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INCOMING✨>>>> LA! Very excited to have time at home AND lead the LA theclassbytt community this week. Honored. Friends in the area, come join me. Especially if you haven't experienced this practice yet... - Wednesday 9 - 9:45am Brentwood - Thursday 7 - 8:05am Santa Monica ✨ *sign up on theclassbytt website ! see you there ☀️🙌🏻

200 12 Jun 20, 2017 Los Angeles, California


98 1 Jun 19, 2017

3...2....1 BLAST OFF! 🚀💥 Thank you taryntoomey for the best rocket ship of all time theclassbytt #toothemoon #lookout #theclassbytt

120 5 Jun 18, 2017 New York, New York

A very very special day, to say the least. Thank the universe for this community, truly - THANK YOU. #loveyouall #somuch #theclassbytt

132 7 Jun 16, 2017 New York, New York

The feeling when the work starts to pay off and special things are on the horizon 👆🏻✨👆🏻 #magic ANYWAY - Join me this week theclassbytt before I spend some time on the west coast ☀️🌊 Wed - 9:30am Thur- 5:30 & 7pm Fri - 9:15am That fire you're feeling from the heat? We will do the work to cool it down. 🌓 📷: jaimiebaird

246 6 Jun 14, 2017 New York, New York

Still learning how to take 'selfies'. Any advice is welcome. 😂 #stilllearning but what else is new...?! #studentoflife

123 5 Jun 11, 2017 Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Very excited to share that I will be out east this summer with theclassbytt with a residency at lululemon's LOFT35 space in East Hampton. Classes start the last 2 weekends in June and then EVERY day from ✨July 1st - Labor Day (9:30am/9am) ✨ very excited to share this space with the theclassbytt team. ✨REGISTRATION IS OPEN. ✨Privates & group privates also available. Email: info to book. #theclassbytt #hamptons #summer2017

195 18 Jun 7, 2017 East Hampton, New York

Open up! 🌼it feels good to let that light in ☀️☀️Happy Friday ☀️☀️

172 4 Jun 2, 2017 Cliffs of Moher

UPDATE! This has been cancelled due to rain. 😭you will have a chance to join samantha.moriarty though on Thursday July 13th. …........................................................................ Friends! Join me TONIGHT : 7pm a 45 min free class of theclassbytt Where: Meatpacking Sweat Sessions Hudson River Park's 14th Street Can't wait! 📷: jaimiebaird #sweatsession

173 6 May 30, 2017 New York, New York

Really special things went down this past week & I couldn't be more inspired by it. This is me already missing this family ! 👆🏻Deep Retreat with yogaforbadpeople 🔥 jamielugoyoga heatherlilleston - you guys are the most incredible. Thank you for everything. #loveyouall

132 6 May 30, 2017 Aran Islands, Ireland

Enjoying this view 🍀

148 2 May 27, 2017 Cliffs of Moher

Enjoying the view.

134 12 May 23, 2017 The Cliffs Of Moher Retreat

Saturday morning TEAM. You are all absolutely incredible. Feeling so lucky to hold space AND do this work amongst such a special community at theclassbytt. Will definitely be missing you all while I am away on retreat. Can't wait to share with you, what I will be filling up with. #loveyou #seeyousoon ✨📷 rajbarker

175 13 May 20, 2017 New York, New York

💡💡💡! Oh yeah, all of that other stuff. The things you can and especially cannot see. That is where the GOOD stuff lives. Take a moment, drop in, let yourself explore all of the layers of your being. See where that brings you... Again, out of the thinking mind & into the feeling heart. take care. 📷 Pinterest

109 1 May 19, 2017 New York, New York

" We are constantly revealing ourselves to each other through our movement; learning from and teaching each other without even trying. " ~ Wendy Whelan What is it that your body is speaking to? What is it trying to say? • Take a look. There is information there. • Out of the thinking mind, and into the feeling heart. • Join me this week theclassbytt, before I head off to immerse myself in study, on Deep Retreat with yogaforbadpeople in Ireland. 🌿☘️ ✨ Wednesday - 9:30am - TriBeCa Thursday - 5:30pm & 7pm - TriBeCa Saturday - 9am - TriBeCa photo credit: liseannemarsalphotographyo

375 27 May 17, 2017 New York, New York

This loving, generous, and empathetic woman ☝🏻. I clearly would not be where I am without her. I could write about all the ways I am grateful for her, and speak on all that she is done ... but I want to keep it simple. Thank you mom for everything. Every single thing that you've done and continue to do. I love you so very much. Xx

87 2 May 14, 2017

Do what you need to do. Keep reminding yourself of what is most important. Especially in those places/spaces where we typically forget. Love. Love. Love. Love. & Love Again. #wewillthankourselveslater #youvegotyou #seeyouthere That's all. #goodnight🌙

131 2 May 13, 2017 New York, New York

What. A. Day. Feeling the feelings. ✨ So incredibly inspired by these women. & you too samantha.moriarty who is missing from this picture ☝🏻 Another epic day in the books💥

213 6 May 10, 2017 New York, New York

"Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. " ~ Confucious 👊🏻 It's Sunday. Yes please. 👇🏻 • 11am syncstudiobklyn • 4pm The Community Class theclassbytt (donation based) 📷 samantha.moriarty 💛

233 11 May 7, 2017 New York, New York

Yes. Self care. SO important.☝🏻 Take care, make it a priority. ✨ Whatever you need, do it. ☀️ #notetoself #unplug #goodnight 🌙

160 2 May 1, 2017 New York, New York
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