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Acorn squash is my favorite winter squash.. Not only is it delicious, but it is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium, as well as smaller amounts of vitamins C and B, and magnesium! (and its pretty😉) I got one this week in my stonyhillfarms CSA and I can’t wait to make this dish! Casey’s Savory Acorn Squash Wedges – ✨1 large acorn squash ✨2 table spoons of olive oil ✨1 teaspoon of salt ✨1/4 cup of minced red onion ✨3 tablespoons of minced fresh cilantro ✨3 cloves of garlic, minced/ pasted ✨the zest of one lime ✨the zest of one lemon ✨1 tablespoon of lemon juice ✨1 tablespoon of lime juice ✨2 tablespoons of sherry vinegar ✨3 tablespoons of olive oil ✨pinch of salt and pepper ✨pinch of cayenne (to taste) Click the link in my bio for the step by step and more yummy photos! Xo . #autumn #fall #acornsquash #harvest

217 24 Oct 18, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Passion Tea Lemonade ✨ starbucks

204 22 Oct 16, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

I know what I’m making with the apple and butternut squash from stonyhillfarms .. My faux autumn risotto! Here is what you need- Casey’s Squash Apple Faux Risotto – ✨2 1/2 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken thighs ✨2 cups of thin sliced butternut squash, peeled ✨2 cups of thin sliced apple, peeled ✨1/2 cup of white wine ✨2 1/2 cups of chicken broth ✨1/4 tablespoon of ground nutmeg ✨1/4 tablespoon of chili powder ✨1/4 tablespoon of all spice ✨1 tablespoon of dark brown sugar ✨1 tablespoon of salt ✨1/2 tablespoon of pepper ✨1 cup of orzo ✨1/4 cup of chopped parsley ✨1/4 cup of grated parmesan - Click the link in my bio for the full recipe ❤️ . #autumn #fall #risotto #squash

211 25 Oct 13, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

⚡️Giveaway Alert⚡️you're cordially invited to enjoy all the pleasures of your very own njmomhq mug. ☕️One very lucky #NJMOM is going to win a mug from yours truly. How to enter: 1️⃣ Follow casey2cook + njmomhq 2️⃣ Like this post 3️⃣ Tag two friends below who would love to win 👯 The winner will be selected tomorrow at 5pm! Good Luck! . . #giveaway #tagafriend #letsgo #mug #goodmorning #fun

217 52 Oct 12, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

I woke up this morning exhausted and stressed out.. then I looked out the window and it all washed away ✨ #swipeleft

270 30 Oct 11, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

I had a great walk through the gardenstreetfarmersmarket today to visit my friends at stonyhillfarms#swipeleft to see some of my fave produce picks from today! . #farmersmarket #supportlocal #farmtotable #farmfresh #produce #beauty

221 25 Oct 8, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Happy Monday! It’s time for #lunchboxideas .. check it out ✨ . For more fun lunchboxes check out #c2clunchboxlove .. and to purchase the Rover head to planetbox ❤️ . #momlife #bento #lunchboxkickstart

256 23 Oct 3, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Who says you need to drink the coffee to celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay .. try this recipe! . Casey’s Cocoa Espresso Rubbed Ribeye ✨3lbs of rib eye steak (or whatever steak you love) ✨2 tablespoons of packed dark brown sugar ✨1 tablespoon of ground espresso-I use Cafe Bustello ✨1 teaspoon of cocoa powder ✨1/2 tablespoon of chili powder ✨1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder ✨1 teaspoon of salt 1. Pat down your meat, mix together all ingredients and evenly coat the steak. You can press down to assure it is sticking. Cover the sides also.. 2. Heat your grill pan on medium high and spray with oil. Place the steak and cook to your preferred done-ness.. I do 4 minutes on each side for medium. *Be sure to let your steak rest for a few minutes before slicing.* If you wanted to cook it longer, I would do the 4 minutes on each side and then put into a 375 degree oven to finish to your liking. The brown sugar may start to burn if you cook it longer on the grill.. It’ll be smokey, sweet and amazing!

