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Michelle Phelps of CrossFit Vitality • Workout of the Day Wednesday 171018 For time: 60 push-ups 50 dips 40 handstand push-ups 30 bench presses, 155 lb. 20 jerks, 155 lb. 10 push presses, 155 lb. Post time to comments. #CrossFit 📷 baw3_photo steve_cfvitality

5539 32 Oct 18, 2017

A nine-year-old study published yesterday explains why "cancer cells rapidly break down sugars without producing much energy—a phenomenon discovered in 1920, dubbed the 'Warburg effect,'" according to the Daily Mail. - "Our research reveals how the hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth ... This link between sugar and cancer has sweeping consequences. - "Our results provide a foundation for future research in this domain, which can now be performed with a much more precise and relevant focus." - —Professor Johan Thevelein, a molecular biologist at VIB and KU Leuven, and lead author of the Dutch study. - Study is published in Nature Communications. 📸 Shutterstock | saurabhpbhoyar #CrossFit

2240 47 Oct 18, 2017

🤳🏼 morrison_blair ・・・ Grandpa Bud showing off some functional mobility at age 86. #turkishgetup #anywherefit crossfitanywhere #CrossFit

31308 656 Oct 17, 2017

“One of your RNs talked about having to get shots in her eyeballs for diabetes and to prevent blindness … She said it was way more painful than childbirth but … a lot of diabetics go blind because they won’t do the three series of shots. They’d rather be blind than have that experience again. That’s powerful. - "Tough as not eating a Snickers bar and going to the gym is getting shots in your eyeballs … .” - –CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman during the upcoming Anompuli Podcast, choctawnationok’s official podcast. #CrossFit #gregglassman

3471 10 Oct 17, 2017

And she even sticks the dismount. 👌 🤳🏼 ariargoitia ・・・ Complex en Anillas 🙆 #CrossFit

27187 337 Oct 17, 2017

Andrew Hieb, activelifeathletics • Workout of the Day Tuesday 171017 Rest Day #CrossFit 📷 supercleary

11836 28 Oct 17, 2017

Will you be ready? 🤳🏼 crossfitroux ・・・ With the CrossFit Open only a few months away, coach tomdom80 is preparing himself for anything thedavecastro is gonna throw at us. Last year dumbbells were introduced to the community..... maybe we will have Ribbons this year?!?

11332 371 Oct 16, 2017

With one arm, a strap and a strong set of goals, casey_acree learns a new skill. - For more info and upcoming dates for the CrossFit Adaptive Training Course, click the link in adaptivecrossfit's bio. #CrossFit 📹 garystevenroberts

18820 294 Oct 16, 2017

Affiliate owner, masters athlete, CrossFit commentator and father of two— billgrundler tells his story on CrossFit Podcast Ep. 17.13. - 🎙️ CrossFit Journal | YouTube | iTunes andreamcecil sevanmatossian mattbischel eric.maciel #CrossFit #CrossFitPodcast

3333 10 Oct 16, 2017

Ok, Monday. Let’s do this. 📷 LiveLiftRun | crossfit_1pulse #CrossFit

23618 40 Oct 16, 2017

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course - reebokcrossfitone, Canton, MA • Workout of the Day Monday 171016 Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 15 burpees 30-calorie row Post rounds completed to comments. #crossfit

7777 34 Oct 16, 2017

CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman visits Durant, Oklahoma, to speak to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma ( choctawnationok)—the third-largest federally recognized tribe in the U.S.—about the correlation between lifestyle and chronic disease. - "All irrational food choices are around high-glycemic carbs," Glassman says. - Glassman, along with Chance Adams from choctawcrossfit, will also appear on an upcoming episode of the Anompuli Podcast, Chactaw Nation's official podcast. 📹 michaelishustle #CrossFit #gregglassman

6471 106 Oct 15, 2017

Have you ever held a serving tray overhead? Those skills might come in handy for this overhead squat drill. "That’s the shoulder position that we want as we squat,” says Jenni Orr ( orrjenni) of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar staff. #crossfit crossfittraining

12816 107 Oct 15, 2017

🤳🏼 crossfit_boudicca ・・・ Boom!!! So pleased for nzkarmen getting her first strict pull up. We gave her some drills to work on a month or so back and today all the hard work paid off. This job is all about days like this. Well done 💪🏻 #CrossFit #crossfituk #firstpullup

