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#TRUTH. . Smart people know they dont know much. . Dumb people know everything...and they are quick to let the world know. . Pay attention to who you are getting your info from...if you never hear them say “I dont know” about likely cant trust anything they say. . Admitting you “don’t know” isn’t a liability its a sign of true intelligence & trust worthy character. . #ITSSCIENCE ...and everybody knows ______________. . Via donkarlito_ ...he posts some solid shit.

18358 187 Oct 18, 2017

Business is simple. . Quit overcomplicating it. . Far too many of you are in such a hurry to become a "boss" that you get way ahead of yourselves. . Instead if focusing time, energy, resources, money and lessons learned into creating a better product, better solution or better model than the next get in a hurry to make money. . Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. . Thats all your little green brains can think about. . And thats precisely why you don’t fucking have any. . What if instead of thinking about whats in it for started focusing in on whats in it for them? . What if instead you focused all your energy, time, effort & thought on creating something so fucking cool, helpful & valuable to a customer that customers came and never left...and instead of buying once...they buy for a lifetime...oh and tell every single person they know just how awesome you are too? . What if you could make the unglamorous Retention side of your business the world most effective Acquisition machine? . When your model, solution, help, product, culture, experience is so good that your customers do your customer acquisition for dont have to worry about spending millions of dollars trying convince people to buy...or millions of hours coming up with creative marketing messages to let people know about you. . You want to master business in this post traditional media marketplace? . Instead of being like 99.99% of “entrepreneurs” and focusing on exclusively customer acquisition/ marketing (which Ironically only speeds your death if your product/service/experience isnt up to par...which most arent). Perfect your model, product, service, experience to a point where there would never be a reason to stop doing business with you...and you'll never have a problem finding new customers. Now you're practicing "Retention Aggression". . One customer at a time. . One experience at a time. . Thats the way empires are built. . 🔥☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼MORE ON THIS in the latest episode of The MFCEO Project available at link in bio☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼🔥

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Don't get complacent once you see a little success and people start rewarding you with praise. . No matter how good they say you are...those same people thought you were stupid when you started. . Stay focused. . Stay hungry. . Never look back. . Don't celebrate progress that other people are beating you at: are you the best in the world? No? Then keep working! . Keep that chip on your shoulder long after youre winning. . And always remember: . Youre never as bad as people think you are when youre just getting going. . Youre never as good as people think you are when your winning. . Meme inspired by stormstorm3 IG story a few weeks back.

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Describe this image in one word. . I think my word is: Tested . davidyarrow has some AMAZING shots on his page. This one speaks to me on many levels. Thank you for producing such amazing art!

20712 768 Oct 15, 2017

SOUND ON 🔊☝🏽: Do you get your feelings hurt when people tell you: "You cant."? . Do you get pissed? . Do your soul burn on the inside? . Good. . It means your alive inside. . It shows you give a fuck. . Now you have a decision to make: . A: You can either be like most people and whine & cry about how nobody believes in them...and live a life that proves all the nay-sayers right. . Or. . B: You can do everything you can in your power to shove people words, thoughts & opinions about you down their fucking throats with your actions & results! . A or B. . Thats it. . Those are your choices. . One of the best things that happened to me this year was making a new great friend in marksmellybell. . We were connected through our mutual friend, athlete & all around bad ass realworld_tactical. . This is a guy who has come into my life and FORCED ME to level up...and I know if you asked him he's say the sane thing about me. . Those are the types of friends you want. . Fuck everyone who says you cant. Make it your mission to make them look at the fucking floor in shame & embarrassment for doubting you when you walk into a room. Surround yourself with people who tell you the truth and push you to be your best self and who are committed to the mission of maximizing EVERY LAST DROP OF POTENTIAL! . Make sure you are following marksmellybell. You will not regret it! Even if you dont lift (shame on you) you WILL take a lot away from his messages! . This audio clip from The MFCEO Project Episode 179: "100-0: Its a Lifestyle" that can be found at

