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✨That time I got super namaste up a mountain in the alps is all documented in this week's smagazineuk ... have a ganders! ✨🌞🌙

54 2 Sep 25, 2017

✨ESCAPADA✨ The last time I spent this much time in the Balearic Islands I was 17 doing night watches crewing a tall ship, trying to put people off being sea sick by singing loudly and being pretty vocal (some things never change hahaa) ~ Stay with me. • I dip in and out of this part of the world for work but spending some intense time here from holding my breath (for two minutes FYI.... just sayin) to surfacing and breathing again, getting wild, then calm, loud then quiet, full then empty, exhausted and then recharged, on land and in the sea, warm then cold, lying still under the stars (there were so many!) then moving around under the sun (Yin and Yang) means I've been feeding myself my primary foods whilst tying it into what I do for a living. I didn't technically plan any of this happening, it just manifested and I'm SO grateful for it. (Yeah.. I went there again 🙏🏻) • We're abundant with knowledge on 'wellbeing' and 'nutrition' and on how to make ourselves happy, but if our primary foods, i.e. Fun, play, adventure, intimacy, the things we do that make our souls shine through our skin (quite literally) are lacking, any good decisions we make for ourselves are going to struggle to fly. We're looking to fill ourselves up externally, through objects, things, food, screens even through the wrong people and it's making us physically sick. The irony is that because of the digital age we have access to more knowledge on how to take care of ourselves than ever before, but the immediacy of the whole process and the patience it's robbing from us means that sadly, statistically as a species we're struggling just living in our own skin. What are the primary foods that make you shine? Start re-wilding, be child like, get some soul food in your system, our thoughts become our internal chemistry, feed yourself good thoughts and things and you're almost guaranteed to feel INCRED. •Thank you to all the legends I've met this last week that have made me smile like a Cheshire Cat on crack. I already miss you so much and I won't be forgetting any of you in a hurry! Word.

110 15 Sep 24, 2017

✨FACE ACHE✨ What an adventure! If you fancy smiling like this ☝🏼 on a daily basis and laughing so hard your organs hurt check out these guys oceansoulsadventures... New retreats coming soon along with a full account of my travels with them. It's also worth mentioning that they all have gills and you're highly likely to leave with your own set if you follow their instruction. Word. ✨🌙

117 5 Sep 21, 2017

✨HAPPY DAYS TO HAPPY NIGHTS, HAPPY NIGHTS TO HAPPY DAYS✨ *Being ridiculously wistful on a cliff. Again.

141 12 Sep 20, 2017

✨THAT MOMENT.. RIGHT THERE✨ Just when you think your body has to give in, when you think it couldn't get more calm or more peaceful and the thought of oxygen starts drumming into your system, something switches and it gets euphoric. This is your mind and your body working together to get you to the other side of fear where all the best things happen. I worry that we become so generally outward from ourselves, that we can go through life never experiencing moments that teach us this much. Your body talks to you all the time but it doesn't shout, it whispers, we just have to learn to listen. ✨Side note, I also learnt that I can crack up laughing seven meters down 🤔 and pretty miraculously I can stop myself from talking for two whole minutes. GO EXPLORE ✨🌙 Thank you for the 📸 surfsistas freediveibiza

164 16 Sep 20, 2017

✨So happy to be spending my days soaking up so many corners of this amazing planet 💛 (yes I went there) Thanks for the 📸 surfsistas #candidonacliff ✨🌞🌙

81 2 Sep 18, 2017 Punta Galera

✨FREE DIVING✨ My open water training is done and breath work is ready. It's time for the big dip with surfsistas ... wish me luck! WHOOOOP!! *gulps #ilovemyjob

178 13 Sep 17, 2017 Ibiza


110 7 Sep 15, 2017 Bodyism

✨GOLDEN RULES✨The nights are drawing in and it's feeling pretty Baltic, so I've teamed up with beachcafeuk to give you my best tips on maintaining that summer glow well into autumn. You can thank me later yeah. YOLO! ✨link in bio 👆🏼

100 8 Sep 15, 2017

✨NEW PODCAST NOW LIVE✨ Myself and the amazing jemmabolt can now be found getting pretty vocal on wellness issues over on the lifestyle edit on style_sportif ... our first chat is about Veganism pros and cons, freegans, flexitarians and cow eaters. With Jemma being a carnivore and me a herbivore/ plant based flexitarian (I think I just made up a diet) we've got a lot to debate. I also touch on me stalking Leonardo Dicaprio at award ceremonies just so I could see what's on his plate 🤔 ENJOY ~ Link in bio ☝🏼✨

130 6 Sep 12, 2017

✨I LOVE MAKING PICTURES✨ *Queue serious working face .... Thank you to my kick ass team for helping me get my weird ideas onto paper again. Two stories in one day, and it's only Monday. GWAN! ✨

115 5 Sep 11, 2017

✨New adventures on the horizon✨..... So it turns out looking at one (a horizon that is) releases the endorphins similar to that of a runner's high. Which explains my absolute obsession with the sky touching the sea, it also explains why I think you should never ever go too long without witnessing that. I remember doing my first fashion week in New York and climbing several billion flights of stairs just to see the horizon else I felt like I was going to crack. It all makes sense to me now. I know when to say no, I know when to leave, I know when to say yes, and I know what makes me smile. So similar to the attitude of an athlete, I think you should always BE ready so you don't have to GET ready, and when the opportunity lands, just go... Else you'll never know! ✨

204 11 Sep 9, 2017

✨Monday Munch✨ Meetings at the Malibu Kitchen today, what a great excuse to not be eating my own inedible cooking. ✨🌞🌙

104 5 Sep 4, 2017 The Ned London

✨THANK YOU WORKING WEEK✨ It's been a beaut. Lots of interviews, features, shoots and spinning lots of plates but I loved every minute (whilst being dressed a bit like the grim reaper ☝🏼️) We had all four seasons in one day on one of my location jobs (plus a visit from a seal and a potential ghost... Yeah) and my team still pulled it out the bag. Thank you trippers! On to the next! ✨🌙

94 4 Sep 1, 2017

✨🌙FRIDAY LET ME HEAR YOU SAY YOLO✨🌙 #thisisengland #thisisnotnow #imonthebus

129 4 Sep 1, 2017

✨HEY GURL✨I've been chatting (and having a pout off evidentially) with nicolescherzy about mantras for young women, fragrance and her love for a good bit of meditation. Word.

243 8 Aug 31, 2017 The Dorchester

✨Magic moments on location✨🌙 Loved this guy almost as much as I love Free Willy. Which is a lot. Word. ✨

207 11 Aug 29, 2017

✨Adventures are a girl's best friend✨ (not diamonds) YOLO! ✨🌙

138 6 Aug 29, 2017 Salcombe

✨FRIDAY YOLO DANCE✨ Ahead of the bank holiday I've written my tips on how to manage a hectic city life with a lust for adventure on the wildandfreeadventures blog. (Questionable dance moves not included.) HAPPY WEEKEND Y'ALL ✨🌞🌙

124 10 Aug 25, 2017

✨Early sea legs✨ Thank you for this little throw back from my jabber mouth of a mother susanpaulineunderwood 💛 (don't encourage her)

60 7 Aug 24, 2017
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