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HAPPY HORMONES (+ a GIVEAWAY!) 😇 Happy hormones? Yes, it's possible! Balancing your hormones is one of my favourite topics, as it’s so key, especially for us ladies 💅🏻. Whether it be improving your skin, regulating your cycle, reducing painful or heavy periods, increasing your energy, managing your weight, or getting pregnant - hormones play a key role in all of these things - so it’s something you want to know about!📚 . I’m always keen to learn more about the delicate balance that is our hormones, so am super excited to be heading along to bepurebenwarren’s latest seminar, ‘The Hormonal Secret’ this month 🙌🏼 If you want to join me, I’ve got a double pass to giveaway, and would love you to come along! 🎉 To win, simply: . 1️⃣ LIKE this post, 2️⃣ TAG a friend you’d like to take, and 3️⃣ LET ME KNOW what city you’re in. . We'll pick the winner at 3pm tomorrow, and announce it in the comments below (you can enter over on Facebook too) 💯 Oh plus, if you miss out and still want to grab a ticket, the lovely team at Be Pure have given me a special discount code for you to use - just enter the code BEGOOD at checkout and you’ll get a full $10 off each ticket (more details over on their page) 🤗. Ben’s cruising round the country for the next few months, so you’ll be sure to find an event near you 🙏🏼 . Head on over to my Facebook post to read my top 5 tips for balancing hormones 🎉 I also love including some special hormone balancing foods in people's diets, like the maca in these delish Banoffee Pies (which incidentally are also a great source of healthy fats, one of my top 5 tips!). Peruvians have been using maca root for hormone balance, energy, and fertility💏, for centuries, and it adds a lovely earthy flavour to the caramel in these (try it out in my Caramel Maca Lattes too). I hope you give love them too (link to the recipe is at, or up top in my profile now). . Til then, happy hormone balancing, good luck for the comp, and talk soon! x B . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

419 100 Oct 24, 2017

JELLY TIP ICE CREAMS 🍦Anyone else a fan of these when they were young?! If not, think gooey raspberry jelly tip, creamy vanilla ice cream base, all coated in rich dark chocolate 😍 Perf for the summery weather we're getting here in NZ! Recipe coming to subscribers this Friday, so click the link in my profile up top (☝🏼 to sign up to the blog! ✨💖 x Buffy . PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway with shaktimats, only a few more days left 🙏🏼 Head to my post from last Wednesday to find out how to win a mat for you and a friend 🙌🏼 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

356 35 Oct 23, 2017

CAROB LOGS 🍫 Curb that arvo sugar craving with these (virtually) zero sugar carob logs 🙌🏼 Super simple wholefoods ingredients and 100% kid approved too - you won't believe how simple they are to make! 🤗 Carob is an amazing sub for cacao if you're trying to avoid chocolate - it is a lot less stimulating and has its own malty sweetness so it's perfect in these little logs 🙏🏼💘 Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now 👆🏻( or over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go! 💖 x Buffy . PS - Only a few more days to enter my awesome giveaway with shaktimats 🎉 You could be in to win a mat for you + a friend so if you're in need of some rest and relaxation then head to my post from last Wednesday 👈🏼 to find out how to enter! 💯 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

236 37 Oct 22, 2017

NAMU'A ISLAND 🏝 If you're looking for a deserted paradise, this is it 💘. Take a short boat ride from Lalomanu beach in Samoa, skim across crystal clear waters, and gaze at giant sea turtles gliding peacefully below. Then spend the day basking in a traditional Samoan fale, snorkelling to your hearts content, while a local Samoan family cooks you lunch (bread fruit chips included!). We went here for the day while in Samoa, and it was one of our highlights - I highly recommend! . How about you? Have you been to Namu'a island, Samoa, or have plans/dreams to go? I'd love to hear your favourite island spots! x B

273 29 Oct 22, 2017 Samoa

NEXT LEVEL LOUISE SLICE ✨ A nice twist on your naughty childhood fave (for all my Kiwi followers!) Think an oaty biscuit base, light and fresh raspberry filling and creamy coconut topping 😍 Would be the perf dessert for an outdoor picnic in this amazing weather we're having here (I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for summer!) 🌱Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now 👆🏻( or over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go! 💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

