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jeremykoreski wasn’t expecting great surf when he shot this image of Noah Cohen getting barreled off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with a 5,000-foot range in the background.“It’s gorgeous out there, but the waves are usually bunk,” says the photographer, who lives nearby. This time, though, swell, tide, and weather lined up perfectly. “We spent the whole day on the water, which was pretty impressive considering it was 44 degrees,” says Koreski. #tbt August issue, 2013 |

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It took six days for blakejorgenson to get this shot of mountain biker Darren Berrecloth setting up a cliff jump near the border of Nepal and Tibet in May. To get there, he and Berrecloth traveled by plane, by jeep, by donkey, and on foot, with all their camera gear and a bike. “It was totally exhausting,” says the Whistler, British Columbia, photographer. But it was worth it. “It was like traveling back in time. There’s nothing out there but tea huts, exposed mountains, and great riding.” #tbt August issue, 2013 |

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Introducing the Outside Public Lands Forum - We're starting a Facebook group where it's safe to dig deep into politics. This will be the go-to spot for discussions about what these lands mean and how they should be governed. We want you to use the forum for posting links, asking questions, and sharing the stories that are most important to you. Several journalists who’ve been reporting on public lands, plus several of their sources, will be there to share their unique perspectives as well. Photo: Bob Wick/ mypubliclands | Learn more @

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Outside's 40th Anniversary Issue — A guidebook for endless adventure. Photo: peggysirota | Amazing story lineup on newsstands now and

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When the going gets rough, these duffels will protect your stuff. We talked to our favorite river and expedition guides and asked them what duffels they rely on, day after day in their wild, wet offices. Photo: andrew_burr/ patagonia | Make your pick @

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davidcliffordphotography positioned himself beneath the lip of an 11-foot jump on the back side of Aspen Mountain to capture snowcat operator McCabe Mallin as he executed this rodeo 720. “I had the image I wanted in mind, but nobody was going big enough,” says the photographer. “Then McCabe came screaming off this kicker.” Mallin hit the jump 12 times, but it wasn’t all good. On the next try he blew out his knee. #tbt November, 2009 issue |

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Aysen Glacier Trail, Patagonia, Chile. #tbt to Outside's Travel Hall of Fame in the November 2009 issue. Photo: fredericlagrange |

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You don't have to strike it mega-rich to have access to an amazing private island. For some of us, a “private island” means pristine, golden beaches without another soul in sight and a lavish cabana where you’ll sleep to the sound of ocean waves. But private islands don’t have to be just for the ultra-elite. From far-flung luxury hideouts to more affordable, easy-to-reach cottages, we have six private islands you can rent for the night. Here, at Hatchet Caye in Belize, you can book one of eight oceanfront cabanas or four rooms in the main house starting at $433 per night, or you and up to 30 friends can reserve the whole island for $3,000 a night. |

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"It Just Consumed Me" — Normally, not something you want a shark scientist to say. But Eric Stroud is talking about his chemistry-lab quest for the ultimate shark repellent, which he appears to have found. The questions that remain: Does it work on the great white, the ocean’s most fearsome predator? And can a couple of rookie entrepreneurs get it to market? Photo: michaelmuller7 | Now on

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Pend Oreille River near Sandpoint, Idaho. Photo: woodswheatcroft |

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Outside Podcast: jackjohnson is known as the world’s mellowest pop star. A surfer raised on the North Shore of Hawaii, his acoustic strumming has been the default soundtrack to good-times beach living for more than 15 years. But these days, something's up with Jack Johnson. He's decided that in the current political and social climate, quietly supporting environmental non-profits and greening the music industry isn't enough. He's ready to speak up, beginning with his new album, All the Light Above it Too. Executive editor Michael Roberts chased Johnson down to ask: What happened? / Photo: morganmaassen |

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Sponsored: The family owned and operated Nimmo Bay Resort in British Columbia is OutsideGO's favorite place to get off the grid. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, you'll explore nearby inlets and glaciers by helicopter, stand-up paddleboard with resident orcas, and track grizzly bears on foot. At night, kick back around a bonfire to soak it all in. Learn more at | photo jeremykoreski

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Andrew “Bob” Harris ( andrewbobduckyharris) recently became the first person with Down syndrome to climb the Grand Teton. Outside's sam_moulton shares his story beautifully in "Up Is the New Down." Photo: joolyhart | Read it @

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Nozawa Onsen, Japan. Photo: grant_gunderson |

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Summit of Mount Cook, Alaska. Photo: Andrew McGarry | #tbt November, 2005 issue ||

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When alpinist and photographer coryrichards dug himself out of an avalanche in 2011, he emerged alive but scarred—an ascendant star in a community that tends to shun the very idea that trauma can have lasting effects. As his profile climbed ever higher, his career and personal life imploded. Six years later, one of the world’s best artist-adventurers comes clean about the panic attacks, PTSD, and alcohol abuse that nearly killed him. Photo: nigelparryportrait | Read it @

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To capture this shot of Hamnoy, a small shing village in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, christinhealey traveled with a collapsible kayak 6,000 miles from her home in Boulder, Colorado, in July 2016. After she arrived on the scenic archipelago, the 32-year-old photographer had to wait out a storm that had settled on the exposed landmass. When the weather system began to lift, her friend Matthew Eaton paddled out while Healey climbed up onto a nearby bridge to position herself. “I wanted to incorporate the landscape and show both old and new,” she says. “The kayak is subtle, but it makes the image a little different.” #Exposure |

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When Daniel Duane was a kid, his father taught him how to climb in Yosemite. Two decades later, when his teenage daughter wanted a valley education of her own, he realized that the old beta no longer applied. "Handing Over the Sharp End" in our August issue. Photo: justinkaneps |

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Kraków nights. Photo: adamkokot |

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Kolmanskop, Namibia. Photo: Andres Gonzales | #tbt October, 2005 issue ||

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