258 24 Sep 30, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Happy Monday! Here are some #lunchboxideas for you.. check it out! Cut your sandwich in three long cuts and tip sideways to display the inside and make it a fun visual! Some melon and driscollsberry blueberries, cucumber red pepper and carrots from stonyhillfarms , some pepperidgefarm goldfish and pickles! For more ideas check out #c2clunchboxlove and head to planetbox to purchase the Rover! . #momlife #poweryourlunchbox #lunchboxkickstart #bento

213 28 Sep 25, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Breakfast from sunnysidehoboken

215 17 Sep 24, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

First time in 6 years I didn't cry in the dressing room! Love my new outfit from francescas ✨ Peep my story for more pics from last nights date night with the fiancé at cedarsrestaurantnj ❤️ #68poundsGoneButNotForgotten

261 23 Sep 23, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Oh iced caramel macchiato, how do I love thee.. let me count the ways ✨ Iced Coffee, everyday.. any weather. . #starbucks #caramelmacchiato #coffee #cawfee starbucks

246 24 Sep 20, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Before the heirloom tomatoes leave us for awhile, slice them and enjoy them over avocado toast... trust me. #HeirloomAvocadoToast

364 27 Sep 20, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Did somebody call #theplatterwhisperer ?! Private birthday dinner for 18 👌🏻❤️

474 34 Sep 17, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Sandwich Saturday ✨ . Poppy seed roll, spicy mustard, lettuce, nocrumbsleft marinated onions with a drizzle of the oil on the greens, pepperoncini, orange tomato from stonyhillfarms , ham salami and mozzarella!

221 23 Sep 16, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Happy Friyayyyy! A lot of you ask me about the sandwich cutters I use for Stevens lunches.. just want you to know you don't need to buy cutters to make a sandwich fun! My fave way to cut his sammies are to cut the crust off and then slice down the middle. On one side make a cut down the center on an angle to create two triangles and on the other down the center to make two squares! Fun cute and educational! You can make triangles and squares out of rectangles!? Dope. . Besides the sammich, zesprikiwifruit band driscollsberry blueberries, red bell pepper and a slice of corn on the cob from stonyhillfarms with a half of home made chocolate chip cookie from grandma! . For more #lunchboxideas check out #c2clunchboxlove asap! Let me know your faves. Want the Rover? Head to planetbox bio! . #momlife #lunchboxkickstart #poweryourlunchbox #bento

276 21 Sep 15, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! We made it halfway through the week ✨ Heart deli sammich, zesprikiwifruit and driscollsberry blueberries, cucumber and bell pepper from stonyhillfarms , some pepperidgefarm goldfish and yogurt covered pretzels for dessert! What's in your lunchbox today?! Forbmore #lunchboxinspiration check out #c2clunchboxlove asap! To purchase the Rover head to planetbox . . #momlife #lunchboxkickstart #poweryourlunchbox #bento

204 18 Sep 13, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

Monday morning #lunchboxideas for ya.. what's in your lunchbox today? Pita pocket tuna sammich, some zesprikiwifruit and stonyhillfarms peaches, carrot and cucumber with angiesboomchickapop for dessert! . For more ideas check out #c2clunchboxlove and to purchase the Rover Box head to planetbox bio! . #momlife #poweryourlunchbox #lunchboxkickstart #bento

178 17 Sep 11, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

I had beautiful heirloom grape tomatoes from my stonyhillfarms CSA so I wanted to make a quick caprese salad to accompany my dinner. When I went to grab the mozzarella out of the fridge I saw two eggplants also from my CSA and decided to put a twist on it! . I peeled and diced the eggplant and sautéed it in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, paprika and garlic powder... when it started to wilt I added abit of water to make sure it was steamed through and let it crisp! Removed from the heat and let it cool. I cut up the tomato, sliced basil and drained the mozzarella.. alittle sherry vinegar and olive oil. Added in the eggplant and voila! ❤️

249 18 Sep 9, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey

First Day of Kindergarten!? I can't believe it. Am I dreaming? Wowza! . First lunch of the school year.. A star for my star, cookie butter and jelly as requested! Some watermelon, crinkle cut cucumber and carrot sticks with ranch to dip, some ritz crackers, dried cherries and yogurt covered pretzels. . For more back to school lunch ideas check out #c2clunchboxlove and to purchase this lunchbox head to planetbox and search Rover. . What's in your lunchbox today?! . #momlife #lunchboxinspiration #backtoschool #lunchboxkickstart #poweryourlunchbox

252 23 Sep 7, 2017 Hoboken, New Jersey
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