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Even when kandi was tired of me saying it I said it over and over and believed these ladies would put it together and they did and in its right time majorgirl iamlatocha Tomeka and kandi all o they my fav girl group glad to b able to see it!!! Luv yall!

449 19 Sep 19, 2017

Congrats to my brovah on his achievements which are way too many for anyone to list u need a whole show for that shawty! But vh1 always keep it 💯congrats on being honored as one of those people that were a great big deal inthe 90's but hell u still are! 👑

287 5 Sep 19, 2017

This nigga so funny!

170 38 Sep 18, 2017

I tell all my ho's rake it up !!!!!😍

169 32 Sep 18, 2017

👑my son!💛💛💛💛💛💛my son the King!!!

1372 70 Sep 18, 2017

Wow always humbled and amazed by the Luv! Luv yall god bless!

346 20 Sep 15, 2017

Wishing my brovah a happy G day hairweavekiller I would say turn up but i kno u turnt bro!

396 9 Sep 12, 2017

Please and Thanx!

345 12 Sep 6, 2017

This young Boi right here get familiar jus like my Lil bro jacquees d_cole10 is young bull wit this music stay tuned everyone will kno the name by next year this time! To all my youngins keep dreaming keep dreaming keep hustling! Luv yall!!!

321 30 Sep 4, 2017

Cant stop us bruh !!! Pay attention now or later I really dont give a fuck Cuz u got to at sum point! Luv yall!

304 19 Sep 4, 2017

Peanut butter remix featuring the Great warreng !!!!

195 15 Sep 4, 2017

Up close Eastside in this bitch!

288 9 Sep 3, 2017

Them j.e. Boyz still hard af! Happy bday to my brudda wingoatl Luv u Boi! Turn in up tomorrow nite!💎💎💎💙💙💙

582 29 Sep 3, 2017


690 52 Aug 30, 2017

Our hearts and prayers are with yall! Im sending all my good energy down there !Lord b wit them!!! Stay prayed up!

238 19 Aug 28, 2017

609 31 Aug 27, 2017

Ja and my sis Lil Mo

473 18 Aug 27, 2017

When u Doin shows wit artists u were Doin shows wit 20 years ago!!! Can u say longevity! ja and Shanti! Family!!!!

611 10 Aug 27, 2017

thanks cuzzo warreng !!! snoopdogg u kno u a solid Nigga! Yall check out the west coast remix soon

168 14 Aug 26, 2017

Get u one!

112 5 Aug 25, 2017
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