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Carlos Sainz, United States GP, Sunday: “It was a great debut for me with Renault and I really enjoyed myself out there. Right from the beginning, every lap I was feeling more confident with the car, so I was able to push harder. I was able to attack the Force Indias, which have been out of reach for the team for the past few races, so to overtake one and attack another was a great result. Everything has gone very smoothly the whole weekend; I knew I could be quick and I had confidence in myself. The whole team has really helped me out and that was key to adapt quickly. To have such a good qualifying and race makes me really happy and I have great thanks for every single member of the team.”

4936 20 Oct 23, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Nico Hülkenberg, United States GP, Sunday: “It’s too bad things happened the way they did, I really enjoy it here but unfortunately my record hasn’t been great. We had a problem with the oil pressure, it dropped so that forced us to retire and stop the race. Sometimes it just goes against you and that’s the way it is. We’ll turn it around next week in Mexico.”

2915 10 Oct 23, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

In support of #DriveForTheCure & susangkomen, our friends at bellrosswatches lent us their Novarosa model to wear for the #USGP! 💖 #RACEday

2837 8 Oct 22, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

#RACEday at the #USGP!!

5753 13 Oct 22, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Nico Hülkenberg, United States GP, Saturday: “We have a twenty-place grid penalty for the race, so regardless of where I qualified, I’ll be at the back of the grid tomorrow. We opted to have flexibility on strategy as we can choose our starting tyres, and this also saves car and engine mileage through not running to the end of the session. The car felt competitive today, as we saw by my being in the top ten with a single Q1 run. It’s a track where you can overtake, so tomorrow has interesting possibilities. I’m looking forward to a good bit of racing.”

5838 20 Oct 22, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Carlos Sainz, United States GP, Saturday: “There’s been a lot to adapt to over this weekend but I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve; it’s not a bad effort for our first qualifying together! It wasn’t the easiest session with the changes in temperature and with the wind as I didn’t know how the car would react to this, but we did a good job so I’m very happy. Coming to a new team late in the season was always going to be a challenge, but everyone at the team and back in the factory has made things very easy for me. I’m looking for a clean race tomorrow. There’s more speed in the car and in me as I adapt further, so to finish in the top ten higher than where I start is the target.”

8099 11 Oct 22, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Counting down to #quali! Pink bellrosswatches for this week to support #DriveForTheCure and susangkomen 💖 #USGP

2978 2 Oct 21, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

#FP3 done. Yeeeeha. #USGP

4359 7 Oct 21, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Nico Hülkenberg, United States GP, Friday: “It wasn’t an ideal Friday on my side of the garage, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. We need to get the car into its sweet spot. We know what we need to improve on the car. After a moist start to the day, the track was developing all the time. Of course, it’s always great to drive the Circuit of the Americas, and I’m sure we have more in hand for tomorrow.”

6842 14 Oct 21, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Carlos Sainz, United States GP, Friday: “It’s been a busy week with everything other than driving the car so it was fantastic to get out and drive for the team for the first time today! There was a lot to learn so I’m happy we ran through everything required. We made good progress, but we’ve got work to do as you’d expect. Tomorrow will certainly be interesting for my first qualifying session with Renault.”

7866 8 Oct 21, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

#FP1 done! Wet start but the track did dry throughout the session. We finished P10 (Carlos) and P13 (Nico). #USGP

5636 12 Oct 20, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

First day in the R.S.17 for carlosainz; he’s driving his new beast around cota_official in 30mins!

7183 14 Oct 20, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Special edition apl for the #USGP supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month and modelled here by our very own hulkhulkenberg 🙌💖 #USGP #DriveForTheCure

3788 21 Oct 20, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

Not long now cota_official!

5841 5 Oct 19, 2017 Circuit of The Americas

New poster for the #USAGP! And we are going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month 💖 #DriveForTheCure

8768 41 Oct 17, 2017

Carlos Sainz, USA GP, Preview: “It’s one of my favourite tracks and I had one of my best races in Formula 1 there last year, finishing sixth. I can go there with confidence as I know how to go fast in Austin. I just need that adaptation to the car and the engineers. The first sector is special, it’s one of these modern tracks which is well designed, very fast with quick changes of direction and high G-forces. I love these sort of tracks and it’s a good opportunity for me to test the limit of the R.S.17.”

9997 25 Oct 16, 2017

Nico Hülkenberg, USA GP, Preview: “Austin is a cool town and a great place to be, I really like going to Texas. I love the track a lot and, out of all the modern tracks built in the last few years, this is a standout. The design is outstanding with a lot of cool corner combinations which flow really well. Sector one reminds me of Silverstone as it’s very quick and flowing. That’s what us drivers are after and it puts a big smile on our faces! Finding a good balance is important because, if you don’t, it will mean you will struggle. Austin is high on brake wear and fuel consumption, so it’s quite demanding in that regard, but nevertheless one of the really fun race weekends.”

5060 14 Oct 16, 2017

Welcome to the team carlosainz! 💛

21076 145 Oct 14, 2017

#FBF to the best visit we get all year at the track; the Suzuka Municipal Shiroko Elementary School children! #JapaneseGP

4029 8 Oct 14, 2017

#TBT When The Hulk met up with Lukas Podolski 👊 #JapaneseGP #Poldi

7104 14 Oct 12, 2017
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