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Animals are doing the same♡

10 1 Sep 24, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Hanging on the Interurban trail watching the clouds, cyclists, joggers, walkers, and dogs go by.

8 0 Sep 24, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Good ole shavasana ♡ with a million licks, after a sadienardiniofficial shred.

18 3 Sep 22, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Ylee dinner #yougottakeepitseparated

13 2 Sep 20, 2017

Shop local folks and support small businesses !!! Ya, never know what sort of owlsomeness😀 you might find. Thanks, jacobwillardhome we love this little owl family, watching over us while we sleep♡

16 3 Sep 19, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

The Purple One adding some magic to this keychain 💜 thank you eireannemlyn and capwire for this stellar housewarming gift 😚

19 1 Sep 19, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

#moclips #pnw

23 3 Sep 17, 2017 Moclips, Washington

3 goats and a pitbull♡

12 1 Sep 16, 2017 Taholah, Washington

The tub has been refinished and is so slick and smooth. Just like new! Worth not being able to bathe or shower for 48 hrs. #dontgettooclose

16 2 Sep 14, 2017

Post run and sadienardiniofficial Fit & Fierce Workout with my furry babe, Niña ♡ She ran like a champ, but took over the mat, and licked my sweat, during the workout bit. Anyway, #pitsrule

17 2 Sep 13, 2017

Ylee's attempt to a sneaky face, albeit it looks like a poopy face. eireannemlyn and capwire , we helped ourselves to your plum tree!! Can't wait for you to be our neighbors! Boy, are ya'll in trouble😀

11 1 Sep 13, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Food #boomerang vegan style ♡ fall dishing it!!

16 2 Sep 12, 2017

Much recommended park to explore in Shoreline!!

11 1 Sep 11, 2017 Boeing Creek

Exploring Boeing Park with some of my favorite people.

9 0 Sep 11, 2017 Boeing Creek

Sweet cuddle session happening, now♡

12 0 Sep 10, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Getting my nails did, while listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show ♡ tis the season.

9 2 Sep 9, 2017

First Day pic! Ylee 4th grade and Sev freshmen♡

21 2 Sep 6, 2017

So it begins..... #chickenofthewoods

12 0 Sep 6, 2017 Shoreline, Washington

Happy Birthday to our first born, Sevastian! 15 years ago, Sev was born in a tiny little house, in the CD, surrounded by so many people that couldn't wait to meet him. Such a precious day. The day that I became a Mom! Seems like forever ago, and just like yesterday, all at the same time. So happy to call this young man my son!! He makes Nando and I very proud♡ THREE CHEERS FOR FERNANDO SEVASTIAN DINGLER🎉🎉🎉

15 1 Sep 4, 2017
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