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love her

8894 86 Sep 16, 2017

atlanta last night 🔴gone now tour 🔴 pic by anthonypham

8438 68 Sep 16, 2017

nashville was a dream pic by anthonypham

5486 43 Sep 14, 2017

hi from asheville NC. this is regina and betty who work at moog and are building my favorite instrument ever (the model D). how fucking brilliant is this picture. so much of how my music sounds comes from these two women's hands

4623 69 Sep 13, 2017

thank you from the bottom of my heart for last night. the THIRD shadow of the city. been an incredible journey putting on this festival. have learned so much about how to take care of a large group of people and give them what they deserve. thank you for sticking with us. thank you for the first sold out year. in today's over saturated festival world that means so much. thank you for believing in this festival as something more than a bunch of artists playing together. this is about new jersey and it's about music that comes from the "shadow of the city". it's about a group of people (myself, mike marquis and tyler childs) who want to work our asses off on a festival for the sole reason of making it personal and worthy and have it be a constant reminder of why we got into music in the first place. we don't want to be a huge festival, we don't want to get rich off it, we just want to keep making the best day of the year at the best outdoor venue. it's our little block party. i promise to keep that at the heart of this thing. see you at year 4. thank you so much to everyone who comes to this special day. all my love - jack

5595 56 Sep 11, 2017

last night in new jersey at shadow of the city

5080 22 Sep 11, 2017

day 1 of gone now era tour in upstate NY ::: pic by bleachers historian anthonypham

10881 80 Sep 10, 2017

didn't fuck it up

19112 208 Sep 8, 2017

could have been this michaelbaileygates

11385 85 Sep 4, 2017

remember the woman who had the fashion company in don't tell mom the babysitter is dead? remember her vibe and look? that's rachel 2k17

4079 62 Sep 1, 2017

woody anthonypham

6465 56 Aug 27, 2017

i'm very ready to be back on tour .... video by anthonypham who is going to be on the full gone now tour documenting.

3235 55 Aug 27, 2017

laura has a lot to deal with working with me everyday

7461 95 Aug 24, 2017

see you sunday

4071 54 Aug 23, 2017

bleachers captured

8676 65 Aug 20, 2017

my mother went to my apartment while i was gone and sent me this.

8786 59 Aug 18, 2017

today i'm in LA and lena is in NY dealing with a bunch of endo / chronic pain issues and i want to give a massive shout out to everyone in the world who lives with chronic pain. my gf has been in and out of the hospital for a long time now and has creating so much amazing work through that period. LD/everyone who lives with chronic pain and or illness are a huge inspiration. when you see all of lenas gorgeous work remember that a lot of it was created from a hospital bed. that is fucking incredible to me

17618 279 Aug 16, 2017

another from outside lands. my father on stage with bleachers. pic by anthonypham

13146 121 Aug 15, 2017

outside lands yesterday was religious --- pic by shane_timm

9336 53 Aug 15, 2017

nazis come out so does the necklace

21348 429 Aug 13, 2017
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