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💦 It's Miami Swim Week & we're teaming up with frankiesbikinis to give away a $250 gift card to & $250 worth of IGK product. 💦 Here's how to enter: 1. Follow igkhair & frankiesbikinis 2. Tag ✌🏼friends below. [Giveaway ends 7.22 11:59 PST. This contest is open internationally]

1684 1607 Jul 20, 2017

Braid goals. #NoBoringHairEver

882 3 Jul 19, 2017

Low Key uses strengthening walnut shell powder, naturally clarifying apple cider vinegar, and exfoliating sugar to bring you a product that fires on all cylinders. 🔥👊🏽[ #IGKLowKey Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub now available exclusively on sephora .com]

686 11 Jul 19, 2017

We're celebrating healthy hair, skin, and minds with a major giveaway to win $2,000 in products from some of our favorite wellness brands (and friends!) 1. Follow igkhair, drroebucks, koparibeauty, coola_suncare, y7studio, spiritualgangster, & youthtothepeople 2. 🖤 this post 3. Tag your 3 besties, and you'll all be entered to win! [Giveaway ends July 20th at 11:59pm PST, winners will be contacted by DM *This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way]

1608 396 Jul 18, 2017

Ready, set, go get it. ⚡️Low Key, our new Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub is available now, exclusively on sephora .com. ⚡️ #IGKLowKey

984 25 Jul 18, 2017

🔥Launching tomorrow🔥Low Key, our new Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub is an exfoliator that gently purifies the scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar & Walnut Shell Powder. Use once a week in place of your shampoo to improve the overall health of your scalp & hair. 🙌🏽 #IGKLowKey

686 8 Jul 17, 2017

Things got expensive. [Our new Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, launches in 2 days on sephora. com] #NoBoringHairEver

931 6 Jul 17, 2017

[SWEEPS HAS ENDED. Congrats to our winners, sandydreama & lisaaphamslam ] wakeupandmakeup 🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿

3405 616 Jul 16, 2017

You use a topcoat for your nails so why not your hair? It's the finishing touches that leave you looking expensive AF. #NoBoringHairEver [launches 7.18 on sephora .com]

1105 14 Jul 16, 2017

Use our new Girls Club Pink Color Spray to evenly cover your ends for a fresh take on ombré locks. #NoBoringHairEver

637 11 Jul 16, 2017

Whoever said roots shouldn't be the main event, lacked imagination. [Girls Club Pink Color Spray launches 7.18 on sephora .com] #NoBoringHairEver

640 1 Jul 16, 2017

Just when you thought you'd seen all the braids, our Girls Club Pink Color Spray offers a new twist on a classic style. #NoBoringHairEver

636 3 Jul 16, 2017

It's going to feel so good. [🔉for full experience] 💆🏻💆🏼💆🏽💆🏾💆🏿 #IGKLowKey

549 8 Jul 15, 2017

You can try and play it cool, but we know how good you look. #NoBoringHairEver

561 1 Jul 15, 2017

One scrubs you clean & the other makes you SHINE. [See story for more details about our newest power couple]

792 6 Jul 14, 2017

If you guessed our new color spray was purple or blue then you've been missing out on #MillenialPink.

834 15 Jul 14, 2017

5 more days until you and your scalp are back on better terms. #IGKLowKey

564 3 Jul 14, 2017

❗️Don't miss this sneak peek.❗️ leohairofficial is taking over maneaddicts IG story and unveiling our newest color spray plus sharing pro-tips from our IGK Miami Salon. #NoBoringHairEver

529 6 Jul 13, 2017

Big news. We're launching a new color spray and leohairofficial will be unveiling it tomorrow on maneaddicts IG story. Don't be the last to know 😉 #NoBoringHairEver

515 5 Jul 13, 2017

All you need is a walnut-sized amount of #IGKLowKey to exfoliate your scalp after a dry shampoo bender. 🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏽🙋🏾🙋🏿[PS: See story for details about Low Key's new perfect pairing]

556 3 Jul 13, 2017
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