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This one is from two days back when the #inktober prompt was "Filthy" but it's so good we had to share it. Besides, it's hard for people to keep up with a new prompt every day. But don't stop. Keep drawing. We'll keep featuring. Even if you're a little late. Nice job, Twitter user CyberWyld! Thanks for tagging #autodesksketchbook.

322 1 Oct 21, 2017

If you desire above all else to become a successful concept art designer for video games, Trent Kaniuga has some advice you’ve probably never considered before: learn fashion design. Most people think of concept art as all about drawing epic landscapes, legendary spaceships, and seductive, stylized weapons, but your characters have to be both unreal *and* believable. He should know. He's worked for Capcom, Blizzard, and Riot Games on such massively popular games as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Diablo II. Join us as we profile Trent ( trent_k_arts) in a special video from our ongoing series about people who make interesting things from scratch using their imagination — and SketchBook. Watch and read at

462 3 Oct 20, 2017

We love seeing someone with a totally different style in our #autodesksketchbook feed, and the drawings by joanmarigen are really neat. Line drawing portraits that are a combination of pencil work with shading and flat colors that look like a combination of art and graphic design.

749 2 Oct 20, 2017

alejosan2017 goes blue for #inktober with this great little portrait of thought in the Cloud. Nicely done.

715 3 Oct 20, 2017

We're in love with this "Centipede" media cabinet by Mauricio Sanin ( msaninm), who designs furniture in Colombia. As tazonium notes in the comments of this mini speedpaint video, there's an "Increased chance of stubbing ALL your toes, 💯%." His stuff is always modern, clean, and very warm. We see his delicious product sketches all the time, and you can too if you follow him. He wrote a product design tutorial on our blog if you're the type who likes to dream up products, too:

1037 8 Oct 19, 2017

Everybody's got #cuphead mania, including tatataiafurcchim who drew this fan art version of the surreal cartoon character with one of the hardest paths to success in video games. The game made by two Canadian brothers has already sold over 1 million copies and is on the way to inspiring a whole lot of artists. Great game, eh?

1139 8 Oct 19, 2017

Holy Cagney Carnation! This Cuphead fan art is absolutely wonderful. Great job, emma_the_ward. We like your comic book art style.

1221 6 Oct 19, 2017

Some really nice #gameofthrones character portraits from  medrianjohnny that caught our eye. Very painterly with some great textures in there, too. Excellent fan art, Adam. 👍

1154 5 Oct 19, 2017

Our favorite animal anatomist and fantasy fabulist monikazagrobelna tackles the griffin for us on the SketchBook Blog. A griffin is a mythical creature, said to be half-lion and half-eagle. The trick, of course, is to figure out how to combine those two animals. Monika shows you where and how, even though, as she notes, "their design is not feasible—both eagles and lions are perfectly functional as they are, and replacing some of their parts with those of another animal would not do them any good. However, that’s what fantasy is for—making the unreal real, even if it doesn’t make sense. Because griffins look so cool!" Indeed, they do. Hop on over to the blog and check it out:

1174 0 Oct 18, 2017

We're in love this wonderful drawing by atomiqueacorn that looks like a Halloween Tarot card with lots of great details. Those candy corn in the corners! Thanks for tagging autodesksketchbook. We'll be on the lookout for more like these. Following!

1029 3 Oct 18, 2017

A very lovely and graceful #inktober drawing from swamybee that revolves around a splotch of paint. Delicate, creative, and just plain fun,. Bravo, Somya.

1684 10 Oct 18, 2017

A totally cool line drawing from sup3rdaimos of Wonder Woman that has some real Day 17 #inktober "Grace." Love this different kind of abstract drawing. It's scribble-iscious.

760 7 Oct 17, 2017

Day 17 is "Graceful" for #inktober, and this lovely little drawing by ake.wall most certainly is graceful. Delightful.

1123 1 Oct 17, 2017

What's Fat about this #inktober post? mish_matt_ draws some "fat lines: for Day 16. Awesome post. Thanks for tagging #autodesksketchbook!

1233 3 Oct 16, 2017

We absolutely love the variations on #inktober, including this wonderfully fun drawing by Twitter user PascalGag. It's his #inktoBEAR submission for Day 16, Fat. Beary, beary funny, Pascal. 😜

945 0 Oct 16, 2017

A dark and Mysterious sketch from thiagofragosso for #inktober. We love this kind of white on black drawing. Like an etching. Nicely done.

946 1 Oct 16, 2017

echelonrequiem says for #inktober Day 15 she drew a cardboard rocketship in a bottle. She has a "childhood hope of climbing into a cardboard rocketship and blasting off into the unknown towards the future and adventure of a lifetime." Sounds like fun to us. Love this drawing. Thanks for tagging #autodesksketchbook!

1249 3 Oct 16, 2017

Drumroll, please... colatherockstar says, "And here it is...the finished article. What a majestic animal." Indeed. It looks absolutely spectacular, Nicola. 👏👏👏

1741 6 Oct 15, 2017

cynthiasotoart is tearing it up with her own #inktober post. Oh wait. It's also her latest "Linktober" post — a celebration of all things Zelda. "I think I'm obsessed!" she says. Cynthia, you've got a fever and the only prescription is more Zelda. Stay obsessed!

1011 6 Oct 15, 2017

claudia_drawz is getting caught up with #inktober. "I have been falling a little behind with my drawings and need to catch up." This one has to be worth at least two or three days of Inktober posts, Claudia. It's a good one. Carry on.

1131 1 Oct 14, 2017
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