19561 99 Oct 15, 2017

#CrossFit WOD 171015 has rope climbs. Lots of rope climbs. - For tips and scaling options, follow CrossFitWOD. 📸 littleozman

9019 24 Oct 15, 2017

“Picture a guy landing a snatch with his feet 4 feet apart, and instead of locking his frame, he uses his deltoids to press the bar out. - “And when he deadlifts, he just bends down and pulls on the weight as hard as he can. - “That guy, or girl, is always lurking.”
- Those are the words of Sean Dickson, owner of crossfitriverchase in Birmingham, Alabama. - He was referring to himself—or at least the guy he used to be. - “I was an alpha male who had the abilities but was lacking knowledge, technique and coaching cues to know any better,” said Dickson, who served with the U.S. Army from 2001 to 2010. - After learning the hard way—including a labrum tear—Dickson said he now goes out of his way to sniff out and reform competitive yet reckless individuals with oversized egos, like the guy with a 100-lb. overhead squat who is determined to muscle-snatch and press 200 lb. over his head. - Continue reading “The Pigheaded and the PR” by Emily Beers, to read how coaches prescribe ego adjustment for athletes bent on self-destruction. 👉 #crossfit 📸 davexre

9378 89 Oct 15, 2017

jmequintana, crossfitharrisburg • Workout of the Day Sunday 171015 For time: 15-foot L-sit rope climb, 4 ascents 15-foot legless rope climb, 8 ascents 15-foot rope climb, 12 ascents Post time to comments. Compare to 151031. #crossfit 📷 baw3_photo

10675 24 Oct 15, 2017

🤳 cfgymnastics | PISTOLS & their progressions ------------------------------------- ▪️There are many benefits to one-legged squats, as they require a great amount of balance and flexibility, but they also fire up some smaller muscle groups in your legs. - ▪️At the #cfgcourse we discuss and demo many scaling variations to the pistol but wanted to give you a preview ... ------------------------------------- ▪️OPTION A: Behind ➖two styles (foot down or foot wrap) ✔️Both styles require less ankle flexion bc leg is behind your body instead of in front 🔺Start w foot down & successfully balance for 10 pistols on each leg. 🔺Then try the foot wrap. Goal is slow & balanced. Try for 10 on each leg ------------------------------------- ▪️OPTION B (swipe left): In front ➖two styles ✔️Chair pistol 🔺This requires a ton of balance but you can see you may not go as deep as a full pistol, so it requires less ankle flexion…it’s a great scaling option to work towards pistols. - ✔️Sliding pistol 🔺This requires more flexibility but a little less balance than a traditional pistol. You can see the squat can go much deeper than the chair pistol option. We love this because it stretches the hamstring of the sliding leg too #allthestretching - 🔺Try a total of 15 to 20 on each leg & see how many you do without losing balance (out of those 15 to 20) ------------------------------------- ▪️OPTION C (swipe left): Candlestick Pistol ➖ Points of performance ✔️Hollow body in candlestick (no pike at the waits - take every chance you can to master body position) ✔️Heel drives to butt as you roll forward ✔️Chest tall and slight lean forward at bottom of pistol ✔️weight is mid foot 🔺The benefit of using a controlled momentum: Helps drive the weight slightly forward for balance & “forces” ankle flexion necessary for this skill 🔺Work on 10 successful pistol on each leg - Demo'd by #cfgcoach pamelagnon 📹 rising crossfit - Want to know more?... come learn scaling/progressions/programming & more when you join us for a weekend course! Click link in bio or

23607 534 Oct 14, 2017

CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman speaks to trainers at the 2017 Level 1 Seminar Staff Summit. He explains the simple correlation between lifestyle choices and chronic disease. - "The independent variable that controls your health," Glassman says, "are the lifestyle choices of what you fuckin' ate and what you did for exercise." - 👉 #CrossFit #gregglassman

6321 77 Oct 14, 2017

🤳🏼 youngtonym ・・・ Tuesdays are our days together of daddy/daughter & CrossFit. 10 strict hspu #crossfitfuturechampion #crossfit princess_p_freya_doll

18440 427 Oct 14, 2017
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