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altpress is premiering my new song Trust off the upcoming record #WILDFIRES. Follow me on Twitter/Facebook christianmusic for link!

535 6 Jul 24, 2017

778 11 Jul 22, 2017

On July 28th I will be doing an online show performing songs from anberlin, anchorbraille, and my upcoming release #WILDFIRES. Check out my Twitter or Facebook for more info! #: christianmusic

852 17 Jul 22, 2017

Decided to take my girls camping tonight, but since we got too late of a start I had to pick a camp sight close to home. #makememories villageofcorrales

1127 21 Jul 21, 2017 Village of Corrales

We may not know why but we can ask "what". What can we learn? His story teaches us that no person is an island, that no matter how successful you are you are still susceptible to depression, and that if you are ever hurting don't isolate yourself. We are all in this together.

4347 87 Jul 20, 2017

Held this for the first time at parchmentsabq at calvaryabq. #WILDFIRES comes out on July 28th!

1881 51 Jul 19, 2017 Calvary Albuquerque

Check out this neulore EP! Memory head is incredible. #newmusic #summerjams

217 1 Jul 18, 2017

Babies Momma.

1870 15 Jul 16, 2017


456 9 Jul 3, 2017 Alameda Rio Grande Open Space

Thank you so much New Mexico! Joey and I had an incredible time playing songs from the Anberlin days as well as off #WILDFIRES!!! Massive thanks to my friends in theadvancemusic for helping out!

1571 40 Jul 2, 2017 Isotopes Park


1943 44 Jul 2, 2017 Isotopes Park


474 3 Jun 30, 2017

God entrusted me with a few angels, however, they're all in Florida and my heart grows heavier the longer they're gone.

1879 15 Jun 28, 2017

533 7 Jun 27, 2017

Ride or Die Crew #celebs

733 20 Jun 25, 2017

Sometimes you stumble across kindred souls heading in the same direction. Make sure to pick up mattymullins new record UNSTOPPABLE!

1850 22 Jun 24, 2017

2303 50 Jun 23, 2017

454 13 Jun 21, 2017

Lyric video up tomorrow!

986 17 Jun 20, 2017

This record is so important and special to me, it is the culmination of passion, meaning, and life long friendships. I hope you get as much out of it as I did creating it! #WILDFIRES (link to order in bio)

722 17 Jun 18, 2017
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