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I can’t fit this whole post here so it’s on my Facebook page. We have these days, us parents.... us Mothers. We can have a great day, like our hair day, make a new sale, hug a friend on the street we haven’t seen in ages and be happy and smiley entering the door after a long day. And then. Our kid has a bad day. ANd tonight, this kid, my kid, one of my twin boys had a bad day. And his ‘bad day’ always puts me on red alert and my heart sinks a bit deeper than if it was one of the other two. Don’t get me wrong, fake-ish tears from any one of the three, can be a ploy to stay up later or just get more mommy attention, so I’m skeptical.... but not tonight. Because it’s Grey.... and Grey is bald. My friends have lived through this with me, since he first got partial Alopecia at 1 then again at 2 and by 3 it was all gone. Those years, when I not so secretly lost a bit of my mind with every hair that fell out, was almost easier. He was so little, he didn’t even know he had no hair. It could have been blue hair, curly hair, no hair? He didn’t care, he was happy tripping running and jumping into puddles. His only reality was my reality and if I made it ok for him, well then he was ok. That time in both our lives was so pivotal, the only way I could get through it was to write it all down in a memoir. It freed me, I thought. But life never gives you the permanent ‘get out of jail free card’ there is always something. And mostly something with him. These days, these bad days of Greys breaks my heart into a million pieces and there aren’t enough tears. He was all wrapped up in my bed with his brother, and when I said ‘time for bed’, his twin obediently went to his room. Grey didn’t unravel. So after a few playful tickles and threats, my little lump was shaking under the comforter. When I realized it was crying not laughter, I found my little pearl hiding in this comforter shell. He was sobbing. And as tears were welling up in my own eyes, I just grabbed him so tightly and said. ‘What honey, what happened’. He wasn’t ready to speak, and when he finally did it was, ‘you won’t understand’. We have gone through this conversation before

111 33 Oct 17, 2017

Thank you so much at YMagazine for the amazing article and the shout out in the cover. The magazine about Female Entrepreneurs and their stories. I'm so honored. ymagglobal #ymagglobal #entrepreneurlife #savethedate #savethedatenyc savethedatenyc #eventplanner #inspiringwomen #womenenterpreneur #australia #lovewhatyoudo #survivor

100 9 Oct 14, 2017

Congratulations mashondatifrere on an amazing curation of female artists. Truly inspirational. #kingwoman #pen&brush penandbrushnyc

44 5 Oct 13, 2017 Pen and Brush

Love my girlfriends. Thank you!! Xx joeyjmay kaylenezsams canadianhefter photo credit claudinedeniro

75 13 Oct 13, 2017 The Vine NYC

Love this. #BeAFan Have a thoughtful Thursday. savethedatenyc

65 9 Oct 12, 2017

Do they ever get too old for the #pumpkinpatch #lol Gorgeous day in the hamptons with friends! adrianazubikarai ana.serdan

78 1 Oct 11, 2017 Hanks PumpkinTown

Then and now. Lol. Ahhhh life flies by. I still always do love a colorful bikini. #funnynotfunny

175 23 Oct 8, 2017

Make a wish #1111

49 5 Oct 7, 2017

I have to repost this from a bunch of women who reposted it from the incontestable Gloria Steinem. #Amen #ms #Naral #NIRH #please!dontletusallgoback msfoundation gloriasteinem nirhaction savethedatenyc

72 4 Oct 4, 2017

GreyGreys first concert. #EdSheeran. Thank you nscandalios for giving my boy an incredible memory. He had the time of his life. #friendswhoarefamily #corecrew

97 5 Oct 2, 2017

I like to write. I always journal my thoughts and hopes and fears. I think what gets recorded gets done. Mostly it's just in my journal, but at times very publicly. So tonight, before my fast, And Yom Kippur I want to record these words. I have tried to have forgiveness in my heart. I think it is the quality I work hardest on, but not always the most 'visible one'. My ego and pride mean nothing when I have hurt a family member, a friend or associate, I am filled with sorrow and express my sincere regrets. I'm sorry to those I have hurt while I was hurting. There were times I was so lost in my own pain I couldn't see any other perspective. I am always about the conflict resolution, never the conflict, but I realize the misunderstanding of that, and know it's all in my delivery. I'm sorry for the friendships that have slipped away or I haven't given enough time to. I think I'm doing the best I can, but I can always try harder, so if I knock on your door, please let me back in. Life is long, and many times we come back into each other's lives when the timing is right. This public declaration is to those I may have offended but never knew I did. I can only reflect on things I am told about, and sometimes it's only the brave who can open their hurt hearts up, but I will listen, and I will be better. To those that know they have wronged me or could have been kinder, I have already forgiven you.... not because I forget or allow myself to be taken advantage of, but for my own sake. Holding onto anger and resentment is an anchor weighing me down, and the only way to replace it with love and empathy is to let go and forgive. I hope we all have a wonderful next year. To anyone celebrating this Holiday, have an easy fast.

