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So I may have decided to redo older Margot. I prefer this one far more then the previous with the blue background. Oh and R.T has also been added to the set. #ladynoelwesandersonseries

97 1 Sep 14, 2017

M.Tenenbuam #ladynoelwesandersonseries

123 1 Sep 14, 2017

And then came DUDLEY. #ladynoelwesandersonseries

71 0 Sep 14, 2017

Oh you know just adding a couple more Wes peeps to the set. #ladynoelwesandersonseries

96 4 Sep 13, 2017

Getting to ship out all these goodies to you all is just as exciting as getting to create in the first place.

259 7 Sep 11, 2017

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.” ~Pablo Picasso New studio space in the attic. HAPPY Monday Friends. #insideladynoelstudio #ladynoelhome

211 7 Sep 11, 2017

Last day to PRE ORDER the new Nina Simone and Princess Di magnet dolls. They go up in price after today so be sure to get yours discounted. Can not wait to get these back from the magnet company and join prince, Frida and Bowie on my fridge. #ladynoelmagnetdolls also cool would it be to do sunny and Cher or Yoko Ono and John Lennon? #ladynoeldesigns

89 2 Sep 10, 2017

The day after the flea is always quiet and chill. Spending the morning cooking a big brunch for my men and then off to a beautiful nature walk in this gorgeous weather. This afternoon I'll be packaging the rest of the prints and pieces from the SALE last week so be on the look out for tracking info. This week I will be posting NEW Original pieces as well as some new Wes inspired prints. Happy Sunday you guys. ❤️❤️❤️

162 1 Sep 10, 2017 The Cleveland Flea

Finally listed this big lady beast! Named by the Dyl dude and I think it's fitting. #linkinprofile

107 1 Sep 8, 2017

Come by and see me I'm at booth number 1!!!!! #augustflea #clevelandflea #ladynoeldesigns

209 3 Aug 12, 2017 The Cleveland Flea

Also my new new favorite! Already framed and hung her up. #ladynoelabstract

126 4 Aug 11, 2017

New in the shop and coming to the Flea tomorrow! I'll be in booth #1 so come and find me and say "hey"!!! #augustflea #ladynoelabstract

146 4 Aug 11, 2017

I spend half of my time completely throwing myself into my work. The other half I sit and stare at current pieces. What can I change or should I change? Is the composition right? Should I completely paint over a section? Am I finished or do I continue working? Each painting is continuously evolving and I'm not sure that any piece for me ever reaches a finished stage. There is always something that can be improved. #ladynoelabstract #insideladynoelstudio

147 1 Aug 9, 2017

Today marks our one week until the clevelandflea next Saturday. Who is stopping by for some fun in the sun and some stellar shopping? The only downfall of being a vendor at the flea is that I can't walk, shop and get my serious grub on that day. But you guys can do all of that for me. I've got some new limited prints available for only flea shoppers. Also here's a few of my favorite flea peeps triplethreatpress wildfootstudio ampersandcle revivalbodycare smoothriderllc thevegandoughnutco brewnuts cosmicgirlgoes lakewoodplantcompany clestreetglass pourcleveland

122 4 Aug 6, 2017

Literally hours away from being finished with this piece. This may the longest time I've spent on any one painting. Measuring 4ft by 5ft and so ready to go larger! #ladynoelabstract

203 6 Aug 5, 2017

A little something new coming to the clevelandflea next weekend along with an assortment of abstract prints. Also I will have the Nina Simone and princess Diana magnet dolls for a discounted pre order price at the flea. #augustflea #clevelandflea #ladynoelprints

103 3 Aug 3, 2017

Heading home from Florida today and I am itching to get back into my studio. Just popped on over to the clevelandflea blog where you can find a little interview with yours truly. Take a peak if you're interested.

269 3 Aug 1, 2017

"Disco,Sysco,Bish" measures at 14"x18" and now is up on the site. #ladynoelabstract

147 7 Jul 16, 2017

When first you like something and then you just keep staring and come to the conclusion that you aren't quite sure about this piece. Yep that's how I feel about this one. Possible going to keep working or take the canvas from the wood and stick it on a much larger canvas. What do you guys think? This one measures at 14"x18" |SOLD|

155 9 Jul 16, 2017

A finished smaller piece and an insane amount of anxiousness because it's GOT day. I'll be counting down until 9pm tonight and then screaming at my TV out of excitement. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗 #ladynoelabstract

134 3 Jul 16, 2017
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