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GREEN PROTEIN PIZZAS 🌱 These pizzas are the business – think comfort food gone healthy! 💪🏻 Perfect for nights like tonight (FriYAY), or those mid-week mad rushes – you can get these babies on the table in under 20. . PLUS – they’re heaving with protein, thanks to biobalancenz brand new moringa. I’ve talked about the benefits of moringa more inside the post, but for a quick summary, it’s a protein powerhouse (27g per 100g, more than a steak), 18 times more vitamin A than carrots, and 16 times more calcium than milk 😱 Plus, its delish added to these entirely gluten, grain and dairy free pizza bases! 💃🏼 . Tag a pizza pal, and book these in for the weekend ahead (let me know what you’re thinking on the topping front too).Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now 👆🏻( ) or over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go!✨💖 x Buffy . PS - have you entered our giveaway this week yet? We’re giving away 2 shaktimats for you and a friend! Enter on my post from 2 days back (me lying looking all relaxed on my shakti mat 😜). . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

278 45 Oct 20, 2017

HEALTHY LEMON MERINGUE PIE 🍋 This zesty number is sure to brighten up your day - think gooey, tangy & topped with a creamy coconut cashew whip 😍 Total summer/sun vibes from this pie - would be perf for a potluck in the sun, or just as dessert after a long day of work 🙌🏼🌱So glad the sun is finally coming out, means a lot more of these summery recipes will be coming at you 💘💯 Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now 👆🏻( or over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go! 💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

250 41 Oct 19, 2017

GIVEAWAY 🎉 Friends, it’s that time again - giveaway time! This week's goodie pack is for anyone out there who's in need of a little down time 😴. And not only do I have one of these fabulous acupressure mats from shaktimats for YOU, I've got one for a down-time-needing friend of yours TOO! . To win, simply: 1. LIKE this post, 2. TAG a friend you’d like to relax down with, 3. FOLLOW begoodorganics on Instagram, and 4. SIGN UP for my blog via the link in my profile up top ☝🏼 . I’ve had one of these spiky little mats from Shakti for a while now, and use it before bed to help me wind down from the day 🙌🏼 If you’ve never seen one before (and are thinking, what the…?!) - here’s a wee summary... 👉🏼 They draw on the same scientific rationale as acupuncture, stimulating key pressure points and meridians in the body, to encourage muscular relaxation as well as blood circulation to the peripheral skin tissue 🙏🏼 Benefits can therefore include - muscle relaxation, reduced aches and pains, stress management, insomnia relief, improved peripheral circulation, and increased energy (if used for short periods in the morning). . I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with the team at Shakti now too - these guys really walk the talk of health and wellness (and often without shoes too). All the mats are handmade from organic cotton (no pesticides or sprays) and recycled plastic, in a charity workshop in India 💯 . If you’d like to read more about them, check out their website at the following 👉🏽 🤓 - they’ve got more info on their production process, the workers behind them, as well as tonnes of positive reviews (in case you’re a little unsure if it's for you) 🤗 . In the meantime though, I can’t wait to give one of these mats to you AND a friend! So get tagging your below, follow me here at Be Good Organics, and let me know why you need a bit of down time in your life 🌱 We’ll be announcing the winner 25 October, so all the best luck I can send! 💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

197 128 Oct 19, 2017

BREAKFAST INSPO 🌱Check out this decadent choc smoothie bowl 😍 Giving me a little inspo for tomorrow morn - just look at that granola on top, so drool-worthy - can someone please serve this up for me? . This yummy bowl was whipped up by my gorgeous friend abbyleebonny - an all round superstar mama/lifestyle/yoga guru who always inspires me to live life to the fullest, AND have a big fat laugh while doing it ! 🙌🏼 I originally met her through WHOLE, a cookbook we were both in 🤗 I'm so very grateful to have this gorgeous lady in my life, I'm in love with her crazy fun nature. She's encouraged me to live more in the moment, treasure what you have, and don't take life too seriously 💘 Plus she also makes some dam fine looking food - I would share this with her any day! Super glad to call her one of my babe friends, she's such a star, go check her out - I know you're gonna love her too ✨ . Ps any superstar babes in your life? Tag them below so I can meet them too! x Buffy 💖 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

308 30 Oct 18, 2017

GREEN PROTEIN PIZZAS 🌱 I can't wait to share this recipe with you all - amazing protein packed pizzas, made extra muscle-friendly thanks to biobalancenz 's moringa powder! 🙌🏼 Moringa’s a fab new ingredient that contains all the amino acids necessary to form a complete protein - say goodbye to meat! 🤗 It's got an amazing colour too, just look at it - so droolworthy 😍 Plus (most importantly) this pizza is flippin delish so I know you'll love it 🤤Recipe coming to subscribers this Friday, so click the link in my profile up top ☝🏼 to sign up to the blog! ✨💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

