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Spoiler Alert: Season 5 is going to rock. #fixerupper #season5iscoming

69160 429 Sep 19, 2017

Jo has poured her heart and soul into this new line, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia available at Target November 5th. We're here with Bullseye at Target HQ today announcing it to all of their team members! I wrote down all my thoughts about this project on the blog—go check it out. #HearthAndHand (Link in profile)

197034 5146 Sep 12, 2017

Share a photo from your last home renovation project using #KILZPrimedandReadySweepstakes for a chance to win $2,000. kilzbrand #sponsored

39159 260 Sep 8, 2017

Jo and I don't know what to say...the past 24 hours, you all have jumped in and purchased over 35,000 Texas Forever shirts! We are going to keep this going until September 30th so you still have time to grab one. 100% of the proceeds from every shirt are going to help rebuild Texas cities affected by Hurricane Harvey. And just a heads up: because of the AMAZING response our shipping times will be delayed. Your involvement will make a difference, so help us spread the word! #TexasForever #HurricaneHarvey (link in profile)

88775 663 Aug 30, 2017 Magnolia Market

Who's up for a home renovation challenge? For a chance to win $2,000 and some other awesome stuff, share a photo of a recently finished project using #KILZPrimedAndReadySweepstakes in the caption. Go get 'em! kilzbrand #sponsored

48657 723 Aug 26, 2017

“Tiny Little Dot” They might notice the primitive table or the peaceful slight breeze, or maybe they’ll notice the terracotta pot just below the string lights in the trees. Obviously, everyone has an opinion, everyone has a thought but for me, all that matters in this picture.. is that tiny little dot.

63189 502 Aug 25, 2017

My sweet new album comes out soon....but it’s more words than music....and I’m not basically it’s me reading my book but, still pretty exciting. #comingsoon #CapitalGaines

87136 386 Aug 23, 2017

Make hay while you can! #farmLife

59833 248 Aug 18, 2017

I took Jo on a date for the Magnolia Journal and let me tell you—sparks were flying! Read all about it in the fall issue—on newsstands today. #magnoliajournal #number5 photo credit: stofferphotography

79983 214 Aug 16, 2017

No two days are the same with joannagaines. #farmlife

95305 278 Aug 12, 2017

16 is my favorite number. It was always on my jersey growing up and it's become a good luck charm of sorts! You might notice I tend to overshare a bit. If you like this kinda thing I'd love for you to follow me over on Twitter- chippergaines. I tend to post there a little more frequently, because it gives me a chance to be more spontaneous. Look forward to seeing you there! #season5iscoming

101184 1086 Aug 5, 2017

Once a design assistant, always a design assistant. I've got the best job in the world! #fixerupper #season5iscoming

115927 483 Jul 28, 2017

I loved your feedback about the book covers. You know how sometimes you need to hear other opinions to know how you really feel about something? In the very end, when I weighed all the opinions, it was clear which cover felt most like me. In a world where so much feels photoshopped and staged, I really wanted the cover to be authentic and raw. This candid, spur-of-the-moment photo was snapped on the way to the actual photoshoot and I just loved that. Means the world to me that you all chimed in. It wasn't for nothing. I hope you really enjoy the book! #CapitalGaines

123938 2043 Jul 18, 2017

Drum roll please..I’ve got big news people—we finally landed on a book cover!! Now if I could just get the book part done.. ha! Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to give me your feedback-it really helped me decide on this beautiful cover. Lots of folks worked really hard, and today..I'm feeling really thankful. Now for the official cover reveal…tune in to the todayshow tomorrow at 8:15am in every time zone to find out which one I picked! #CapitalGaines

51254 571 Jul 18, 2017

A lot of y'all know I've been working hard on my book, Capital Gaines. I'm just about there, but I need your help to get this thing over the finish line. I've been staring at these cover options for so long that I feel like I need your thoughts. Head over to magnolia to tell me your favorite and why. Then I'll reveal THE cover, that you helped me pick, on the todayshow next Tuesday morning, 7/18. #CapitalGaines

35040 638 Jul 14, 2017

Hanging with our boy jackingram at billybobstexas with my best girl! #texas2step

31436 82 Jul 1, 2017

Hay!! #farmLife

56958 269 Jun 30, 2017

I've got you babe! #season5iscoming #fixerupper 📹: huntybuns

124485 1916 Jun 23, 2017

Father’s Day is the perfect chance for me to brag on my kids. I love that each has their own “thing”—photography, fishing, gymnastics, sports....they never stop making me laugh. I'm so proud of each of them! #FathersDay

75830 194 Jun 18, 2017

What a night.. really, what an honor! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

90762 444 May 27, 2017
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