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Super stoked start messing with chemicals again! #shootfilm

89 3 Aug 28, 2017

A shot framed by nature

84 3 Aug 15, 2017 Castle Rock State Park

We came here to surf. The sand dunes.

94 2 Aug 12, 2017

Cliffs of Insanity

90 2 Aug 3, 2017 Cliffs of Moher

The art of adventure.

96 1 Jul 31, 2017 Aran Islands

Being tall has its pros and cons.

83 2 Jul 29, 2017 Serengeti National Park

I guess being high all the time helps steady the bow (and arrow)...

80 4 Jul 27, 2017

We found venom from an African Spitting Cobra in her eye one day and two halves of a snake in the backyard the next day. Nice work defending the yard, puppy!

96 2 Jul 22, 2017

Its crazy how much we rely on processed food when I just ate a tuber root dug out of the African bush by this elderly hunter-gatherer woman!

84 0 Jul 18, 2017

The simpler life gets, the happier it gets. Pictured on a hunt is Palanjo from one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa: the Hadzabe.

83 0 Jul 17, 2017

"If the world was a smooth billiard ball, nothing would be different. What's beautiful about this world is the differences; in nature there are mountains and valleys. 'Development' is people trying to make everything like a billiard ball." -Douglas, from East Africa

78 2 Jul 17, 2017

Hammocks are the best! Solo backpacking trip with an amazing camp view. Could've chosen a better time to go, as it was around 96 degrees on the climb up

99 9 Jul 3, 2017

Shot in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. ❤ when you see the people hiking across the frozen lake!

96 4 Jun 30, 2017

Gone fishin in the backcountry

81 10 Jun 26, 2017

The river is my escape

76 2 Jun 25, 2017

Where do you feel the most alive?

79 6 Jun 23, 2017 Skyline Blvd

This is my favorite and most "story-telling" photo I've shot on film (so far!), of a local fisherman in Kauai, Hawaii.

69 7 Jun 21, 2017

Climbing around nature satisfies that primitive, barbaric animal inside you

70 3 Jun 20, 2017

My underlying goal for taking photos is really just to tell a story and make you feel something. This^ story is the story of a bunch of reckless teenagers going hiking at 5 in the morning and climbing some sketchy rocks!

117 9 Jun 7, 2017

Wasn't really sure whether the log would crack in half and send me crashing into the river, but I kept persevering and believing in myself. But, after a year of hard work, junior year is over and now I'm a senior! I didn't actually end up crossing the log because it was rotted down to the center, but it made for a good analogy! 😉

108 17 Jun 2, 2017
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