238 25 Oct 17, 2017

LEMON THYME CUPCAKES 🍋 Kick the last of that winter cold and get ready for summer with these gorgeous dreamy cupcakes 😍 Infused with wonderful Thyme Lemon Tonic for an immune enhancing boost, I know you'll absolutely love these 💕 What better way to boost your immune system then with cupcakes right?! 😉 Get your bake on and check out the vid above ✨ Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now 👆🏻, or over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give them a go! 💖 x Buffy . PS - I'm heading to an amazing plant-powered dinner tomorrow eve hosted by my good friends aaronbrunet and plantpowernz and am super excited to eat all the good stuff! 😜 The dinner is to "celebrate the diversity of the plant kingdom with 4 courses of yummy plant food" - seriously, how good does that sound?! Unfortunately it's sold out now (100 people going - how awesome is that) so you won't be able to join me this time but I'll keep you posted if they do another one, so you can come along! Mean eats 💘 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

275 38 Oct 16, 2017

CAT THAT GOT THE CREAM 🍦 Or the apple at least... 🍎We hosted a wee dinner party at our place last night, with two of my favourite nutritionist gals - Danijela from  healthyalways, and Abbie from  feelfreshnutrition (+ their partners and mini me's). I was on dessert, and because we got sooo many delicious crunchy apples in our  chantal_organics Vegebox this week, decided to make an Apple & Ginger Almond Cake. I used this recipe here from the blog - 🍐 (link is now in my profile up top ☝🏻), just subbed out the pears for apples. Was delicious! We served it with  raglancoconutyoghurt 's brand new Vanilla flavoured yoghurt🍯, which omg is actually 11/10 🙌🏻. Have you tried it yet? If not you must! No refined sugars, only sweetened very lightly with fruit (so your kiddies will love it too - Mila certainly does 😍). . Danijela made the most amazing Mexican bean chilli, which we served on locally made tortillas, and topped with cherry tomatoes, coriander and tamari roasted sunflower seeds. Abbie meanwhile made an  ottolenghi inspired salad, featuring white quinoa, chargrilled corn, avocado, mint, and red capsicum. So so delicious! 🥗So much fun too. I love pot lucks as (a) they don't put too much pressure on any one person 😅, and (b) you get to try a variety of different dishes, with each one being a fun and tasty surprise 🎁! Last night was honestly a feast for kings - wish you could have all had a plate too. . How about you? Do you host dinner parties with friends? 👯Have you tried the pot luck style? What's been your experience? I'd love to hear! . Happy Monday eve good friends (PS - major power cut in Auckland right now - we are pitch black, so are writing and listening to music off our phones in front of candles 🌠! x B . . . . . #vegan #govegan #vegansofig #veganism #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #plantbased #veganlifestyle #veganfood #vegans #vegancommunity #veganeats #bestofvegan #veganlove #plantstrong #veganfoodlovers #plantbaseddiet #wholefoods #plantpower #plantpowered

235 30 Oct 16, 2017

MOROCCAN SORGHUM SALAD 🥗 Get summer-ready by whipping up this tasty and nourishing salad 🙌🏼 Packed full of fresh parsley and mint, plus it makes the most of the summer produce coming in (I'm thinking avos here..!) 🥑 Almonds give crunch, while dried apricots and cinnamon add subtle sweetness 😍 It's really the perfect salad! Swap out sorghum (if you haven't heard of it, it's a little known naturally GF grain) for any grain of your choice - quinoa, buckwheat, even couscous - to make it even easier! You've really got no excuses 😉Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now,👆🏻OR over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go so I can see your twists! 💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

238 39 Oct 14, 2017

VELVET BEETROOT LATTE 💓 Yup, it’s here! The perfect make ahead beverage for when all you have is a mug, some water, and milk! No fancy blenders needed 🙌🏽 It's naturally caffeine free (thanks to biobalancenz beetroot powder 👍🏽) so great for those arvo and evenings when you need a little bit extra but don’t want to reach for that second coffee 😉 ☕️ Think luxurious, warming with subtle spice - plus look at that colour 😍 Why wouldn't you?! Recipe live on the blog now, so get it via the link in my profile up top ☝🏼, in your inbox if you’re one of my super special subs 💻, or over at as always 😍 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

