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I'm on the precipice of my next chapter and though there is definitely a presence of that anxiousness rooted in mystery and uncertainty, I'm mostly calm. When that little voice flares up questioning what the fuck I'm doing, the louder voice speaks up and makes me still. It says, "be easy, just listen. It will work out." Scrolling through various feeds, I see how many people are struggling right now as they work through their ish as they/we exist in increasingly (read more visible) hostile contexts. The universe has set us in transition in so many ways. I can feel it strongly. That means we will have to shift accordingly to see it through for however long we will be around for it. Listening to my spirit in a deeper way has brought me to transformative experiences. It brought me to Weeksville, a neighborhood imagined by free Black folks that I'm certain brought its residents Black joy among other experiences. Thank you to my hermana apshantology who created the opportunity to stand in the room this picture was taken in after having a conversation about resistance and the roles of Black joy and Black dandyism within it. Thank you to my favorite person, 2oceans for being there and one of my top aces syreetagates for being there as well and taking this flick. I have so many questions and things I need/want more clarity on, but I will continue to turn up the volume on my inner voice that loves me and turn down the one that drags me in the opposite direction. P.S. always shout out to blkmktvintage (and my vintage playing cards!) #gratitude #blackjoy #theblackjoyproject #chooseblackjoy

238 30 Sep 29, 2017 Weeksville Heritage Center

What healing does is that it allows you to dig deeper and see what other areas of your life and being need more loving and healing. Lately, my healing journey is allowing me to understand that I'm experiencing anxiety. I've some how normalized it in a way that makes me high functioning. If I haven't responded to your email or your text or your DM or your FB message or your phone call or whatever other way to reach me, please don't take it personal. I'm doing my best to be my best self and sometimes that means there wont be an immediate response. And sometimes that means I wont respond for a while because I am imperfect and shit happens. This journey continues to bless me and have me ask bigger questions of the world and myself. I am a continual stand for Black joy, but that does not mean I am always joyful. That is the power of Black joy. It is something we hold in relation to all the other feelings and experiences that are not joyous. One to get us through the other. So yeah, I'm thankful for my village that checks in on me and genuinely cares to ask, "how are you?" The world continues to be a wild ass place and I continue to figure out how to contribute to the liberation of myself and ultimately Black peoples. I love you mi gente. #chooseblackjoy #blackhealingmatters

210 5 Sep 23, 2017 Black Joy

Abuela spittin bars out here. #OGLyricist

166 10 Sep 11, 2017

Feliz first birthday to my beautiful niece Olivia! Wow, a year went fast. Looking forward to the incredible person I know you are destined to become. I love you! Shout out and happy birthday to steflovaa too 😁

168 7 Aug 17, 2017

Be there today. SPREAD THE WORD. #defendcville #blacklivesmatter

45 0 Aug 12, 2017

At the beginning of this year, I declared that I would have to be someone I've never been to do what I have never done. The past 8 months have embodied those words in more ways that I knew was possible. It has been hard as hell sometimes and messy. The kind of messy you experience when you search inwards and find the areas of your temple that need repairing. Healing. I learned to understand that forgiveness, like love, is a choice and a commitment. I learned I get to heal myself and don't have to carry unnecessary baggage. I can be light and so can the people around me. I can heal me and so can my community. Our communities can heal themselves if we are able to create the spaces and conditions that allow for it to happen authentically. The past 8 months have brought me to places that have me questioning who I am in new ways and loving myself more deeply. The past few weeks in particular have been challenging and also rewarding. Love became more 3D. I was blessed to be in community with people in ways I never had nor understood I could be. This past weekend was the fruit of some of this labor. Mystery is a word that has been present in my life this year too. The good kind that is necessary in trusting to take a leap without knowing what will come of it. I wasn't sure what to expect of the past couple of days, I just knew to say yes and trust. Nourishment of many kinds ensued. Thank you to the ancestors that did what they had to do in order for us to exist here and cross paths at this moment. This is no coincidence and we must listen to each other. The solutions are amongst us, but we must quiet the noise distracting us from hearing them. I love you mi gente. (Wish it was allowed to include more pics) #blackjoy #theblackjoyproject #grattitude #gratuityincluded #WeGotUs #TeamUS #reckoning #becoming #mess #struggle #closertofreedom #libertad #libertemrafaelbraga

284 25 Aug 7, 2017

This year our transgender and gender non-conforming community, particularly our black & brown trans women and femmes, have been under attack. From street harassment to rollbacks in basic government protections to intimate partner violence and​ ​so much more we have been in a constant state of emergency! In response, The Black Excellence Collective is organizing New York City's 2nd Annual Trans Liberation Tuesday Rally & Call to Action July 25th at 6PM at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn #BlackTransLivesMatter #TransLiberationTuesday #NoJusticeNoPride

66 1 Jul 25, 2017

That time I went to São Paulo and was brought to one of the dopest Black spaces on Earth, aparelhaluzia, a quilombo in the middle of the city. What a beautifully inspiring space. Brigado erica.malunguinho pra esta foto. #fbf

239 14 Jul 7, 2017 Aparelha Luzia

I'm getting closer. 📸: 2oceans

175 19 Jun 16, 2017

What does global Black solidarity look like? What is the role of #blackjoy in it?

