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Playing with my trip brother Nikita Zabelin In half an hour at Awakenings (stage B) We don't really know what to play yet but we will find out! awakenings #ninakraviz zabelin Feeling magical 😜

11982 38 Jun 24, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Awakenings Saturday and Sunday ( playing back to back with Nikita Zabelin on Saturday and closing the stage on Sunday) awakenings #ninakraviz #nikitazabelin #awakenings

9673 71 Jun 22, 2017

Interview for lofficielparis 🙃

37625 254 Jun 21, 2017

sonarfestival #ninakraviz #nk tuttuant

12500 49 Jun 17, 2017 Sonar Barcelona

Closing Sonar Pub stage sonarfestival photo by panchojimnz thank you people! ❤️🤧🤖

28202 148 Jun 17, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Gracias Sonar!!! It was an honour and the absolute pleasure to close Sonar Pub! I love you so much ! Feeling emotional 😍❤️☺️🤦‍♂️🤖🤧 #closing track sonarfestival #sonarpub #feelingemotional #trance #ninakraviz #sonaf17 sonarfestival ninakraviz

15367 311 Jun 17, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Getting up close and personal with these razor clams ( Navajas) at Boqueria before my closing set at Sonar pub tonigh! Or actually tomorrow morning 5-7 a.m. Photo by moresongsaboutbuildingsandfood #sonar2017 #sonarfestival #sonarpub #ninakraviz #barcelona #techno #clams

20113 150 Jun 16, 2017 La Boqueria Mercat

❤️ #dentistgallery thedentistgallery dr_je #jeromesebah

7601 44 Jun 13, 2017 London, United Kingdom

Vanilla ice cream of a right size! These artist dinners 🤦‍♂️I have the best job! cipriani #artistdinners see you at Cocoon 😘 #cocoon #amnesia #ninakraviz

19017 80 Jun 13, 2017

I am on my way to Ibiza. Literally😂 closing Main room amnesiaibiza for Cocoon tonight #cocoon #amnesia #ibiza #ninakraviz

21359 180 Jun 12, 2017 Palma de Mallorca Aeropuerto (PMI)

❤️🇮🇸 the mastermind behind our moon landing last weekend. Thank you! #triptothemoon17 #triplovin photo by Timothée Lambrecq bbbbbbrecords moussti

13215 35 Jun 11, 2017 Iceland

I took my "magic box" to Simon from London Modular Alliance. All the moduls that I bought sounding amazing but it is still a very long way to find out how things work:) londonmodular cwejman #tinrs @ analogsystems #notrockets sience rocket_not

5735 50 Jun 11, 2017 London, United Kingdom

sexy oscilloscope londonmodular #ninakraviz #londonmodular

6675 63 Jun 11, 2017 London, United Kingdom

Photo by fielddayfestivals louiseowen

26466 106 Jun 11, 2017 London, United Kingdom

Talking about Joe Muggs's cover story and Mixmag-somebody just tweeed this🙄 #Mixmag 2013 😀 mixmagmagazine #ninakraviz

11778 75 Jun 10, 2017

Long time ago Joe Muggs wrote my cover feature for Mixmag. Yesterday we met for a little Q&A in Sheffield during No bounds festival. Let it be a good tradition ❤️thank you for coming joemuggs

13538 35 Jun 10, 2017 Derby

No bounds festival was dope! Yorkshire all the way! Liam O'Shea lo_shea_ for president! ❤️I am sure Joe Muggs agrees:) #Sheffield #noboundsfestival noboundsfestival #loshea #joemuggs joemuggs

4747 13 Jun 10, 2017 England

Digestives... #hotelife #lifeofthedj #hopeworks #noboundfestival .. I had such a great time..playing and dancing to Helena

12161 69 Jun 10, 2017 Sheffield

Shortbreads all the way #sheffield #noboundsfestival #hungryninakraviz

12848 371 Jun 10, 2017 Sheffield

#Triptothemoon17 arniskeng exos101 -both rocked it on the 🌙 last Sunday #triplovin photo by kingoden

5519 20 Jun 9, 2017
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