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Mermaid vibes . That feeling when Schools out ! #thegorge 📷 965jackseattle

1529 18 Jul 19, 2017

Good advice bebeautifulla

737 9 Jul 17, 2017

Mirror ball mermaid l.o.m_fashion #thegorge yesterday

1091 15 Jul 17, 2017

What a place for a show ! Wow . This was us at sound check yesterday . I am on stage, rachp1981 is just filming from far away and the lights aren't on me yet and the background behind us is insane ! #pocketfulofsunshine #thegorge #washington

583 11 Jul 17, 2017

Such a pleasure to wrap our tour in this majestic location ! #thegorge #washington wow !

539 19 Jul 16, 2017

That moment you realise schools out and your summer begins

816 5 Jul 16, 2017

It's our last show on the summer Tour today . What a spectacular place to finish up! We will miss all the guys in train and oar. What a great bunch of people! At the #gorge in #washington not far from Seattle . Wow what an emotional day . Here with eric_appapoulay . My band and my team have been my heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ and thank u to the wonderful crowd at all 46 shows for all the love xxx #playthatsongtour train ofarevolution

558 12 Jul 16, 2017

Hey you lot I just put a vlog up on my YouTube channel about shenanigans I've been getting up to on tour . Link in bio ⬆️ gonna try and give you something new there every Friday

607 11 Jul 15, 2017

Singing in the shower! #everything eric_appapoulay dsizz8

636 32 Jul 15, 2017

Our Music director eric_appapoulay came up with an incredible way to stay in touch with his 13 year old daughter, Arielle, while away on tour . He got her to record a melody on the phone and we wrote a song around it . I love this song so much that we started singing it in our shows and the crowd reaction to it has been wonderful . It's called The One Thing I Like About you is Everything . "every single girl wants to know they're pretty , every boy want you to know they're tough , sometimes there's things we don't say it's a pity , we all go around feeling not good enough ... your beautiful when you cry , your beautiful when you smile , beautiful all the time and I'm happy that I call you mine , the one thing I like about you is everything . .."

1133 29 Jul 14, 2017

Music is my favourite way to release emotions . What's yours ? 📷kristinchalmersphoto

984 24 Jul 13, 2017

A life well lived is just a million little moments of awareness, courage, perseverance, love, forgiveness and thankfulness 📷 kristinchalmersphoto 🏆having one of those moments in this photo .

681 6 Jul 13, 2017

📷 kristinchalmersphoto summer 2017

1153 10 Jul 13, 2017

I've gotten used to singing with this guy and his lovely band every night the last two months . I'll miss it when it's over . train #patmonahan 📷by rjrorchid

1100 14 Jul 13, 2017

📷 by rjrorchid #shoreline #mountainview

1088 15 Jul 13, 2017

My boys 🚶🏻🐕🐶🌊☀️🗻 #laketahoe yes those mountains have snow still .. and the summer weather is Glorious !

805 10 Jul 12, 2017

#laketahoe is so lovely

1391 20 Jul 12, 2017

When he moves heaven and earth to be with me on my day off . .: and he brought the puppies 🐶 🐶 #laketahoe #happiness

1075 18 Jul 12, 2017

Current mood :Travelling but trying to stay connected by creeping on my friends f/b pages . Sending love and light

1325 16 Jul 9, 2017

Latest collab up now guys! on my YouTube channel . While travelling all around the states this summer I made the most out of being able to Link up with some wonderful singers along the way. marianavegaoficial and I sang #treatyoubetter from the perspective of a girl to her friend saying even I could treat you better than he can . I've had so many girl convos like this you wouldn't believe ! Youtube link in bio ⬆️guitars : #davidsaw eric_appapoulay

772 11 Jul 8, 2017
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