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Landcruising in Marsabit. One week traversing some of the harshest terrain in Kenya has given me a higher level of respect for Toyota Landcruisers. No other car eats up gravel, pebbles, desert tracks, dung-filled openings in the bush and still feels comfortable on tarmac like a 'cruiser. None. #Marsabit #Landcruiser #ToyotaLandcruiser #AboveKenya

227 8 Sep 22, 2017 Marsabit County

Small cars in wide open spaces. Crossing the Chalbi Desert two days ago. It was a whole hour driving with lots of nothingness as far as the eye could see. It's vast. And it's Kenya's only true desert. #TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya #IG_Africa #Kenya #Chalbi #ChalbiDesert #AboveKenya #DJI #DJICreators #Phantom4 #FromWhereIDrone #Marsabit #MinimalKE #igersKenya

446 22 Sep 21, 2017 Chalbi Desert

A spot of green where rainfall hasn't been. This is a training farm in Ilbarok Village, Logologo, Marsabit County. Here, pastoralists are being turned into farmers, learning how to make the most of the semi arid lands they call home. To their benefit, they and their families now have healthier diets. #Logologo #Marsabit #Ilbarok #AboveKenya #endingpovertytogether

235 4 Sep 20, 2017 Marsabit

Residents of North Horr live in some of the remotest parts of Marsabit County, with no infrastructure or access to medical services. So in partnership with other organisations, food4thehungry take medicine, vaccines, immunisations and nutrition supplements to them. #endingpovertytogether #Marsabit #NorthHorr #AboveKenya

205 10 Sep 20, 2017

Yesterday's textbook sunset. Somewhere between Forole and Huri Hills. #Marsabit #Sunset #IG_Africa #Kenya #TembeaKenya

562 42 Sep 19, 2017

Made a return to Marsabit County last week to document work by food4thehungry. One of the most unbelievable places I visited is a farm in Logologo, about 40km south of Marsabit, that was started by Pastor Elias and his wife when they came here ten years ago. Working with FH Kenya and resident communities, they've managed to populate a semi arid area with lush green farms. This just doesn't look amazingly beautiful, it's helped residents have healthier diets. Women used to die in child birth but today, the families living here are some of the healthiest in the region. #endingpovertytogether #Marsabit #Logologo #DocumentaryPhotography

219 7 Sep 17, 2017 Marsabit

Utamu wa doof mpararo. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #KikuletwaHotSprings #Kikuletwa #Tanzania

415 8 Sep 15, 2017 Kikuletwa hot springs

Spotted this spider chilling by the Lake Chala observation deck. I shot it. Now I've posted the photo. Go ahead and like it. Thank you. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #LakeChala #Tanzania #spider

219 4 Sep 12, 2017 Lago Chala

Sunrise at Lake Chala. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #LakeChala #Tanzania

354 3 Sep 11, 2017 Lake Chala

Sunrise at Lake Chala. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #LakeChala

394 12 Sep 10, 2017 Lake Chala

Kikuletwa Hot Springs are an oasis, a spot of lush green vegetation surrounded by semi arid lands. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #KikuletwaHotSprings #Kikuletwa

195 2 Sep 9, 2017 Kikuletwa hot springs

The shady part of Kikuletwa Hot Springs. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #KikuletwaHotSprings #Kikuletwa

180 0 Sep 8, 2017 Kikuletwa hot springs

The best way to enter the Kikuletwa Hot Springs is via this rope. Hold it tight and at the end of your swing, let go... Gravity will take over and gently lower you into the warm azure waters that are so clear you can see the bottom of the pools. At one corner of the pools, fish will give you a pedicure as they exfoliate your feet. It will be ticklish at first but make a great experience. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #KikuletwaHotSprings #Kikuletwa

222 6 Sep 7, 2017 Kikuletwa hot springs

The highlight of our onetouchlive trip to Tanzania two weeks ago was discovering Kikuletwa Hot Springs. They're somewhere between Arusha and Moshi, off the road at Boma la Ng'ombe. . The waters are turquoise. No photoshop here. And there's a rope which one can swing on to get into the naturally heated waters. I think this place takes the crown of the best doof mpararo location in East Africa. . Google doesn't have a clear route to the springs, but if you ask anyone at Boma la Ng'ombe 'mahali pa maji yanayochemka', they'll be glad to direct you. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #Kikuletwa #KikuletwaHotSprings

360 20 Sep 6, 2017 Kikuletwa

Always thankful for the opportunities onetouchlive gives to document the beauty of Africa. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala

468 13 Sep 3, 2017 Boma La Ngombe, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Last Wednesday, on our way back to Nairobi from Kikuletwa Hot Springs, we saw this sunset that went on and on for years... The more the sun went down, the more glorious it became. Add a disused railway to the mix and silhouettes of people going about their day and you'll understand why we just kept on shooting and eventually got back to Nairobi at 3am. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #IG_Africa #african_portraits

645 64 Aug 31, 2017 Boma La Ngombe, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro's Kibo Peak glows in sunset light. We'd just finished doof mpararoing at Kikuletwa Hot Springs and were on our way back to Nairobi. As we drove over a railway, we noticed the sunset was exceptionally spectacular to our left. And right ahead of us, Kibo was catching a glimpse of the sunset too. We were torn between shooting the sunset on the railway and Kilimanjaro. So we shot both. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #Kilimanjaro

344 6 Aug 31, 2017

The shores of Lake Chala, Tanzania. These waters are my best doof mpararo location in East Africa. What's yours? #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #LakeChala #Tanzania

349 7 Aug 30, 2017 Lake Chala

Last week I made a return to Lake Chala. We crossed into Tanzania through Tarakea and on our way to the lake, saw Mawenzi, one of Kilimanjaro's peaks glowing in the sunset. We couldn't resist to fly and these are some of the fans that the Mavic Pro attracted. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #FromWhereIDrone

181 3 Aug 28, 2017

Where did the sunset find you yesterday? Across some disused rail tracks somewhere between Moshi and Arusha for me, some onetouchlive colleagues and friends. We'd found and swam in Kikuletwa Hot Springs, 20km south of Boma la Ng'ombe and were on our way back to Nairobi. We got back at around 4am this morning, tired, muscles sore from all the swimming but happy to have discovered a beautiful gem in Tanzania. More later. #OnetouchLive #Onetouchlive_Chala #Sunset

305 3 Aug 24, 2017
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