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Sunday Best with Down & Out Dirty Spray. #NoBoringHairEver 📷: laurengraydesignco.

440 2 Apr 23, 2017

A Dry Shampoo built for the [take off/touch down/take-off-again] lifestyle. ✈️ Tag the jet setter in your life that could use a little IGK in theirs.   #NoBoringHairEver

396 1 Apr 23, 2017

Our Jet Lag Dry Shampoo is completely invisible. Like so invisible you can spray however much you need without ever fussing in front of the mirror making sure it's all worked in. 🙅 #NoBoringHairEver

470 4 Apr 22, 2017

IGK Jet Lag: Dry shampoo for girls who have better things to do. #NoBoringHairEver

490 2 Apr 22, 2017

A foam that separates layers, giving you an effortless windblown effect. #ProTip from chasehair: Create perfect soft waves by mixing Sunday Funday Texturizing Foam with Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel on dry hair for the ultimate combo of hydration + texture. Then use a flat iron & clamp hair about 2 inches below the root. Wrap the section around the flat iron once and then pull it down. BAM. #NoBoringHairEver

530 10 Apr 22, 2017

PSA for girls with fine hair: You should think about adding our Jet Lag Dry Shampoo to your night time beauty routine. Why? Because, you'll give your hair time to absorb the product so it can do its thing. Just spray at the root, sleep on it, and wake up with added volume. [Thanks for sharing hellojewlie] #NoBoringHairEver

623 3 Apr 21, 2017

Guaranteed hydration via Smoke & Mirrors 2-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. 💨 #NoBoringHairEver

553 8 Apr 21, 2017

She wants to move. #IGKTexture #NoBoringHairEver

468 1 Apr 20, 2017

Shout out to Beach Club Texturizing Spray for delivering the piece-y look of a salt spray, without the salt. 🌊🙌 #NoBoringHairEver

388 2 Apr 19, 2017

Tag the best hair you know... and it's okay to tag yourself -- Humble brag.   #NoBoringHairEver

448 18 Apr 19, 2017

Coachella hair FOMO starring paige_watkins, using IGK Beach Club Texturizing Spray. #ProTip: “To get this look, flip your head upside down & apply IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo to the roots, then pump-spray Beach Club on mid-lengths and twist hair with fingers.” - IGK Founder, leoizquierdo #NoBoringHairEver

545 1 Apr 19, 2017

IGK Broken Dreams, your 2nd day hair hero. #NoBoringHairEver

619 6 Apr 18, 2017

We've bottled cool girl texture, volume, and shine while leaving out the gluten, parabens, sulfates, and animal cruelty. #NoBoringHairEver

438 8 Apr 18, 2017

When suddenly your weekly hair mask becomes your favorite night of the week. 60 seconds of repairing, hydrating, and deep conditioning magic -- now available on sephora .com #WeWantPrenup

639 12 Apr 17, 2017

Rich Kid is a gel so lightweight, it hydrates, separates, adds texture and movement, without weighing down your hair. Plus, Coconut Oil is pretty much the golden child of beauty right now. #NoBoringHairEver

593 8 Apr 17, 2017

IGK Rich Kid attitude. #NoBoringHairEver

452 1 Apr 16, 2017

Swipe 👉🏽 for 3 ways to maintain frizz with Mistress Hydrating Balm. [Details below] #NoBoringHairEver 1. Leave in Conditioner: Section damp hair half up/half down, squeeze dime size amount of Mistress & rub into hands, gently use fingers to detangle starting at ends making your way up to roots, repeat on second section until hair is saturated. 2. Smooth & Tame: Part hair down the center and split into sections, rub a pea size amount of Mistress into hands, tilt head to the side, use your hands like a flat iron to run along frizz in downward motion, and repeat on other side. 3. Polished Pony: Prep hair with Mistress and pull back into pony, apply a pea size amount to top of hand and rub into skin, use a tooth brush to pick up product on top of hand, and gently brush baby hairs along hairline back into pony to perfect the look.

520 8 Apr 15, 2017

Softest. Hair. Ever. [Tap link in bio to shop our new Instant Spray Hair Mask, now available on sephora .com]

450 0 Apr 15, 2017

Silky, smooth, Friday night hair courtesy of a 60 second weekly Prenup. #WeWantPrenup

450 0 Apr 14, 2017

Hair that's lived a little can be soft, silky, and shiny too. We promise. #WeWantPrenup

518 3 Apr 14, 2017
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