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Vegans be like .... Lol #eatyourgreens

20 1 May 26, 2017 Provincetown, Massachusetts

Oh snap this is so on point...thanks to my bestie nalmonte5 for sharing... cloughandstuff. ❤❤❤✨ #magical

19 2 May 26, 2017

Dancing in Brynn Route Workshops at Buttercup Pole Dance in Florida! ✨ so magical #dreamfyrepolefitness

26 1 May 26, 2017 Buttercup Pole Dance

Join me tonight at bodystrong_fitness Orleans 7:30pm to learn the PROPER way to walk in heels let alone dance in to strengthen your legs and ankles for wearing your heels...and how to engage and lengthen your legs with them on! And that is just the warm up! We will also be working on: ⭐Heel clacks ⭐Hair flicks in the right places ⭐Balance checks with heels on ⭐Should Rolls 😊 told you all I learned a lot from the past workshops with Brynn Route & Alethea Austin ✨ #dreamfyrepolefitness

15 1 May 26, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Missed it yesterday....but this was always my favorite one...watched it over and over and over again !! Star wars forever . happy anniversary to star wars!

5 0 May 26, 2017

It was the same when I told people I was pregnant or breast feeding lol ...people are funny! Advice is cool...telling me I dont get enough protein isnt...😂😂😂 I am MOSTLY vegan diet but there are times when I slip up and have cheese or something made with egg & butter...its hard to know for sure when you're traveling or eating out...I just do the best I can and its been GREAT! I feel amazing and it brings me happiness knowing I havent eaten meat in months. Cant wait to hit the 1 year mark which I'm not exactly sure of the day 😜 cheers to anyone out there trying the vegan diet and lovin it! Try it for a week thats how I started ✌ #vegan #veganhumor #vegandiet #veganism #knowitalls #nutrition #loveyourbody #foodismedicine

19 0 May 26, 2017

Something for ALL of us to REMEMBER 🙏 thanks for infinitewaters for always posting the best memes that truly get you thinking about yourself ❤

6 0 May 26, 2017

When sneakydeez_ reposts your video ...yay Fiona and I got a little spotlight ✨ #dreamfyrepolefitness #fionarylee

15 0 May 26, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Dancing with my 2 year old daughter this morning after teaching pole class, she melts my heart ❤💘😍 # #dreamfyrepolefitness

28 4 May 25, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Mommy & daughter poling today... Love my little lady...and my kick ass handspring that isn't twisted grip 😂 lol. #dreamfyrepolefitness #mommyanddaughter #polefitness #polekids #pdhandspring #unitedbypole #poledancemom #polemom #poledancer and wearing my new tank from knottyanchor and my awesome wrist bands by sneakydeez_ !! Already got people interested in ordering them because they help so much and dont get in the way of pole at all...let me know if any of my pole friends would like to order a pair and I can send you my link 😊

68 15 May 25, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Raw. Natural. Beauty. Everyone should love their temples ✨🙏⭐🌺🌸⭐😊 does it look like my right eye is blue and my left is green? #magical

32 2 May 25, 2017

Super Timothy to the rescue! We love having him back in action and killin it on the pole! Always a good time when this guys in class 😀😀😀 0nearthsomewhere #dreamfyrepolefitness #supertimothy

22 0 May 25, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Super easy, healthy, and yummy breakfast! Vegan friendly 🌱 Chia seeds, sunflower seeds,almonds, and hemp seeds Add fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and most certainly bananas! 🍌 Top with farina made witt flax protein milk with vitamin B12 and 100% real maple syrup with agave nectar Stir and then stuff your face 😊 kids usually loves this too and its a great way to get those nuts and seeds in your diet. I ate this whole bowl and feel like a million bucks and 10x better than your standard sausage, eggs, and toast breakfast...just sayin 😛 Eat right. Food is medicine. ✌ #veganeats #vegandiet #eathealthy #youarewhatyoueat #foodismedicine

19 0 May 25, 2017

Yay veggie soup topped with fresh spinach and perfect timing for kiddos and hubby will be happy...and my belly too! Lol 😊🌱 homemade veggie broth too 🌼 #plantbased #eatyourveggies #vegandiet #noanimalswerehurt #homemade

16 0 May 25, 2017

Erotic. Exotic. Psychotic. 😂LOL. thanks to poleparlour for the epic tank top that I cannot wait to wear to teach my class tonight! ✨ #selfie #pinkonpink

40 8 May 24, 2017

Homemade veggie animals were hurt to make this. Just sayin! #eatyourveggies #ilovesoup

14 0 May 24, 2017

Hey guys...eating a vegan diet is really hard 😜 ✌ My kids lunch today

21 1 May 24, 2017

Its coming up !! I only have a few spots left so contact me for any questions or go ahead and sign up on mindbody /DreamFyre APP today ✨😊 jeffsmithphotographer #dreamfyrepolefitness

7 0 May 24, 2017 BodyStrong Orleans

Tonights class at 7:30pm bodystrong Orleans has 2 spots left!!! Who is gunna take them and come learn static pole with me tonight?! #dreamfyrepolefitness

6 0 May 24, 2017 BodyStrong Orleans

Stop....start.... #liveyourlife

13 0 May 24, 2017
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