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"You're a dragon. Be a dragon." - Olenna Tyrell 🐉 #dragonpajamas #SaturdayNightTurnUp . Follow me on my personal ig: araynebow

7813 73 Oct 22, 2017

Squats from the other day. Squatting in a wide stance and in flat shoes is feeling better and better every time. 😎

5236 74 Oct 20, 2017

Slowly turning into some type of anime character 😂

9649 96 Oct 19, 2017

Having a hard time finding the right hand width for the squat? - mad_scientist_duffin and the kabukistrengthlab showed me a couple of ticks to help me find the perfect hand width to help me activate my lats for the squat. A squat is compound movement which utilized the back, the core and legs. Try doing a reverse lay pull down wth your squat hand placement. If your lats are not activated, chances are you are not incorporating them during your squat. Full video is on my YouTube: How to Perfect and Correct Your Squat

4630 90 Oct 18, 2017

👾 new youtube video is out 👾 watch it if you want to cringe. #LEHHHHHSSSSGOOOOOO

7191 53 Oct 17, 2017

For those who have been asking.... I AM NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS for powerlifting! - I will only have limited spots opened. Only accepting serious inquires only 🤙 Email me for a free consultation (link in bio)

7722 0 Oct 15, 2017

Sometimes I tri too hard to take a good picture. #jokes #lawlz #callmeamyschumer #causeimnotfunny - Anyways! convoy_strength is having a HALLOWEEN DEADLIFT AND COSTUME CONTEST on October 28th! Winners of the best deadlift (male and female) and best costume will win $50 each! It's open to everyone, so come join us! To participate head over to convoy_strength page and click on the link. Hope to see you guys there 👊

12915 127 Oct 12, 2017

Are you having trouble keeping your back tight during the bench press? Traps overcompensating? Shoulders elevating? 🚨 marksmellybell showed me a GREAT way to utilize the mbslingshot as a warmup/ activation exercise. 🚨 Most people tend to rely on their prime movers and synergists (chest, delts and triceps) in the bench press and completely overlook their antagonist muscle group (posterior deltoids, the biceps, and the latissimus dorsi/rhomboids) 🚨 BENCH PRESS IS A COMPOUND MOVEMENT! Having a strong back will help. With using the slingshot, you can: 💥property place your scapula is a more effective position to allow contractions of the antagonist muscle group 💥enforce better movement patterns HOW TO USE THE SLINGSHOT AS AN ACTIVATOR: ✨SHOULDERS DOWN (depressed) ✨CHEST ELEVATED ✨SQUEEZE THE SCAPULA TOGETHER . now you give it a try!

3930 54 Oct 11, 2017

Bench time? More like nap time... #amiright #supersetwithnaps #internationalnapday #MondayNightAtTheBar #Its5pmSomewhere

9101 66 Oct 10, 2017 Convoy Strength

Last set of doubles on my EMOTM. 8x2 with 90kg (~200lbs). High bar squats are way more fun than low bar, don't @ me. Even though I suck at both lmao

6341 108 Oct 8, 2017 Convoy Strength

Respek wamen .

8932 140 Oct 6, 2017

Why do I look so happy? I blame the pig tails 🐽 #kawaiiaf - New YouTube video out, telling you a little bit more on what kind of person I am. Checkkkitout. Link in ze bio.

12392 88 Oct 5, 2017

Beltless, food less, deadbar less, sleep less, shoeless, homeless conventional deadlift PR! 😈 - Felt like a solid RPE 3.748942but didn't want to push it too much. Haters with say it's 315 lbs, that's it!? But I say, nah fam, 308. - Also did it twice cause the first one was too blurry to post. Don't forget to use my discount code "PullSumoInstead" so you can win a free trip to Walmart. - Also make sure you check out all my other social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, tumblr, twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest, Pornhub, MySpace, Google plus.

7881 206 Oct 4, 2017 Convoy Strength

Look at this tree... that is a nice tree.

11648 116 Oct 4, 2017

Most people before they lift: "LIGHT WEIGHT" "I'm the strongest mf out there" " EASY AF" "FUCKING GO TIME" Me: "You know, you can only kiss yourself on the lips in the mirror" 🙃 - Benchies: 4x5 with 137lbs, the most volume I've done in a minute. PS. New YouTube video is out! Link in bio.

9893 140 Oct 4, 2017 Convoy Strength

Wow. What am I doing up so late? #issaparty

10764 91 Oct 1, 2017 Solana Beach, California

Hi guys! I'm coming up with some new ideas for YouTube. What do you guys want to see more of: 🔹Vlogs 🔸 Story Time (awkward moments) 🔹 Lifting advice videos 🔸 Food reviews 🔹 All of the above? Let me know 🤗 YouTube link is in my bio

7063 149 Sep 30, 2017

For everyone who was asking... #motherofdragains tank will be available again soon! As long as some other releases. 👀 stay tuned

7324 81 Sep 29, 2017

Working on some things for my low bar squat. Back to my wide stance and flat shoes. Better bracing, lat engagement and rooting. Only thing I notice is that boobs start to weigh me down half way through 😒 jk just horrible core strength lol. Brb going to do a million crunches. #ISuckAtSquats

4841 65 Sep 29, 2017 Convoy Strength

Since it's fall... that means it's so close to basketball season 😎🏀 - A lot of people don't know that before I was powerlifter, I use to be a "baller" lmao. I wasn't very good, but I freaking loved it. It will always have special place in my heart.❤️ - What other sports did you guys grow up with?

6533 233 Sep 26, 2017
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