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Forever grateful for my blessings

283 8 Oct 18, 2017

Not so Transphormation Tuesday - Tuesday's in the past were my thing...a chance to show what can be done in a small amount time with hard work and dedication. - As of late there hasn't been anything for me to post but a backwards Transphormation both mentally and physically. This has been eating at me lately and today it was pretty hard looking at myself in the mirror at the gym while I worked out. - The truth is it sucked, every thought going through my head as I watched myself jiggle or have a fat fold expose. - It took me a little bit to shake them thoughts but I did. But I need to remember the way I tackled 135 pounds and that was one day at a time. One foot in front of the other each day! - I did it before and I'll do it again! Bigger, badder, and better than before! - #LeftFootRightFoot

425 50 Oct 18, 2017

Day 15 (Week 3)... - Down exactly 10 pounds at the start of week 3 of my "diet", and down an average of 2 pounds from last week. I wanted 3 pounds, but I'll be okay with two. - I still have another 10 pounds to average off during my phase 1 of my cut. 2-3 pounds a week is the goal. - Phase 1 of my cut is pretty much eye ball everything, and just go off of what I know macro wise. I'm doing ZERO weighing of foods and not tracking. Along with flexible eating on Saturdays with the family. I'm trying not to be that guy that carries his meals around at family functions (not yet at least 😂)... - Phase 2 will start at around 200 pounds and I will dial everything in like I was before and be on point the majority of the time. - These past two weeks have a great blessing, and I'm thankful for everyone along the journey!

383 44 Oct 17, 2017

Them dues ain't going to pay themselves! - Let's WORK! - #DuesPaid #WeDoTheWork #IAM1STPHORM

276 12 Oct 14, 2017

It's been awhile, but... - Happy #PhlexFriday peeps! Earn them cheat meals!

378 28 Oct 14, 2017 Gold's Gym

Thank you!!! - I got this jug of Phormula-1 and card in the mail Tuesday, and it nearly brought me to tears. Not just because the gift, but the thought behind it, the people behind it, and the fact that I know this is the kind of people I want to be around. - Whoever it was thank you from the bottom of my heart, I won't let you down! And for the guys out at HQ, thank you also! Thank you for building this community, and helping me take back my life once again. I love y'all! - 👊🏽❤️👊🏽 - #IAM1STPHORM

381 36 Oct 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday - #DC4L #CowboysNation #DaddysGirl

182 4 Oct 12, 2017

Day 10: Win - Wednesday's are my normal rest day, but I knew my body could use/take another workout today. Plus all the love I got today showed me how many were going in, so I had to do the same. - I went in and did a full body workout, nothing crazy that would interfere with my normal schedule but something challenging enough to get a good sweat. One exercise per body part 3x30. - I also got fully released by my doctor and got my stitches out of my leg after two weeks! I'm looking to turn up the intensity here within a week or two and go full throttle! - #DuesPaid

399 58 Oct 12, 2017

My only competition is the one in the mirror... - I make the choices at each meal... - I make the choice to workout or not... - I am my only competition! - #YOUvsYOU #iam1stPhorm #MondayMotivation

505 57 Oct 10, 2017

-8.8 pounds after week 1 - I know better than to expect these results each week, and that most of this weight lost is from retention and just getting active. - I also wouldn't want to keep losing at this rate because it would start coming from my lean muscle mass. - Slow and steady is what I'm aiming for, but who am I kidding that's not my style. I by no means am starving myself or skipping meals just lowering calories slightly, timing the bulk of my carbs in and around my workouts. - Looking forward to kicking this week's ass too! - Who else is putting in that work today!? - #WeDoTheWork

343 65 Oct 9, 2017

Week 1 of getting back on track in the books... - Didn't do as well as I wanted to yesterday nutrition wise, but it wasn't out of hand. So for me that was a small victory in its self. - But other than that I hit my daily workouts each day, and stayed on track nutrition wise. - Hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow, and if not that's okay...I'll just keep chipping away 😉

488 66 Oct 9, 2017

Date night with these two beauties - #MyLittlePonyMovie #LordHelpMe 😂

391 18 Oct 7, 2017

It's never been easy, but it's always been worth it! - Day 4 of getting my shit together has been a success, and the amount of love and support so many of you have shown is heart warming. I nearly instantly regretted posting that post last night, thinking it may come across "weak", "excuse filled", "bitchy", or "poor me"... - But from what I've read so far it sounds like there were a great deal of people that are completely understanding and battle the same fight as me. - All day long I've focused on phone calls, texts, and messages, along with the 500+ comments. I promise that I've read and plan to continue to read all of them. - I can't thank y'all enough, and stay tuned for the next big thing of my journey...I'm just getting started! - ❤️❤️❤️ - #iam1stPhorm

652 144 Oct 6, 2017

This will be the hardest post I've ever made, and maybe that's why it's taken me so long to finally come out and explain my absence over the last few months... - This "motivational" meme was something I posted about two years ago trying to inspire someone out there. Little did I know it would be me. - I've started up and stopped countless times since July. I can't seem to string along enough wins in a week without being completely defeated. Life's been extremely rough as of late, and even though it's not a valid excuse because I know so many others out there getting it done with worse conditions. Yet I've still let it take control of me. - For starters my depression has been at an extreme I've haven't had in a very long time. Suicidal thoughts and extreme dark thoughts have flooded my mind. No I'm not in any danger. I could never leave my daughter the way my father left me. - We also lost our baby in the second trimester a little over a month ago. This has been extremely hard to deal with, and the fact that I will never have another child is overwhelming. I've dealt with this the worst way possible and honestly the rest of my problems the same way and that's with alcohol abuse. This is something I've battled my entire adult life and probably will continue. - I'm a man of routine, and no matter what has been thrown at me including 72 hour work weeks, kid's extra curricular activities, fitness, online coaching, and everything else in between I've conquered. This school year and work timing has been something I just have yet to get control of, but I'm working on that. - On top of everything mentally I've fallen out of many if not all healthy habits that I've acquired over the last two years, and worse I've gained back 40 pounds in 4 months...yeah 40 fucking pounds. I'm currently battling an injury I had at work last week, but I'm determined to not let that hold me down. (DO NOT SCROLL ALL THE WAY RIGHT IF YOU DONT LIKE BLOOD) - I'm down, but not out...I will still make this year my bitch! I am done talking about being better, it's time to show it. - I do want apologize to the ones I have been distant too. I've just been trying to get myself back mentally.

1350 790 Oct 5, 2017

Nice to see some little gains, besides the belly area 😅...

379 43 Sep 23, 2017

"Mama told me, if you fall never stay down..." - -Meek Mill


TGIF... - The Grind Includes Friday

259 9 Sep 16, 2017

Still putting in that work... - Don't count me out yet!

282 24 Sep 14, 2017

Everyday is a struggle, but what comes after the struggle is what makes the struggle worth it! - #HappyFriday

298 11 Sep 9, 2017

One last daddy daughter day! - I don't take many days off, and in fact the past five years I've sold a majority of my vacation. But I knew with her starting pre-k and summer coming to an end I wanted to have one more day dedicated to her. - Hurricane Harvey ain't going to stop us from having some fun! - #DaddyDaughterDay

194 10 Aug 25, 2017 Schlitterbahn New Braunfels
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