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FACT: If you dont flex on #FlexFriday your entire weeks workouts dont count. . Its science. . #buyonegetone #didyougetyourtickets #yessirIhaveapermitforthese #weaponsofmassdestruction #imadork #youloveit #itsjustamazinglighting #271PoundsOfTwistedSteelAndSexAppeal

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Special thanks to frisellamoji for the bad ass fan art! . Pay attention: a couple kids from overseas working to get noticed with their business to do business with myself & our team. They got our attention & They got in. . There is a valuable lesson here for any of you looking to make an impact & get noticed by ANYONE. . Whether you work within an organization and are looking to expand your role & value or you own a business and are looking to get noticed... . Nobody owes you an opportunity. . The burden is on you to create one.

19079 100 Oct 13, 2017

"Oh he's so talented" . Listen to today's 14 minute podcast why this phrase & line of thinking is 100% ABSOLUTELY holding you back & sabotaging your success. . Today's Thursday Thunder episode of The MFCEO Project: "Talent VS Choice" is available now at link in bio.

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Whats riskier? . 1. Dreaming huge and chasing those "impossible" dreams that nobody else can see or believes with every fucking ounce of your soul...KNOWING that you are going to "fail" many times and be embarrassed, frustrated, disgusted, stressed, tired, burnt out all while facing extreme criticism from your friends, family and the rest of society...for the CHANCE...of living your dream life. . 2. Following "the rules" set out by the world, taking what they give you (scraps) and dealing with the fact that all your dreams, hopes, wishes and true potential as a human will never materialize....and eventually facing the reaper thinking "I wish I had..." and being able to do nothing about it. . Settling is a tough pill to swallow and this topic always pisses people off...but its always the people who have already mentally given up that are angry...and they should be...but not at me for pointing it themselves for not having enough intestinal fortitude, courage, balls or work ethic to make their life TRULY MATTER. . This isn't just about making money either. This is about self-actualization and fulfillment of potential & purpose. . No opportunity comes without risk. . People who succeed see the size of the risk as parallel to the size of the opportunity and take calculated risks to keep moving forward. . People who dont succeed see the risk as a big scary thing that could hurt them, run & hide and suck their thumbs in the corner. . If you don't think staying in the same place you are now could hurt you worse and is a bigger risk than forging ahead and dedicating your life to WORTHY passions that aren't seeing the world through the right pair of lenses. . You are either moving forward or backward. . If you are "maintaining" in your thoughts & actions right are getting passed and the world will eventually take a huge bite of your ass. . So roll the fucking dice. . The worst thats gonna happen is you learn something thats gonna get you closer to where you want to be. . Its not: What will happen it I do this? . Its: What will happen if I dont? . BRAND NEW EPISODE of The MFCEO Project: "Talent VS. Choice" ☝🏽posted at link in bio☝🏽

23738 403 Oct 12, 2017

You have four choices in life: . 1. Wish for it. . 2. Whine for it. . 3. Pout about not having it. . 4. Work for it. . Only one gives you results.

26784 382 Oct 12, 2017

Today's episode of The MFCEO Project: "The Mask of Masculinity" with Special Guest lewishowes was one of my favorite episodes we have done. . Trust me when I tell you: GO LISTEN NOW! . If you enjoy & appreciate the content we are putting dont have to tell the world...but please do me a favor & bring me one friend that would appreciate it as well!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯👊🏼

15018 241 Oct 11, 2017 1st Phorm HQ

Stop trying to manipulate the system. . Life is simple. . Impact people. . Focus on people. . Help people. . Pick people up. . Learn about people. . Enjoy people. . Empower people. . Solve peoples problems. . Do that and everything else takes care of itself. . If you are having issues progressing in any area of your life it's because you are putting yourself before other people in the above circumstances. 100% GUARANTEED.