78 8 Sep 30, 2017

As a mom with a son who is 'different' because he has Alopecia and has been Bald since the age of 3 1/2, we as a family celebrate different and the uniqueness in every- BODY. Bullying and ignorance comes in many different forms, and all I can do as a parent is lead by example and teach love and empathy. I need to share this video that one of my oldest and closest friends sent to me. It's a truth and a needed movement, especially in this time. Please take a few minutes to watch, and pass on. Be the change you wish to see in this world. #dignityforall

67 3 Sep 29, 2017

Repost from our gorgeous bride tanyazuckerbrot #thankyou Repost TanyaZuckerbrot: "Thank you to the talented individuals who ensured that our wedding Capri was as magical as we hoped for. We are forever grateful and blessed to have you in our lives. ❤️Wedding gown jessicazamir 👰🏻, makeup deanna_makeup 💄, hair gabbyglams 💇🏻, photography brimarcus fredmarcusstudio 📸, wedding planner savethedatenyc " #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

49 1 Sep 25, 2017

It's a total bummer that none of my Save the Date® colleagues like to get out and have any fun. #yeahright #wepartyyouplan for once instead of #youpartyweplan. So thank you arianagstecker for hosting us to a great night! #arianas40thbdaybash #dancingqueens just a few if the savethedatenyc gals having some fun. #savethedate #savethedatenyc arianagstecker hollidaniellef kelliecarey jengilbertnyc

66 1 Sep 24, 2017 Jia Lounge NYC

Awwww yawwwww! True dat! #tequilatonight arianagstecker #arianas40thbdaybash

82 4 Sep 24, 2017 Jia Lounge NYC

Happiness. First days of Fall? #meandmyboys photo credit: Blaise

159 9 Sep 23, 2017 Sagaponack, New York

On the eve of the New Year, I always sit and think about my life, it's when I take stock, and how to be better in the next year. In order to do that I think about what drives me, what feels right, and what doesn't feed me any longer. My own Truth and what I need in my soul is sometimes a hard road to find when everything seems to be moving so fast. Inertia can be a convenient distraction .... a body in perpetual motion doesn't have time to think, or reflect... it's just going, sort of on auto pilot. I spent many many years that way. But not anymore. Now, when I am still and feel with my heart, my choices and deliberate decisions seem to be the only route that's clear. I won't accept the gray, I choose colors. I can be alone and never lonely. I don't live in fear, and won't stay stuck in any situation if it doesn't promote my growth. And if once again, someone hurts me or I repeat a familiar self sabotaging habit, I will realize it sooner next time, and know I can only learn from the hurt and understand what that is serving me, in order to let it go. I found something I wrote a while back and I can still learn from it today. 'I now take my own advice about happiness, it is up to me to own my life and move forward. I re-prioritized my work life and put my self and my kids above it all. I am happy. I live way more simply now and enjoy being alone in ways I couldn’t understand before. I have true friends and relationships and never get involved in things not meant for me. I love the motto “less stuff, more happiness.” I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I have made. I have really forgiven myself' Shana Tova. I wish for you to live a happy life, to let go and choose you! Every day we have that choice, to just decide. We have this one life.... make it count, make it be whatever you want. Happy New Year. X Jen

159 28 Sep 20, 2017

Good Lord. Who am I? And on my sofa no less!!! Lol. I love my dog! #firstpetever #puppylove #maggie #rescuedog #northshoreanimalleague #IGetitNow

103 2 Sep 16, 2017

Bang bang bang Maria! #gypsykings gypsy_kings_

32 0 Sep 16, 2017 The Beacon Theatre

Live right now. Who said you can't relive your youth. #gypsykings. Thank you stylebyevan #my concert buddy ❤️❤️❤️

44 5 Sep 16, 2017 The Beacon Theatre
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