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This is the kind of student we're looking for at #BarkUniversity. Look how he takes INITIATIVE. How he solves the PROBLEM. How he INNOVATES. You will shine in the real world, Ruda. You will shine. . Keep uploading your unboxing videos with #BarkBoxDay all month long for a chance at a bunch of features! And as always, enrollment for Bark University is still going on! Sign up by clicking the link in our bio 🎓 . rudadoodle

1543 22 Sep 26, 2017

A little drool and a lot of eye contact go a long way. . Zen beg master: sometimescarl

9126 254 Sep 26, 2017

It was no easy task choosing this month's Valedogtorian, as you are all TOP OF THE CLASS! Except for Rad Chad. Rad Chad sucks. He isn't rad, he sucks. Congratulations to Asher ( kayli_richardson_) for being chosen as the winner of our September BarkBox Valedogtorian contest! You will soon be showered with toys and treats! . Keep checking your info cards in your monthly BarkBoxes for more contests and challenges to win BarkBox swag for your dog! #BarkUniversity

2986 18 Sep 25, 2017

Rad Chad is a dirty cheater and everyone knows it. It's only tied because he CHEATED. #radchadsucks ⠀ .⠀ j_mandie

3118 43 Sep 25, 2017

HE'S SO PERFECT IT HURTS . norbertthedog

15701 474 Sep 24, 2017

Just let me bask in my pile of pitties. . roofusandkilo

18628 289 Sep 23, 2017

NEED, NOT WANT. NEED. #BarkBoxDay #BarkUniversity . jchateau9

5335 75 Sep 23, 2017

What could be better than beer and helping dogs? Beer, helping dogs, and the chance to win some crazy great BarkBox swag, OF COURSE! We've partnered with lagunitasbeer and bestfriendsanimalsociety to raise awareness for dog adoption! For details on how to participate, head over to! #DoggoneGood

2894 9 Sep 22, 2017

Great. 500 calories later and still no peace of mind. . 100% relate to mycaninelife

11834 272 Sep 22, 2017

Special Skills Include: Most Handsome, Best Boy, Microsoft Office Suite. #WalterAtWork . Congratulations on the big promotion walterandcompany !

11485 463 Sep 21, 2017 BarkBox

when yes you DO IN FACT WANT TO GO TO THE PARK . addalittlepepper

8320 105 Sep 21, 2017

He's 50% pug, he's 50% lizard, and he's 100% never going to get his MBA. . Noodle & Jonathan are back with a new unboxing video for our #BarkUniversity BarkBox! Noodle gets kicked out after 1 day for reckless behavior! So does Jonathan! Click the link in our bio to watch the full thing 🐶🎓 . showmenoodz / jongraz

5430 191 Sep 21, 2017

Pay attention because this is what love looks like . noelaniig

13586 260 Sep 20, 2017

Always interested in knowing this very important information and I WILL GO FIRST: Noodle's are smoky and fruity with subtle notes of resentment

2841 786 Sep 19, 2017

THEY GROW UP SO FAST! BarkBox is taking your dog to college this month with our #BarkUniversity BarkBox! Your dog will experience the full gambit of freshman year - the cheap food, the extra weight, the crippling debt - all of it! . Click the link in our bio to enroll for a brighter tomorrow! #BarkBox

2707 77 Sep 19, 2017

If this were your hand, would you ever wash it again? . pup available for adoption via pupstarzrescue

9305 122 Sep 19, 2017

SAVAGE. #barkboxday

12004 154 Sep 18, 2017

First, he mastered the stairs. Then, he mastered flight. frenchieandthenews

11362 184 Sep 17, 2017

INCREDIBLY RARE FOOTAGE: two baby bullies in the frozen tundra. Nature is wild. spudandlunchbox

13250 258 Sep 16, 2017

Pro Tip: Your dog > That out of network therapist. #dogpeoplegetit Original vid and psychoanalysis via frametheweim

8332 125 Sep 16, 2017
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