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The wait’s over. Welcome to the crew, SteveAoki. #IMoveMe

1229 14 Oct 18, 2017

Run, leap and land with confidence on soles designed for the ups and downs of the trail. Link in bio. #GELFujirado #TrailRunning

2559 5 Oct 17, 2017

Girl power. Gray power. We collaborated with three-time Wrestling World Champion AdelineGray to bring you the Limited Edition Aggressor® 3 #wrestlingshoes #ASICSWrestling #wrestling

4164 47 Oct 16, 2017

Here, now, present. Never let cold weather take your mind off your run—stay warm in our urban sportswear collection. Link in bio.

1493 3 Oct 16, 2017

What’s lurking beneath the surface of the special-edition #GELKENUN_SHINKAI shoes? A glow-in-dark midsole and shark-inspired design. Link in bio. #asicsXmita

4015 39 Oct 15, 2017

Two weeks till #NYC! If you’re running, wear extra layers that you won’t mind tossing after a few miles. It’s a long, cold wait to start the course. #26withASICS #MarathonTraining

2143 2 Oct 14, 2017

The best of Japanese design—minimalism and attention to detail. The Tokyo-inspired #JYUNI Aiiro collection is available now.

1942 4 Oct 14, 2017

Street style: strong. chicandsweaty rocking #TheNewStrong Six02 collection in NYC. #Six02Style

4034 13 Oct 14, 2017

Today’s fly by— johnphilp3 in his lighter-than-air #DynaFlyte2 shoes. #FlyteFoam #FeelFast 📸: christianxsampson

4181 5 Oct 12, 2017

Wishing you smooth sailing on #WorkoutWednesday! 🏃‍♀️⛵ 📷 : namaskayyy

4032 6 Oct 11, 2017

In step with nature—between its exceptional traction, debris-blocking design and precision fit from TheBoaSystem, #GELFujirado is just begging to be taken outside. #TrailRunning

3783 17 Oct 9, 2017

Style and a smile— gofitjo rocking our #TheNewStrong collection with Six02. #Six02Style

3188 5 Oct 9, 2017

Who’s running in Chicago tomorrow?! If you are, follow the dotted blue line—it marks the shortest possible route. Good luck! 🔵🏃 #26withASICS #MarathonTraining #RunChicago

2872 17 Oct 7, 2017

Bring the dark to Lite— #LiteShow is a reflective performance line that ensures you’re seen in even the lowest light. #ASICSRunning #nightrun #instarunner

1981 15 Oct 6, 2017

New colors, new style, new look. Give your workout a #fall upgrade. 🍁🍂 Link in bio.

3251 10 Oct 5, 2017

Ready, set, tap. Today’s Story puts your fingers to the test as you run the city for a chance to win a pair of #RoadhawkFF shoes. #FeelFast

2390 16 Oct 5, 2017

lacyannlove is taking #WorkoutWednesday outside. What’s your favorite way to mix up your Wednesday workout? #FitnessExplorer 📷: mizushimaphotography

4290 12 Oct 4, 2017

Move your body, move your mood. Who’s feeling those extra endorphins today? #SeizeInspiration #GELKenun 📷: smsb_global

3322 2 Oct 3, 2017

Ready to look good and #FeelFast? Take today’s challenge in our Story and enter for a chance to win a pair of #DynaFlyte2 shoes.

2945 18 Oct 3, 2017

“It’s either give up or dig down.” That’s the mantra of deena8050, American Marathon Record Holder. For more inspiration and tips from Deena, race over to our Story today! #26WithASICS #MarathonTraining

1992 8 Oct 1, 2017
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