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Did you know? Probably not...most do not...but I hope you all look into this because this is a HUGE problem that we all need to pay attention to. We are all connected. #veganfortheplanet #imwithmothernature

0 0 Jul 22, 2017

That is right 🌙

2 0 Jul 22, 2017

I am really into holding my moves for as long as I can and really BE IN THEM ...feel them...get comfortable...I move slow first ❤ this Dragons Tail that we worked on a bit last night and got a few girls in it! Love teaching new fun tricks 🎉💃 #dreamfyrepolefitness #pddragonstail #poledancer #polefitness #fitness #fitnessmama #gymmotivation #flexible #splits #poletricks #laurynhill #nas #slow #fitgirlsinspire #unitedbypole #poledancersofinstagram #polelife #training #fitnessmotivation #strongandbendy #orleans #capecod #strengthtraining #polefitness

31 1 Jul 22, 2017 DreamFyre Pole Fitness

Favorite breakfast....ya...doing the vegan diet is super hard and Im clearly not getting enough protein. Hahahahaha. Seriously...I get 12g of protein alone from the bagel. Then add daiya Cream cheese,spinach, arugula , tomatoes , and hemp seeds...yah I get plenty of protein as well as tons of other nutrients! Who knew a bagel could be so healthy 😎🌱 #plantbased

14 3 Jul 22, 2017

Love this guy...and so true...fake it till you make it? Nope. BELIEVE 🎉

6 0 Jul 22, 2017

Check out Michael doing a flag pole from tonights class! Such a beast 💪 #dreamfyrepolefitness #menpoletoo!

15 0 Jul 22, 2017 BodyStrong Orleans

I taught 3 men tonight. I love that my classes welcome anyone and everyone. Look at this stud go! #dreamfyrepolefitness #menpoletoo

27 2 Jul 22, 2017 BodyStrong Orleans

When she is asleep in your arms ❤❤❤ so much love #fionarylee

13 0 Jul 21, 2017

The cold brew coffee here is amazing...and they have almond milk!!

13 3 Jul 21, 2017 Viv's Kitchen

She loved slurping the rest out with a straw! 😍 #fionarylee

10 0 Jul 21, 2017 Viv's Kitchen

So yummyyyyyyy !! Took the kids here for after lunch snack ... did you know that the Smoothie inside this amazing pineapple has kale and spinach in it? So awesome #fionarylee

23 2 Jul 21, 2017 Viv's Kitchen

Who's coming to Friday night pole classes ?! 🎉🎉🎉 bodystrong_fitness dreamfyre_pole_fitness #dreamfyrepolefitness

13 0 Jul 21, 2017 BodyStrong Orleans

There is no scientific proof that fairies exist. Do you still believe?

5 0 Jul 21, 2017

Best coffee creamer on this good green earth 🌱🌈 so yummy-!!

7 1 Jul 21, 2017

Beautiful drawing of the Celtic Raven Goddess, Morrigan. I have her statue in my house. Its beautiful and bad ass.

9 0 Jul 21, 2017

Thats right ❤❤❤

10 0 Jul 21, 2017

Just so we are clear...I am NOT afriad of the opinions of others as you can clearly see with my recent posts...I am a controveral person...what I do for a living is controversial to some too...but I stand strong. I stand for what I believe in. And I use facebook to spread awareness on veganism, animal welfare, pole, paganism, and wicca! So if you keep your mind closed and ALL you want are facts, data, and science then go research yourself...yes that means putting in your effort. I am FREE, I am ME...

12 1 Jul 21, 2017

Its an honest question... im not telling anyone what to do...but you should know...meat doesnt have to be the only source of protein!

21 9 Jul 21, 2017
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