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Almost forgot! There is also a white one! It's Bjarki and me -"cookie and sexy beat" ( you can hear it on my essential mix) and his dance floor destroyer "cooking up the brain" #tripgatheringatrushhour #ninakraviz #bjarki #techno #house

23802 159 Oct 19, 2017 Rush Hour Store

"You take" was recorded very quick. Within one take. It's more on a house side of things with a acidic bass line neurotically swinging from one channel to another. Some years later I decided to put it out on this limited white label 12 inch especially for трип gathering at rushhourstore. Available only at a store. #ninakraviz #youtake #house #acid

13610 44 Oct 19, 2017 Rush Hour Store

I was just about to tell a story about that George Duke record from Okino Shuya ( Kyoto Jazz Massive) that technically co-started my record collection back in the early days when Kerri showed up and Giles Peterson announced that he needs to catch his flight so I better take over and ask Kerri a few questions for his radio show while he is away 😅I did that with a lot of pleasure. We have been knowing each other for many many years since my early journalist days in Moscow. He was one of the reasons why I got excited about becoming a dj. It was very special to catch up again and discuss Kerri's brand new dj-kicks album that is out tomorrow. It's full of damn great music in the Roy Ayers direction ❤️ p.s. I still have that "Kerri" song that I made many years ago but never released. #kerrichandler #ninakraviz #gilespeterson #worldwidefm #house #rushhour #amsterdam

7032 29 Oct 19, 2017 Rush Hour Store

Thank you everyone who came to трип gathering rushhourstore yesterday! The place was on fire!❤️❤️❤️ #triplovin #deniro #ninakraviz #ade

4982 9 Oct 19, 2017 Rush Hour Store

Pink record is smth very special I am so happy to release a track by Dj Rush! The other side is hot K-Hand acid cut-both on a 12 inch as трип ADE special edition. The yellow -acid one is my acidic house track -"you take" #трип #trip #acid #techno #ninakraviz #k-hand #djRush #triplovin

32310 151 Oct 19, 2017 Rush Hour Store

My ADE is going amazing! Was great to come back to rushhourstore to chat with gillespeterson for his radio show on .I brought one of my favorite Alan Parsons Project records:) #ninakraviz #childhood #gilespeterson #ADE

13761 52 Oct 19, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

K-HAND is testing our hot pink 12 -inch made especially for ADE trip gathering at Rush Hour. We pressed only a few of them. The other side is a new tune by mister Major himself aka Dj Rush. See you later at rushhourmusic #triplovin #trip #трип #k-hand #djrush #ninakraviz

5194 47 Oct 18, 2017 Capitale des Pays-Bas

Any photographer recognizes this photo as his? #triplovin #ninakraviz #трип

16530 54 Oct 18, 2017

Tomorrow in Amsterdam. трип gathering at Rush Hour. We have made 3 ADE special white labels limited to 300 copies. One for my new song "you take" (more on a house side), 12 inch K-Hand/Dj Rush (super excited about this release !!)and another 12 inch bjarki/nina. Some copies will be available at the store of course. Deniro ( who's amazing freshly released record will also be available at the store) will play a few records. And maybe I also will. From 7-9 p.m. #triplovin #трип #rushhour #djrush #khand #ninakraviz #bjarki #deniro #tombo #ade #rushhour artwork by el.tombito

3839 32 Oct 17, 2017

Mumdance and I rinsed a few beats in acid. I was very excited as we were recording it in a club during Unsound festival in Krakow with actual crowd dancing in front of us. It was also a right moment to drop that Eva808 remake of Missy Elliot 📻 rinsestagram mumdance #techno #acid #unsound #krakow #ninakraviz

2826 23 Oct 17, 2017 Kraków, Poland

Right now early lunch 1.30 p.m. acid dancing in Krakow with Mumdance . We are doing back to back. And it's Biogen's track "160 acid"playing right now. 😬 #Unsound #mumdance #ninakraiz

12545 353 Oct 13, 2017 Kraków, Poland

We are playing some beats b2b with mumdance right now at Szpitalna 1. Stop by if you are in Krakow. And I just can't wait until my turn comes and I can drop Missy Elliot 😀 #unsoundfestival #mumdance #ninakraviz #rinsefm

12963 62 Oct 13, 2017

I have never been to Krakow but I heard it is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. I am also a debutant at unsoundfestival This intro is just so you can taste the level of my excitement 😊 #Unsound #Poland #techno #acid #idm #ninakraviz

2926 47 Oct 12, 2017

Goodbye beautiful Ibiza! It was such a great summer. Thank you and see you next year! ❤️ #ibiza #summersesson #ninakraviz

12934 44 Oct 12, 2017 Ibiza, Spain

10852 54 Oct 12, 2017

A few years ago. Sharing a chair somewhere in LA with boogiecousins patrickmohrofficial photo by dennisleupold #ninakraviz

16089 98 Oct 12, 2017

LA a year back by dennisleupold #ninakraviz

54785 516 Oct 12, 2017


30642 223 Oct 12, 2017

It's a wrap! My summer'17 officially finished yesterday. Circoloco closing party was a very nice experience. Respect to those who survived the speed was uncontrollable. At some point bpm reached 137 and there was no way around it..after that I spent whole night in the club dancing in the crowd absolutely sober and enjoyed every minute of it. The night music and vibe wise was just great. Thank you for all the loving vibes people! Much ❤️ P.S. Special thanks goes to my fans who were following most of my Ibiza gigs this summer during my residency at Cocoon, appearances at Privilege for Afterlife and finally here at DC-10. It was a great season thanks to you! Photo by Mari hellomarimarimari circolocoibiza #circoloco #ibiza #closingparty #dc-10 #techno #acid #ninakraviz

20740 121 Oct 10, 2017 Ibiza, Spain

New трип 16 just arrived! It's Deniro and it is sounding and looking absolutely amazing thanks to the artwork of el.tombito. One of my favorite techno tracks of this year in this double 12 inch "Mendoza" album. Now available for order. You can find a few tracks from this EP on my new essential mix btw. I don't really like this term when speaking about techno music but here it totally fits as this is really beautiful techno music. Very emotional (very rare these days) recorded live and elegantly arranged the tracks flow naturally. Not overcompressed and not too loud yet a total killer on the dancefloor. Congratulations to Deniro! #triplovin #deniro #трип #trip #triprecordings #mendoza #мендоза #дениро #techno #ninakraviz

13170 105 Oct 9, 2017
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