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My morning. Journal, tarot card reading, sage, water, cereal. Now, gym. Then, work. #reallifeevie

40 0 Oct 17, 2017

Notes to self. #reallifeevie

342 18 Oct 16, 2017

NYC! Speaking with fellow panelists and iamcnf tomorrow evening. RSVP URL on the flyer to attend. See you there! #justgetintheroom

56 3 Oct 10, 2017

Alma Mater got ahold of the ted Talk. Thanks ionacollege ! #reallifeevie #linkinbio

388 19 Oct 4, 2017

Memories of greater times with barackobama . Where I was, and what I was doing, exactly 1 year ago. Chilling at theWhiteHouse for #SXSL . #reallifeevie #justgetintheroom

183 3 Oct 4, 2017

When your ted Talk is featured by afropunk !! Thank you all for being partners, innovators, and organizers for our people, around the world. Our stories matters, our lives matter, our travel matters!! Continuing to broaden our reach! #wearetribe #reallifeevie #nomadness

373 17 Oct 3, 2017

I love reading the quotes that really resonate with everyone from my ted talk! Keep 'em coming! Link to watch in bio. #reallifeevie #travel #empowerment #tedtalks

78 2 Oct 1, 2017

Got a video sent to me of my ted Talk being shown at the African-American Tourism Conference! So beautiful. Thank you ashnomadik ! If you thought it was just about trips, a group, and've had me and nomadnesstribe wrong from the start. Watch full talk by clicking link in bio! #reallifeevie #justgetintheroom #tedtalk #nomadness

70 4 Oct 1, 2017

Mihaela Noroc has gone around the world hearing stories and taking photos of women from every inch of the planet. I'm humbled to also say that I am a part of the compilation of . March 2016, I was personally contacted by facebook HQ and they told me I was chosen as one of seven women to be featured for Women's Month, that I would meet Mihaela, and be shot by her. It was an amazing experience, and Facebook HQ gifted me a framed copy of my portrait that lives in my home office right now. It's a beautiful project and mission. Check it out if interested. I can't wait to read the stories of fellow women around the world. Women unite! #reallifeevie #nomadness

123 2 Oct 1, 2017

Crazy... I had a dream of giving a ted Talk for about a decade. Here we are... Link in bio to watch it! It is aboit so much more than travel, so much more than nomadnesstribe . It is about our culture!! Watch and share! #reallifeevie #nomadness #justgetintheroom

109 14 Sep 29, 2017

[The TED Talk Black Travel Deserves] Link in Bio After giving my ted Talk on June 6th, and the dust settled a bit, I wondered how I would feel the day it dropped. I had so many questions. Many of which I will answer in a personal statement I am dropping later this week about the experience. But, I am remaining present, in this moment right now. 30 minutes ago nomadnesstribe was put on notice that today was the release day. They are, just now starting to view, and share, and tag. Many having the same visceral reactions I did...including tears. I left EVERYTHING I had on that stage. You cannot see them, but there are 17,000 standing behind me on that red dot. This TED Talk has made history as the first to EVER touch on Black Travel for millenials. Period. It wasn't chosen for TED.COM, which means going viral is on myself, my team, and my community. The WORLD needs to see this TED Talk. Black-American History, is still American History. We are universal. We are relevant, and we aren't going anywhere. Not with leaders like me. So I humbly ask everyone who comes across this post, to please SHARE. Share in your travel groups, empowerment groups, women's group, black movement groups, share. If you are in press, share on your platforms, podcasts, and blogs. Reach out for an interview, and look out for the press release drop. SHARE. I kept saying to myself during the writing process: "I want to write the TED Talk that black travel deserves." Check. Please enjoy, share, and let's discuss! #nomadness

584 40 Sep 27, 2017

saintrecords nailed why I created nomadnesstribe in one tweet. Thanks Sis #reallifeevie #nomadness

676 7 Sep 25, 2017

Nomadnesstribe 6th Anniversary Party + my Girlfriend genesisvalleon ...about last night though. #nomadness

289 4 Sep 24, 2017

Discernment. Knowing what is for you, is for you. What is not, is not. #reallifeevie

142 4 Sep 19, 2017

issarae never change...seriously! Emmy realness in one sentence. I love her, and this, so much! #reallifeevie

984 46 Sep 18, 2017

Next weekend if you are in the NYC area, it's nomadnesstribe 's 3rd nmdnconference . This year we are talking about Breaking Barriers, Traveling Under Trump, Self-Care & Travel, Kids & Travel, and much more. I opened up 10 Free tickets! Go to NMDNCONFERENCE.COM and at check out, use the promo AMBASSADOR17 code: to get your hands on one. Sat. Sept 23rd 9a-4p Center for Social Innovation 601 W 26th Street #325 NY, NY Come through! Open to everyone. #nomadness

73 6 Sep 16, 2017

They're trying. I'm not mad. Meeting #4. #reallifeevie #LA

235 10 Sep 13, 2017

Sitting before self-portrait. #reallifeevie

155 4 Sep 12, 2017

Shower self-portrait. #reallifeevie

163 7 Sep 11, 2017

Los Angeles self-portrait. #reallifeevie

261 1 Sep 11, 2017
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