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Budapest views on a perfect fall morning. 🍂✨ VikingCruises #VikingCruises #MyVikingStory

7090 159 Oct 17, 2017 Matthias Church

‘Tis the season 🍂🍁

8639 189 Oct 16, 2017 Portland, Oregon

Spent the weekend exploring this beautiful city and found all kinds of incredible architecture. Did you know it’s actually pronounced “Buda-pesht” and not “Budapest?” Spread the word! VikingCruises #MyVikingStory

6075 108 Oct 15, 2017 Parlamento Budapest

I’m about to embark on my 2nd adventure w/ VikingCruises, this time up the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg, Germany. This was our sunset view of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge on Day 1. Stay tuned for more of #MyVikingStory!

6436 99 Oct 14, 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Skipped fall & now it’s winter! 🌨😜

7229 168 Oct 13, 2017 Laguna Beach, California

Keep your 👀 on the ☕️! Don't be fooled by it's compact size, the Essenza Mini makes Nespresso magic! NespressoUSA #MiniNespresso #ad

3329 82 Oct 13, 2017

Golden strolls on Venice Beach ✨ 🌴🌴🌴🚶🏼 adventuremandan

9144 224 Oct 12, 2017 Venice, California

The more I travel, the more I’m inspired to create. Music also plays a huge role in my creative process and it’s been influencing my work a lot lately. Sometimes I’ll hear a song with just the right kind of vibe that moves me in some sort of magical way. I felt something when I found this song and I knew I needed to make a video for it. I’m still working on a full-length version that I’ll upload when I reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! (link in profile) 🎥 SimeonPratt 👤 ryhormel 🎶 “Diving”- BridgitMendler & RKCBmusic

5331 246 Oct 12, 2017 El Salvador

Golden skies in Big Sur 🌸

7461 157 Oct 11, 2017 McWay Falls

Paddling in a crater lagoon 🛶🌳 Taken by TheSamGraves during our recent trip to El Salvador w/ LiveBetterCo. 🇸🇻 Check out my story for a fun little interactive game!

6734 168 Oct 10, 2017 Apaneca La Laguna Verde

Loved exploring NYC last weekend. Watch the full story on YouTube (link in profile) 📸 by leder_man

6056 96 Oct 9, 2017 Whitney Museum of American Art

The last light burns the brightest in Yosemite 🔥 sonyalpha #alphacollective #whpseasons

7830 181 Oct 8, 2017 Yosemite National Park

Gonna have to move this one over a bit. 💪🏼 #asenseofperspective w/ TommyLundberg

8872 276 Oct 7, 2017 Shanghai, China

New York City at its finest 💜🏙✨ Thanks for the memories, wnyunionsquare newyork_instagram #asenseofpurple

7818 179 Oct 6, 2017 Empire State Building

Back float lessons w/ the pro, MrsWaterProject. 📸 by Mr. WaterProject | BestVacations #TurksandCaicos

7387 168 Oct 5, 2017 Turks and Caicos Islands

The closest it’s gonna get to Fall in SoCal. 🌴🍂🍩💦 w/ tomjauncey & waterproject

7906 164 Oct 4, 2017 Laguna Beach, California

A foggy morning at Swiftcurrent Lake 💜 BeautifulDestinations #BeautifulDestinations

6484 150 Oct 3, 2017 Glacier National Park

Sunday funday at the pool 🍍💦 #WHPdayoff Instagram

10519 251 Oct 2, 2017 Los Angeles, California

There’s no better way to see a city for the first time! 📸 skinnywashere

6086 105 Oct 1, 2017 Shanghai, China
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