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ESSENTIAL. A minimalist approach to shapes, finishes and forms created for the 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast - Design Edition. Imperfections are a key attribute of this trend, playing out through textured finishes and a handcrafted aesthetic. Image features Dulux Terrace White, Spanish Olive, Flooded Gum, Clay Court and Mornington Half. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

216 3 Sep 25, 2017

ESSENTIAL is one of the four trends created for the 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast - Design Edition. The calm, nurturing palette draws together cool greys and soft, warm leathers. Image features Dulux Clay Court, Mornington Half, Elusive Blue, Gnu Tan and Crystal Palace. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

199 2 Sep 24, 2017

REFLECT, an opulent homage to the classics in this years' Dulux Colour Forecast 2018 - Design Edition. Design statements are bold, yet that sense of timeless understated luxury remains intact. Image features Dulux Terra Rose, Smoky Quarts, Biro Blue and Forbidden Forest. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

275 5 Sep 24, 2017

We invite you to immerse yourself in this uplifting world of colour and discover how to transform the essence and mood of a space. REFLECT on an era of timeless luxury with this trend from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2018 - Design Edition. Image features Dulux Goyder Green & Terra Rose. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

268 2 Sep 24, 2017

The 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast harnesses the power of colour to balance the complex challenges of everyday life. KINSHIP trend provides a colourful mish-mash of cultural influences igniting our sense of community. Featuring Dulux Red Ochre, Sassy, Outrageous Red and Maiko. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

181 2 Sep 23, 2017

Colour is enjoying a resurgence in design. The eclectic combinations of colour we’re seeing reveal our growing confidence with colour as a tool for expression. Witness the rich revival of KINSHIP and community in the 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast - Design Edition featuring Dulux Reddy Brown, Very Terracotta, Herbalist and Outrageous Red. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

204 1 Sep 23, 2017

The colour team at Dulux has been forecasting colour trends for over 18 years. Fun never looked so good as we explore the colour trend ESCAPADE, created in partnership with Creative Director breeleech. Featuring Dulux Bombay Pink on arches classically combined with Dulux Tangerine Flake, Solution, Bondi and Cuticle Pink. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

323 6 Sep 22, 2017

The future of interiors are born in the Dulux Colour Forecast - Design Edition. An ESCAPADE of fun and adventure, this palette is bright and invites you to reimagine how you use colour. Featuring striking Dulux colours Blue Sail, Sir Edmund, Bondi Edge and Pale Mustard. Photographer & Stylist | mikebakerphotographer breeleech

330 7 Sep 22, 2017

Outdoor entertaining goals is what threebirdsrenovations do best!👏 Dulux Black is the feature colour on the outside of the River Shack renovation which contrasts beautifully against the lush green surroundings. Don't forget you have a chance to win a consultation with a Dulux Colour Designer, plus 50L of paint thanks to threebirdsrenovations. Head to the link in our bio to find out more 😆👏

378 7 Sep 17, 2017

Did someone say pink bathroom?! 😯 😍 threebirdsrenovations have gone colour crazy in their latest renovation, the River Shack. Dulux colour Summer Cloud Quarter features on the ceiling and provides the perfect contrast for these stunning statement tiles. PS. Don't forget to enter our #threebirdsxdulux competition for your chance to WIN! Link in our bio.

1022 15 Sep 17, 2017

We are super excited to have teamed up with the clever ladies threebirdsrenovations to offer you all a chance to win a free consultation with a Dulux Colour Designer, plus 50L of paint! 😆  #clicklinkinbio for your chance to win 👏👏 Terms & conditions apply. #rivershackreno #threebirdsxdulux

287 24 Sep 15, 2017

The REFLECT trend from our latest release blends classic 30s cues with bold 60s style to create an 'eclectic classic' look. Pair this with romantic hues such as Dulux Smoky Quartz and Bruised Burgundy | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

503 9 Sep 10, 2017

REFLECT ∙ An opulent fusion of eclectic classic style in this years' Dulux Colour Trends. Featuring schemes such as Dulux Bruised Burgundy, Dulux Gold Effect in Bronze Essence and ceiling in Dulux Forbidden Forrest | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

397 9 Sep 9, 2017

Spaces created with the REFLECT trend exude a moody opulence that is bold in statement yet elegantly timeless. This lounge features Dulux Goyder Green with the trim in Dulux Lexicon Half | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

745 12 Sep 9, 2017

Dream destinations are just a plane ride away with Dulux colour trend ESCAPADE. Escape in the most unexpected of places where tones of pale mint, teal and blue promise plenty of light-hearted fun. Wanting to find out more? Visit the link in our bio for the full gallery of the 2018 Dulux Colour Trends | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

425 5 Sep 8, 2017

ESCAPADE ∙ The quest for fun and adventure begins with the 2018 Dulux Colour Trends featuring Dulux colours Cuticle Pink, Bombay Pink, Friends & Carmen. Ceiling in Dulux Vivid White | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

343 7 Sep 8, 2017

Take a holiday in colour with the 2018 Dulux Colour Trend ESCAPADE. Tropical botanicals add a lively touch to bold geometric patterns and prints found throughout this trend. Featuring Dulux Cuticle Pink | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

305 4 Sep 8, 2017

The ESCAPADE trend channels a tropical holiday vibe with a heady combination of saturated colours, thrown into relief by cool mints, deep teals and powdery pinks. Featuring Dulux Bombay Pink, Cuticle Pink, Friends & Carmen | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

352 8 Sep 7, 2017

The Essential trend's calm and nurturing palette draws on the soft warmth of leathers, a pop of bold blue, and the beautiful imperfections of aging materials in rusted tones. Find out more details of this trend by visiting the link in our bio | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

379 7 Sep 7, 2017

Make colour and texture the hero with simple shapes and minimalist style, as seen in the Essential trend of the 2018 Dulux Colour Trends. Walls featuring Dulux Flooded Gum | Styled by breeleech 📷 by lisacohenphoto #DuluxColourTrends2018

513 6 Sep 6, 2017
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