15895 208 Oct 9, 2017

Its easy to talk. . Its another thing completely to "do". . When people ask me what the coolest part of being an entrepreneur is...the answer always makes people make a confused look. . Its not about buying a nice car. . Living in a nice home. . Having a nice bank account. . Not even close. . Easily the coolest thing about being in business is the ability to make an IMPACT. . Seeing people come together regardless of the trivial differences of race, political beliefs, backgrounds, etc. and take real action toward making a positive by far the most rewarding thing about running our companies. . Our customers, our culture & our community is THE DEFINITION of POSITIVE IMPACT. . When bad things happen: They ALWAYS show up...and they show up in BIG ways. . Yesterday was no exception. . On the anniversary of his death, The 1stphorm & s2faction Families came together for an amazing local cause yesterday and raised over 50k in honor of stlcountypd Officer Blake Snyder who was killed in the line of duty 1/4 mile away from our HQ. . Never have I been more honored or proud to be a part of these communities. Ever. . I cannot express my gratitude to you all who showed up, donated and made this event a massive success. . Thank you all for being who you are & having the hearts you do. . You inspire me in ways I cannot even put into words. #IAM1STPHORM #S2FACTION

19873 183 Oct 7, 2017

Super grateful to have my good friend lewishowes on The MFCEO Project today! Episode will be live Tuesday 10-10. I can already tell you its one of my favorite we've done so far!

24602 216 Oct 6, 2017

100-0: Its a Lifestyle. . Must listen Episode. Link in bio☝🏽 . 14 minutes for the rest of your life. . #100to0 You either get it...or you dont.

17944 466 Oct 6, 2017

Way too many of you out there trying to "look the part" instead of focusing on "being the part" 10 years from now. . Be embarrassed. . Admit you're just starting. . Show your struggles. . Quit hiding your reality. . Its what will create your legacy. . This segment is from The MFCEO Project Thursday Thunder episode 177: "Serious Millionares Know When to Laugh" available at . We have a BRAND NEW episode 178 "How to Beat Burnout" posted at link in bio ☝🏽

23320 409 Oct 5, 2017

"Fat ass" . "You own nutrition companies...look at you! You're fat" . "Dude doesnt even use his own products" . "How are you gonna talk about being disciplined when your a fat ass?" . These are just a few of the things people REPEATEDLY posted on my posts EVERY TIME I POSTED when I was the person on the left. . Did it hurt? Yes. . Did it make me upset? Yes. . Did it piss me off? Yes. . Was it the truth? Yes. . As rude as some of those comments were...the only reason they hurt me was because they were true. . We live in an era of sensitive snowflakes. Everyone is talking about haters and how everyone is so mean to them. . Let me ask you something...if someone said something crazy to you like "Youre a snuffaluffagus" would you be offended? Or would you laugh and be like "WTF?" and let it roll off your shoulders? . We live in an era now where direct communication somehow "hurts people" or "offends people" ...but if you are hurt or offended dont you think you should be asking yourself why? . The answer is always going to be because there is some truth to it. . You wouldn't be hurt unless someone wasn't poking you right in that sensitive area. . Heres the deal: THATS LIFE. . The world doesn't care about your feelings. . People are going to say things that hurt us...and you can react in one of three ways: . 1. You can ignore it. Which a lot of you pretend to do...but actually dont do. . 2. You can whine, cry & pout about it. . 3. You can take a look in the mirror and see it as an opportunity to improve yourself...and work to shove the criticism down peoples throats. . Yes, sometimes people are assholes and there is nothing you can do but shrug your shoulders. . However, 98% of the time someone says something to you that hurts you it's because deep inside your heart you know there is truth to it. . Instead of throwing a pity party for yourself...make a habit of taking it as an opportunity to self evaluate and use the anger, frustration & hurt to drive yourself in the right direction! . So Thank You to all those people who made those comments to me...I got a long way to go...but Im in a much better place today because of them! ...and I ain't stopping. #IAM1STPHORM (6'1)

