatment in Whistler is feeling the ooooooo yes please buzz in the forest where JayceeGossett Kevinjcourtney and thisisNatalie are preparing to guide our guests in and back out again. #letthegamesbegin #openingcircle #ticktock #goingIn #practicing #TheClassbyTT

487 7 Oct 18, 2017 Brew Creek Lodge

It’s a feeling.

1373 15 Oct 18, 2017

You are not crazy. Stop calling yourself that. Just stop. You are just feeling internal conflict. There is a wisdom inside you that knows what to do - your intuition. When your actions do not match that message, you feel the internal conflict. So when someone says “you are crazy” feel free to know their opinion is none of your business. But thank them for the reminder that it is time to be brave. To go inside. To talk to your soul and tune in. #inside #youKnow #askWhatisThis #messageYouarenotListeningTo #schism #sign #goinside #speaktoyoursoul #TheClassbyTT

1396 40 Oct 18, 2017

“We are human, not robots. Whatever the struggle, feel it. Not alone, but together in community. All the textures and colors of the human experience. No shame. Space for you to process” - says Laurcamilleri Move and be with her : Monday 6pm tribeca Tuesday 530pm tribeca Wednesday 715am tribeca 630pm flatiron studiob_nyc Thursday 930am tribeca #Tribeca #human #notrobots #humanexperience #youarefine #TheClassbyTT Photo jaimiebaird

655 7 Oct 17, 2017

Join  TarynToomey 11/11 9am as she leads #TheClassbyTT to 500 ArmoryNYC as a part of  #NamasteOnTrack. All of the proceeds will benefit  ArmoryCollegePrep programs, which provides academic support and counseling services to underserved NYC middle and high school students. Sign up : #unite #movetogether #makeanimpact #nextgeneration #TheClassbyTT

554 14 Oct 17, 2017

You know that thing? Do not let it harden your heart. And if you feel the density building. TUNE IN. Notice to stillness in between the beats. Feel it in you. It is IN you. Awaken it. But under no circumstance. Do not let it harder your heart. Image via thisisNatalie #cardio #loving #beating #stillness #breathing #openheart #TheClassbyTT If you need a solid community to get it clear, strong and free with, come on over ✨ #openarms #openhearts

995 14 Oct 17, 2017
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