182 43 Oct 13, 2017

WALNUT CHOC CHUNK COOKIES 🍪 Looking for a little post-dinner sweet treat?! I've got you covered with these super simple walnut choc chunk cookies 😍 10 mins working in the kitchen and 10 mins in the oven, and you're sorted for all your cookie needs for the next week 🙌🏼 What's not to love? Plus packed full of dark choc and creamy walnuts for an extra luxurious experience 🤤 You might not be able to stop at one...😉 Link to the recipe is up top in my profile now,👆🏻OR over at 🌱. Tag me begoodorganics + #begoodorganics if you give it a go so I can see your awesome versions! 💖 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

195 36 Oct 12, 2017

THAT SAMOAN SUMMER ☀️ Back from beautiful amazing Samoa, and can't help but wish NZ could get a little few of those summer feels! Soon friends, soon... . This is Togitogiga Waterfall, on Upolu island. If you go here, bring your togs, the water is deep enough for a swim, whilst still being warm, and safe (not too much undercurrent). We also spotted a local Samoan guy doing rock jumps from the cliffs above - I wasn't quite game enough for that though! 🙈 . Still reeling over how awesome Samoa was - to all my Samoan friends, I now fully appreciate your love for the homeland! 🇼🇸Just stunning - the weather, the people, and that crystal clear blue water 💦. Highly recommend, for a couples getaway, or family trip. We'll def be back. How about you - have you been to Samoa before? What did you think? 💘 x B

220 22 Oct 12, 2017 Togitogiga Waterfall

HEART BEET LATTE 💘 So back when I asked you guys whether you wanted a Beetroot Latte or a Mex Hot Choc, it was virtually 50:50! I shared Mr Mex last week and you guys loved, so now it's time for the Heart Beet version 🙌🏼 A delicious caffeine-free afternoon pick me up, plus it's super high in antioxidants too 😍 You may have seen these velvet lattes floating around all the trendy cafes but for 1/4 of the price you can make your own mix ✨ Get it here this weekend! Recipe coming to subscribers this Friday, so click the link in my profile up top ☝🏼 to sign up to the blog! ✨💖 x Buffy . PS - Don't forget that you get 15% off your entire first order from our online whole foods store when you sign up too (15% off and a new recipe every week, what's not to love?!) 😉 So stock up on all your fave ingreds (hint - you'll need beet powder and spices for this one) and have them delivered straight to your door 💯 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

242 32 Oct 10, 2017

PANCAKE LOVE 💖🥞 If you're looking for some breakfast inspo on this grey morning, I've got you covered with these three ingredient flourless pancakes made by Casey-Lee over at livelovenourishaus ✨ I'm absolutely obsessed with Casey-Lee's account, it's full of the most bright and delish looking nourishing food 😍 Plus she's got an amazing sounding new recipe ebook with 80 (yes, 80!) recipes that are all GF, DF and RSF 🙌🏼 That's my kind of recipe book! 😉 Go check out her account for more awesome content 👀💯 x Buffy . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

225 37 Oct 9, 2017

ALL-IN VEGE LASAGNE 🥙 Not sure what to make for dinners this week? 🤔 Try this delicious fully vegan lasagne! Perfect for using up whatever vege you’ve got in the fridge right now, or try out a weekly veggie box from chantal_organics like I did 🙌🏼 Recipe live on the blog now, so get it via the link in my profile up top ☝🏼, in your inbox if you’re one of my super special subs 💻, or over at as always 😍 . Recipes 🍯 Facebook 🍇begoodorganics YouTube 📽begoodorganicsnutrition #plantbasedwholefoodsnutrition 🥑 .

235 31 Oct 9, 2017

ROCK POOLS 🌊 Found some rock pools that were deep enough to stand in! We went to To Sua Ocean Trench (a deep ocean pool formed by lava flow), but the ladder was so steep and slippery I was a bit scared to take Mila down 😳. Luckily we found these glorious warm rock pools nearby instead. . If you head to To Sua, definitely pop down the hill and into these pools for a mini dip in front of the crashing waves, esp if you've got little ones. Thanks everyone for all the recommendations in Samoa so far too - they've been awesome! x B

201 29 Oct 8, 2017 Samoa
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