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Photo by BrianSkerry. A Sperm Whale rests just below the surface in the waters off the Azores in the North Atlantic. The largest of all “toothed whales,” the Sperm Whale was once believed to be a monster, but is actually an elusive and gentle animal. Sperm whales have the largest brains in the animal kingdom, but much of their complex lives remains a mystery, with researchers continually challenged in understanding these creatures. To see more underwater photography, follow me - BrianSkerry - on Instagram! Shot on assignment for NatGeo Magazine. #spermwhale #whale #azores #north #atlantic #monster #underwater #photography #nat #geo #nationalgeographic #natgeo #research #whales #photooftheday #instagood #wanderlust #travelphoto #traveller #followme #follow`

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Video by paulnicklen // Key to life on the British Columbia coast is salmon. During the fall months, millions of Pacific salmon run up the rivers and small creeks along this rich coast. With the scent of salmon rolling up the hills, Spirit Bears (Kermode Bears) descend from the berry and crab apple patches to do their final feast of the season on fat and protein rich fish before their long winter's sleep. #follow me on paulnicklen to see my favorite images of #spiritbears, #grizzlybears, #blackbears and #polarbears. With cristinamittermeier and kyle.roepke #feast #bear #nature #naturelovers #fish #food #expedition #thejourney #mpa #instagood #video

138565 780 Sep 21, 2017 Great Bear Rainforest

Video by katieorlinsky | Sharks circle a living bait ball inside Johnny Morris’ wondersofwildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, MO. This week, bassproshops celebrates the opening of wondersofwildlife—the largest, most immersive fish and wildlife attraction in the world that honors and celebrates the conservationists who act as stewards of the land and water. - Check out today’s Instagram Story to get a peek inside the brand-new 320,000-square foot experience, which boasts a 1.5 million-gallon aquarium adventure showcasing 35,000 live fish and countless interactive displays featuring mammals, reptiles, and birds—all bringing visitors eye-to-eye with an incredible collection that celebrates and encapsulates the beauty of our natural world.

275778 1231 Sep 21, 2017 Wonders of Wildlife

Video by jimmy_chin Morning romp on the big stone. El Capitan, Yosemite. Shooting on assignment for natgeo. For more photos and video from this project, follow jimmy_chin

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Photo by: renaeffendiphoto Children waiting for sweet treats from a street vendor in Tarlabasi a multicultural neighborhood home to Istanbul's diverse communities of Anatolian migrants, Roma, transgender and now Syrian refugees of mainly Gypsy background from Dom. Follow renaeffendiphoto for human interest stories #istanbul #turkey #streetphotography #streetlife #neighborhood #icecream #sweets #children #culture

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Photo and caption by petekmuller. The mornings are brisk in Kenya's Muranga County, particularly at this time of year. Fog defines the early hours, especially in the county's upper reaches where the altitude climbs to nearly 6200 feet (1850 meters) above sea level. This rural county, approximately 2 hours north of the capital city of Nairobi, is home to lush and seemingly endless tea plantations, beautiful rolling hills and gin-clear rivers. While many relish Kenya's world-famous savannas, I often opt for its rich, green highlands instead. I pack my fly fishing rod, my pup, a few days worth of food and set out for these serene and restorative hills. Follow petekmuller for experiences, adventures and observations from Kenya and beyond. #Kenya #Africa #nature #outdoors #green #fishing

473097 920 Sep 21, 2017 Murang'a County

Photo by Stephanie Sinclair stephsinclairpix tooyoungtowed // A young wife with her husband and four children in Yemen. The World Health Organization reports an estimated 16 million adolescents between 15 and 19 – and another 1 million under the age of 15 – give birth each year. The younger the bride is when married, the less say she will have in family planning and the more likely it is that she will have complications during delivery. This image is part of a 175-image exhibition titled “Too Young to Wed,” which is the inaugural exhibition at the new L’Arche du Photojournalisme, atop at the prestigious Grand Arche de la Défense in Puteaux, Paris. Many of the images were made #onassignment for natgeo, including this one. The show, which opened June 1 and runs through this Sunday, Sept. 24, is complete with educational information about the dangers of #childmarriage and the efforts underway around the world to end the global practice – including our work at our nonprofit organization of the same name, TooYoungToWed. To learn more about the exhibition please visit the link to my blog in my bio stephsinclairpix . #endchildmarriage #tooyoungtowed #girls #letgirlslearn #photojournalism #exhibition #yemen #paris

211738 1123 Sep 21, 2017 Hajja, Hajjah, Yemen

Photo lucalocatelliphoto for natgeo Growing locally inside a city is a trend everywhere and the Dutch have their own way. This futuristic project is the Urban Farmer greenhouse, built on the rooftop of a former Philips building it can harvest fresh vegetables for approximately 300kg per week, without using pesticides. The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant and it propose the most advanced high tech agro farming solutions to grow more with less. Follow me lucalocatelliphoto to see more about this story published on the National Geographic Magazine, September issue. #hunger #food #foodcrisis #agriculture #greenhouse #sustainable #organic #solution #green #modern #modernfarmer #future #futuristic #netherlands #drone #dronephotography transition #drone #dronefly #dronevideos #dronephotography #urbanfarmers #rooftop #roofopfarmer

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Photo by Hammond_Robin for Witness_Change “I think my daughter is bewitched” says Margaret Konga, sitting with with her 7 year old daughter Bibiyan Ida. Margaret suspects her husband’s family of cursing her daughter. Juba, South Sudan. In many parts of the world, mental health problems are thought to have spiritual causes. Remedies are often sought from religious of traditional healers.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My new photo project #InMyWorld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with mental health issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. This first phase of the project was created in collaboration with Handicap International handicap_uk as part of Witness Change's work on global mental health. Witness Change ( witness_change) is a nonprofit that aims to end human rights violations for marginalized communities through visual storytelling. To see more from this campaign please follow OneDayInMyWorld.

