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More shots from our beautiful evening with nycmjsc and vets4americanideals ! Find resources to host your own interfaith bridging supper at the

24 0 Sep 19, 2017

#Repost imaginariumcommunity ( get_repost) Can't wait to host suppers with imaginariumcommunity this Friday! Grab a seat below. ・・・ Only a few more days to reserve your seat for our very first peoplessupper THIS FRIDAY! We've got several host homes lined up and they're just waiting to be filled with amazing food, good company, and enriching conversation. Save a seat at #peoplessupper #community #conversation #potluck

14 0 Sep 18, 2017

Just some of the many lovely people who came out to our supper last night! Thank you to Robyn and to everyone who made it ❤️⠀ ⠀ Reposting irobyn:⠀ ...⠀ "We roll deep! My clutch ( jeffreykoetje) & my work boo ( revjenbailey) together at the peoplessupper interfaith dinner tonight in New York City! #phdlife #queertheologian #queerscholar #queeraf #dinner #table #travelingnomad #nyc #newyork"

37 1 Sep 14, 2017

We are so proud to see our work featured by the obamafoundation! Head over to ihollagram or the TPS twitter to watch the video where Obama shouts out our amazing TPS + Hollaback! co-founder Emily May! ⠀ ⠀ Reposting ihollagram:⠀ ...⠀ "hey hollas, President Obama has a special announcement for you...⠀ Today, President Obama announced new initiatives that will soon be launched by the Obama Foundation. He also highlighted 3 civic leaders that are making changes in their community...including our Executive Director Emily May! Check out the link in our bio and then head over to peoplessupper to learn more about this new program of ours. 💞 • #OBAMA#civicengagement#Hollaback#unity#HOPE • 💞"

69 1 Sep 13, 2017

Become a better bystander--and help build safe, strong communities in the process--by signing up for our Bystander Intervention Online Workshop at

14 0 Sep 12, 2017

Tell us about a time you felt truly seen or heard--or a time you didn't. We want to hear from you! #ThePeoplesStories

3 0 Sep 11, 2017

The first step to stopping harassment is to know how to spot it. Sign up for our Understanding Harassment Online Workshop - details in our newsletter! ⠀ ⠀ Don't get the newsletter? Sign up at ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #bystanderintervention #civicengagement #community

9 0 Sep 10, 2017

Do you have thoughts about your supper that you want to share? Did a question asked at a supper stay with you? We want to hear about it! Mention us and tag #ThePeoplesStories 💚

19 0 Sep 9, 2017

Thanks to Jen from Oakland for sharing these beautiful pictures from a recent supper!

23 0 Sep 8, 2017

Share your stories from a People's Supper with #ThePeoplesStories!

23 0 Sep 5, 2017

#SelfcareSunday - Check out CTZNWELL's activism & self-care newsletter! ⠀ ⠀ More great resources like this can be found at

10 0 Sep 3, 2017

Thank you to the young activists at yeacamp for sharing your #PeoplesSupper stories with us! ⠀ ⠀ Have a story to share? Use #ThePeoplesStories 💚

24 0 Sep 3, 2017

Start your weekend right with a meal featuring these prompts, from "Collective Care in the Face of Violent Trauma: a Guidebook for Gathering" available now at⠀ ⠀ #fridayreads #defendcville

38 0 Sep 1, 2017

#ThePeoplesPledge is still live! Sign at and share your story with us on social media for a chance to be featured ❤️ Pictured here is TPS's own amazing Heather, who does great work bringing people to the table.

21 1 Aug 30, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday - remember when The People's Supper was #100Days100Dinners? Since then, we've had hundreds of events in 50+ cities across the country and are adding more every day. We've come a long way since those first hundred days, and are so excited for what's to come! Be a part of it at

20 0 Aug 24, 2017

Thanks Heather! Check out her page for more pictures from this supper ❤️⠀ ⠀ Reposting thegoodchild:⠀ ...⠀ "More from our peoplessupper potluck brunch yesterday in #Dallas."

24 0 Aug 24, 2017

Some of the lovely people who make it happen! ⠀ ⠀ Reposting revjenbailey:⠀ ...⠀ " #peoplessupper team love ❤️We missed you lennonflowers emilymaynot and Patrick!"

39 0 Aug 22, 2017

Hollaback! ( ihollagram), one of the three organizations behind The People's Supper, is in the running to win $30K to fund more great programming like TPS! Every vote counts; visit to cast yours!

10 0 Aug 18, 2017

Times like these make the mission of The People's Supper that much clearer. If your community is hurting, we want to help bring people together. Visit for resources on self care and gathering in times of violence and trauma.

30 0 Aug 16, 2017

The events of this weekend in #Charlottesville are a stark reminder of why The People's Supper exists. We want all Americans to come together and see each other as people so that we may resist violent hatred when it arises. We've put together resources for communities looking to come together in love and solidarity in times of trauma. Visit (link in bio) to access our guidebook and more.⠀ #DefendCville #standwithCharlottesville

26 0 Aug 16, 2017
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