74 2 Jun 1, 2017

My heart in 4 parts. #FelizCumpleaños #HappyBDay #blackjoy #theblackjoyproject

166 7 May 22, 2017

Happy birthday to my Momma!! What a blessing and gift to have a mom like you. Today will be beautiful and will begin a great year in your life. So happy to see you continue to grow and see more of the world. You deserve it and way more ❤️ #blackjoy #theblackjoyproject

75 4 May 21, 2017 Le Marais

What a blessing to have a madre like mine. Thank you for showing me and Walter so much greatness in ways that I know took faith and trusting the unknown. Happy Mother's Day to you and all the moms :)

96 2 May 14, 2017

I'm thinking about a status I saw fatfemme write earlier to the affect of not getting too caught up in white supremacy/whiteness and doing the conscious work of diving deeper into your own self-work and other types of vital work. That shit is important. It really is and for me some of that self-work has involved interrogating how I actually show up in the world for myself. What is that little voice saying so often and how often is that voice not loving enough? How am I or not showing up for the people I love? How do I not take on the emotions of others as I still believe in empathy and being there for my peoples? What does it mean to claim Latinx? How am I actually queering my lived experience? How do I love? What does it mean to be in love? How do I recover from being an undercover over lover? Mad questions often, answers not as many. What happens when you realize that a lot of what you came to do in this world is as much about you as it isn't? Thank you Dom for this image. It took a long time to say I love me confidently. And yea this image is cool, but what I love about it is what you cannot see. That belief I'm increasingly having more deeply in myself. That way that I can look in the mirror and stand there and smile. That way that I know that the mess inside of me is unravelling so that I can make room for more (self)love. #thankful 📸: sindayiganza

282 56 May 13, 2017 En Mi Casa

FYI mi gente

39 0 May 6, 2017

This past week, I was able to spend a few days in Miami for a work retreat. Of course I was excited about somewhere hot and in proximity to the beach. What I got out of those few days was way more than some time in the sun. So often we are taught that once we achieve our goals and success, that we've made it and that life is great as a result of that. But what happens when you dream beyond your dream? What happens when you become confident in the vision(s) that you have for your life and imagine beyond whatever those are so that you leave as little room for doubt as possible? What happens when you really learn to love yourself in that journey? It's taken a very long time to get comfortable in my skin and I'm still getting there. I do love me tho. I do believe my dreams are possible, as terrifying as it may be at times to fully engage them and I know that I can never get too comfortable with success. There's always room to dream bigger. Dream BIG mi gente. We need you to(o). #blackjoy #thankful #gracias #theblackjoyproject

146 5 May 1, 2017 Little Havana

These are some of the most incredible people on this planet. Don't have all the words to express my gratitude for them.

129 5 Apr 28, 2017 Little Havana

I've been low key wrestling intensely with myself these last couple of weeks. I've been digging harder than I ever have to figure out the root some of these not good feelings I've been feeling. I want to love myself in a way that is enough to feel accepted and loved. Perhaps in the search for outward acceptance (often a subconscious one) I’ve missed the opportunity to more deeply accept myself. Accept that I’m a Black, Dominican young man that right now is using queer, but generally loves a certain energy in people. That often shows up in a male body, but I don’t think it always has to. I’m figuring out the ways that language is limiting my ability to deeply accept all of myself. I also know that part of it will have to be a spiritual and wordless act to experience that self-acceptance as well. I’m thinking that perhaps this is the root of all these made up pressures and timelines and goals and words to keep and calendars to maintain and commitments to follow up on and all the ways that I have created synonymous opportunities to be accepted. Perhaps, personal freedom will lead to inter-personal freedom and that has to start by confidently being able to look in the mirror and say, "I love you." I do. On most days. These days.

115 16 Apr 15, 2017 En Mi Casa

Today would have been #RamarleyGraham 24th bday. Please call.

14 0 Apr 12, 2017

Cuz my AP says I don't post pics of her on IG. Also, we argue about 99% of things and yet I still have mad love for her. I see you AP, you are an example of greatness. Thanks for saying yes to sharing this part of our journeys. ✨💖✨ Look out for her to soon to be bestselling book! #blackjoy #theblackjoyproject #thedandylionproject

36 3 Mar 29, 2017 Detroit, Michigan
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