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Photo by brianlehmannphotography - A water #buffalo is sacrificed to honor the #dead. To see another photo from this rare #Indonesian #death #culture follow brianlehmannphotography.

199560 9795 Sep 20, 2017 Indonesia

Photo by argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A cave with Ancestral Puebloan (Aka: Anasazi) ruins near the San Juan River in Southern Utah. For more from this region follow argonautphoto on assignment in #BearsEarsNationalMonument this week.

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Video by joelsartore | This insect may look like forest debris from afar, but this Malaysian dead leaf mantis is very much alive. Photographed at theomahazoo, this species is specialized to resemble a dried leaf so that hungry predators will ignore it as they search for a meal. When threatened, nymphs of this species will freeze and curl their legs in under their leaf-like backs in order to play dead. Adults, however, will raise their their wings and display the bright orange pattern underneath to fend off a predator. Check out joelsartore for a portrait of this mantis. . . #insects #bugs #mantis #deadleafmantis #mantid #biodiversity #animalfacts #wildlife #nature #wildlifephotography #natgeo #savetogether #photoark

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Photo by ladzinski | Elite athletes from across the globe recently attempted to break the two-hour marathon. Like climbing Everest or exploring space, Nike’s #Breaking2 project is all about pushing the boundaries of the human body. While some believe the two-hour mark will forever be out of reach, others believe science can help these runners achieve the seemingly impossible goal. Nat Geo and Nike partnered to tell the story of this incredible journey in #Breaking2, premiering tonight at 8/7c on National Geographic.

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Video by bertiegregory. A trevally shatters the peace on a coral reef in the Red Sea at last light. Watching this frame by frame, I am pretty sure this predatory fish's hunt was unsuccessful. The anthias and other reef fish made the very sensible decision of feeding in the water close to the safety of the coral so could quickly take cover. I had absolutely no idea the trevally was coming, I just happened to be pointing the camera in the right direction. I'm always grateful when wildlife cooperates as most of the time it has other plans! Follow bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures.

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Photo by petekmuller. A view of the Great Rift Valley in central Kenya as seen from the air. The Rift is one of East Africa's most remarkable topographic features. What appears in this region is but a small portion of the greater phenomenon, which technically spans some 6,000 km (3,700 miles) from the Middle East to the African country of Mozambique. It's an awe inspiring natural feature. #Kenya #Africa #RiftValley #nature #environment

439029 731 Sep 20, 2017 Rift Valley Province

Photo by johnstanmeyer Offerings of rice, incense, a sacred ritual to make peace with nature and the spirits which residing around the Sindang Gile waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani on the Indonesian island of Lombok. - To see more of my work with natgeo, personal projects and details on upcoming photo workshops, follow me here on Instagram at johnstanmeyer. - natgeo natgeocreative natgeotravel thephotosociety #indonesia #lombok #SindangGile #waterfall #MountRinjani #Rinjani #volcanogods #sacredwater #rice #incense #offering #water #spirituality #peace

496943 1333 Sep 20, 2017 Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

Photograph by Michael Yamashita yamashitaphoto - at last night's Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament- the agony of defeat. #sumo #sumowrestling #tokyo #japan natgeocreative

256009 1450 Sep 20, 2017 Kyoto Shinkansen Bullet Train Station

Photo by FransLanting The elegant sifaka, a mild-mannered leaf-eater who inhabits arid forests in southern Madagascar, has spindly limbs evolved for an arboreal existence. But it has trouble sitting upright without back support. Against the intense heat of a summer day, these two sifakas have found the best remedy is to laze away the hot hours wedged in the forks of a huge tamarind tree. Follow me FransLanting for more images from Madagascar. natgeotravel natgeocreative thephotosociety #Madagascar #Africa #Lemur #Sifaka #Primate #nature

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Photo by Stephenwilkes. One of my latest Day to Night images was photographed at  Ram Navami, Ardh Kumbh Mela Festival, in Haridwar  India.  Color, light and water are recurring themes in my Day to Night series, and for this reason I was drawn to this inspiring Indian pilgrimage location. I was intrigued by the historical and iconic importance of what is perhaps the largest religious gathering in any religion around the world. What was amazing was to witness the people who are drawn to the river, which in Hindu mythology, are the carriers of life and fertility. To see more images like this, including my latest exhibition, visit stephenwilkes to see more. #stephenwilkesphotography #stephenwilkes #pilgrimage #travel #religion #india #ardhkumbhmela #holycity #ganges #daytonight

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Photo ladzinski / A colorful sunset lighting up the sky over a jaggedly carved iceberg in #PleneauIsland on the #AntarcticaPenninsula. Over the last two decades, the Antarctica Peninsula region has warmed significantly, directly contributing to substantial ice loss and threatening the abundance of animals that live here. Photographed #onassignment for natgeo / sea_legacy paulnicklen cristinamittermeier andy_mann craigwelch ianvaso shanemoorefilms pattersonimages

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