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Its crazy how much we rely on processed food when I just ate a tuber root dug out of the African bush by this elderly hunter-gatherer woman!

71 0 Jul 18, 2017

The simpler life gets, the happier it gets. Pictured on a hunt is Palanjo from one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa: the Hadzabe.

75 0 Jul 17, 2017

"If the world was a smooth billiard ball, nothing would be different. What's beautiful about this world is the differences; in nature there are mountains and valleys. 'Development' is people trying to make everything like a billiard ball." -Douglas, from East Africa

71 2 Jul 17, 2017

Hammocks are the best! Solo backpacking trip with an amazing camp view. Could've chosen a better time to go, as it was around 96 degrees on the climb up

99 9 Jul 3, 2017

Shot in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. ❤ when you see the people hiking across the frozen lake!

96 4 Jun 30, 2017

Gone fishin in the backcountry

81 10 Jun 26, 2017

The river is my escape

76 2 Jun 25, 2017

Where do you feel the most alive?

79 6 Jun 23, 2017 Skyline Blvd

This is my favorite and most "story-telling" photo I've shot on film (so far!), of a local fisherman in Kauai, Hawaii.

69 7 Jun 21, 2017

Climbing around nature satisfies that primitive, barbaric animal inside you

71 3 Jun 20, 2017

My underlying goal for taking photos is really just to tell a story and make you feel something. This^ story is the story of a bunch of reckless teenagers going hiking at 5 in the morning and climbing some sketchy rocks!

114 9 Jun 7, 2017

Wasn't really sure whether the log would crack in half and send me crashing into the river, but I kept persevering and believing in myself. But, after a year of hard work, junior year is over and now I'm a senior! I didn't actually end up crossing the log because it was rotted down to the center, but it made for a good analogy! 😉

107 17 Jun 2, 2017

Did a fun shoot with my good friend Dakota's BMW Maybe personal car shoots could be my niche, especially in money saturated Bay Area!

84 5 May 29, 2017

Dirty shoes from a roadtrip along the windy coast, cruising along Highway 1. The film camera I shoot with is a Leica that was passed down to me from my grandpa! #shootfilm

82 13 May 25, 2017

Straight outta Jurassic Park . In a different life I'd move to this beautiful island to surf and eat tacos everyday... maybe even make friends with the island locals: wild chickens!

80 8 May 23, 2017 Nā Pali Coast State Park

Welcome​ to The Lab! I had such a blast shooting and printing film this year with my homie davidlcoe He recreated this darkroom after two decades of no use, and unfortunately we had to shut it down today. Hopefully next year I can start it back up while David is in college!

86 4 May 20, 2017

Take me away, winding mountain road! Take me far away... And hurry, I have a math test next period

69 2 May 18, 2017

One of my goals this summer is for Rossi to be able to go off leash when we are out adventuring. Right now he is a little to mischievious...

75 7 May 16, 2017

The thrill of surfing concrete waves brings us back after about three years of not skating. Still fun as hell!

79 2 May 15, 2017

Out in the nature and exploring with friends!

71 2 May 9, 2017
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