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Following in the footsteps of the International Aerobatic Club, in which full-scale pilots fly a specific set of outlined maneuvers in front of a panel of judges, RC pilots perform a similar set of maneuver sequences designed to suit one of the three skill-level classes. Check out these highly skilled flyers in action June 28-July 1 at the 2017 Nats! #photooftheday #AMANats #modelaviation #ScaleAerobatics

95 0 May 22, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Do you dream of flying like World Champion RC pilot and designer Gernot Bruckmann? Now you can with this smaller foam version from hitecmultiplex! Visit to read our review! #modelaviation #hitecmultiplex #gernotbruckmann #limitededition

175 0 May 19, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

In Control Line Precision Aerobatics, two related events are Old-Time Stunt, using pre-1953 Stunt pattern and aircraft designs, and Classic Stunt, using aerobatics and aircraft designs that are more than 25 years old. #PhotofotheDay #FlashBackFriday #modelaviation #ControlLine

116 0 May 19, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Model Aviation "RC Helicopters" columnist Chris Mulcahy (R) flew his Synergy helicopter in tandem with Gary Wright today during the noontime demo at Joe Nall. He left a bit of green on his blades from "cutting the grass" and flying inverted! #joenall2017 #tripletreeaerodrome #cuttingthegrass #rcheli

100 0 May 19, 2017 Triple Tree Aerodrome

Altitude Limited Electric Soaring, commonly referred to as ALES, provides a man-on-man, electric-launched, thermal duration event with a consistent launch altitude for all competitors. Take in the peaceful grace of these large models during the 2017 ALES Nats, July 28-29. #modelaviation #AMANats #soaring #PhotooftheDay

175 0 May 18, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

The 3-D line at Joe Nall has been hopping! The fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down at this flying site...pilots pull out their aerobatic night-flying machines with LED lights and smoke and light up the sky! #joenall2017 #tripletreeaerodrome #smokeon #3Dline

108 0 May 18, 2017 Triple Tree Aerodrome

Control Line Speed models don't look like your typical airplane. Some have no landing gear, rising out of wheeled “dollies.” Some are flown on single wires controlled by a torque system and some appear to have only one wing. Be sure to check out these aerodynamically sophisticated models during the 2017 Nats July 17-21! #modelaviation #AMANats #ControlLine #PhotoOfTheDay

131 0 May 17, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Many flag colors from different countries adorn the pavilion at Triple Tree Aerodrome's Joe Nall Week! Pilots from around the world have visited this aviation mecca. The pavilion is also the place to seek shade and watch all of the action and flying at the main line. #joenall2017 #tripletreeaerodrome #mainlinepavilion #watchalltheflyingaction

88 0 May 17, 2017 Triple Tree Aerodrome

Get to racing in 10 minutes or less with the horizon_hobby Blade Conspiracy 220 BNF Basic! Read our Model Aviation review at #modelaviation #FPVRacing #FPVRacer #FPV #HorizonHobby #BladeHelis

115 0 May 16, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

RC Scale models are miniature replicas of full-scale aircraft. They are judged for the degree of perfection in matching the full-scale aircraft’s scaled measurements, finish, details, etc. How well the models’ flight maneuvers match those the full-scale aircraft could perform is also scored. See them for yourself at the 2017 RC Scale Nats June 23-25. #PhotooftheDay #AMANats #radiocontrol #modelaviation

187 0 May 16, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

How many airplanes can you spot? Joe Nall Week at Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina, is in full swing! #amamodelaviation #tripletreeaerodrome #joenall2017

247 2 May 16, 2017 Triple Tree Aerodrome

Control Line Navy Carrier designs tend to be slightly more complex than a typical CL model. A carrier airplane will have up- and down-elevator, throttle, and a tailhook for landing on a replica carrier deck. These models can be seen during the 2017 Nats from July 18-20. #PhotoOfTheDay #AMANats #modelaviation #ControlLine #navycarrier

137 0 May 15, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Do you fly a sUAS? Visit, and check out some of the different types of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems! #LearnsUAS

31 0 May 15, 2017

Check out the Indoor Free Flight Nats in Rantoul, Illinois, July 18-22. Learn more at #modelaviation #indoorfreeflight #AMANats #Rantoul

90 1 May 12, 2017 Rantoul, Illinois

The hobbico RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad Race Pack offers flight modes for new and experienced pilots right out of the box! Learn more at #modelaviation #hobbico #fpv

81 0 May 12, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

RC Combat involves multiple airplanes, each carrying a crepe-paper streamer. The objective is to cut the opponent’s streamer while protecting your own. The RC Combat National Aeromodeling Championships take place July 17-20. #modelaviation #AMANats #RCCombat #photooftheday

131 0 May 11, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Control Line Scale models are replicas of full-scale aircraft. They are judged for workmanship, accuracy of detail, and other factors. They must fly and are scored on their ability to take off, land, and perform other tasks. Watch the 2017 CL Scale Nats, July 14-16. #PhotoOfTheDay #AMANats #ControlLine #modelaviation

150 0 May 10, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Get your adrenaline pumping with the horizon_hobby Blade Theory! #modelaviation #horizonhobby #blade #radiocontrol

104 0 May 9, 2017

Soaring models come in all colors of the rainbow. These birds are simply beautiful to look at. See them up-close and personal at the 2017 Soaring Nats July 20-29 #PhotoOfTheDay #AMANats #modelaviation #soaring

184 1 May 9, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Wild and exciting action in Control Line Combat makes it one of the spectators’ favorite events. See it for yourself at the 2017 CL Combat Nats July 17-22 . #PhotoOfTheDay #AMANats #modelaviation #ControlLine

102 1 May 8, 2017
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