34198 1337 Oct 4, 2017

Quit trying to skip the hard shit. . The struggle you're currently experiencing serves a major purpose...and contrary to what you may be thinking...that struggle is not to annoy you. . Your struggle is your bootcamp. . Your struggle is your teacher. . Your struggle is what will ultimately deliver the life you desire. . Your struggle is what forges your skills, strength & fortitude to progress and prepare for your future success. . So many of you are looking for the "easiest" way...and by doing so you are denying yourself the progression & development you will absolutely need to handle real success. . Quit looking at your struggle as something to fear... . Start looking at your struggle as something to embrace. . Quit being ashamed of your struggle... . Start celebrating it! . This segment is from The MFCEO Project Thursday Thunder episode 177: "Serious Millionares Know When to Laugh" available at . Today we have a BRAND NEW episode 178 "How to Beat Burnout" posted at link in bio ☝🏽

18326 375 Oct 3, 2017

Being underestimated is the biggest competitive advantage you will ever have. . I set my goals so fucking big that Im always underestimated. . Especially now. . ...and I love it. . People think Im joking or talking shit when I say we are just getting started...if I laid out my real plans for people to see most of you would laugh...and thats fine....but understand that I have not accomplished shit in my mind and my drive & hunger are at an all time high & growing by the day. . When I was younger I used to get angry about being underestimated. . People would tell me I couldnt and it would legit make me question myself and my abilities. . Now Ive realized that its been one of the biggest contributing factors to my drive, hunger & will to win. . I love nothing more than when people ask me what my plans are in business & life and they give me that look like: "Yeah ok" as if Im talking out my ass or dreaming some pipe dream. . I remember EVERY FUCKING PERSON who has made such comments to me over the years and I get as much satisfaction of making them eat their words as I do actually accomplishing the goal at hand. . "Oh...but Andy you should be doing this for the people that believe in you"...well Im glad you can recite some bullshit instagram meme that someone posted who hasn't accomplished shit...but I live in the real world....and in the real world if you cant turn negativity into positive action YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT. The chip on my shoulder grows by the day...and I use it ALL. . On top of the external motivational factors...when people underestimate you it means they also arent paying attention...which makes it all that much easier to sneak up on them and stomp on their throats. . So remember that the next time someone tells you cant/wont or youre dreaming...remember it all...and use it to your advantage for the rest of your life. #IAM1STPHORM

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At 9 I sold baseball cards out of my Dads garage. . At 11 I sold light bulbs door to door to buy a new bike. . At 17 I sold internet yellow page ads to businesses. . At 18 I made $60,000 in the stock market . I WAS RICH! . At 18 and a half I lost $60,000 in the stock market. . I WAS POOR AGAIN. . At 19 I started our first nutrition retail store, Supplement Superstore s2faction, with my high school buddy cklein78 with 12k we saved up mostly from painting the stripes on parking lots. . We lived in the back of that store. . At 21 we invested all our money into an internet dating failed...we lost everything an had to start over from scratch. . I "failed" at all of these things....shit I didnt make more than 695 dollars a month until my 11th year in business. . Today, we own 7 different companies that collectively do well into the 9 figures in annual revenue. . We provide jobs and income to over 120 families locally here in St Louis well as thousands of outside reps all over the world. . Here is the point: Everyone "fails". . Its the people who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, learn from their failures, refuse to quit and refuse to accept mediocrity that end up building the exact life they want. . Im not exceptionally smart. . Im not gifted. . But what I lack in talent...I make up for in grit and the ability to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones over & over...and you can cultivate those abilities too! . Is it really worth all the work, all the hustle, all the pain, all the fear, all the frustration, all the uncertainty, all the rejection, all the struggle, all the failure? . What do you think? . You have the opportunity in front of you whether you chose to see it or not. . The question is: what are you going to do with it? . BRAND NEW Thursday Thunder Episode of The MFCEO Project available at link in bio! ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽

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