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Sometimes getting your feet wet is the only way to take off! #amanats #freeflight #riseoffwater #modelaviation

65 0 Jul 25, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

AMA member Alexander Roger shared this picture of him representing AMA on his vacation in Antigua. Alex says "I'm learning scale nitro from my club [the] Rockland County Radio Control Club, and I'm looking to get into CP helis. I love 3D airplanes and Scale Warbirds. My nitro trainer is a Goldberg tiger. I want to build a Top Flite P-51 eventually." Thanks for sharing Alex and for sharing your love of model aviation wherever you go! #modelaviation #photooftheday

55 0 Jul 25, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Most think of the Nats when they think of summer at the AMA. But there's still tons of fun to be had when the competition is over. Here's the League of Silent flight holding its second annual Whipit Hand Launch contest after a day of soaring events. #modelaviation #photooftheday #soaring #silentflight

89 0 Jul 25, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Outdoor Free Flight Nats begin today and run through Friday! #amanats #freeflight #NFFS

124 0 Jul 24, 2017

Stop by the AMA RC mobile experience near the Ultralight rotorcraft area #osh17

138 0 Jul 24, 2017 EAA - The Spirit of Aviation

Two-meter Soaring and Hand-Launch Thermal Soaring Nats are taking place this weekend at AMA! Tune into NatsNews, our daily newsletter, to keep up with all of the action: #amanats #soaring #modelaviation #natsnews #handlaunch #twometer

130 1 Jul 23, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Today is the first day of Hand-Launch Thermal Soaring at the 2017 Nats. The competition continues throughout the weekend. #leagueofsilentflight #modelaviation #amanats

114 0 Jul 22, 2017

Cross Country Soaring takes patience to wait for thermals and the perfect lift, as well as eyes to the sky ... and a convertible! #amanats #f3h #crosscountrysoaring #leagueofsilentflight #modelaviation

79 0 Jul 21, 2017 Monroe Central Jr-Sr HighSchool

Today was the first day of Cross Country Soaring. Although a thunderstorm hampered flying, the pilots will be back at it Friday. #amanats #modelaviation #leagueofsilentflight

104 0 Jul 20, 2017

Modelers from all over land at the International Aeromodeling Center to take part in the Nats. #AMANats #modelaviation

66 0 Jul 19, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

The competitors at the 2017 CL Speed Nats are dizzy with the excitement of competition! Have you ever flown this fast? #AMANats #modelaviation #videooftheday #controlline

141 1 Jul 19, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Control Line Navy Carrier Nats kicked off today. Read today's issue of NatsNews by visiting the link in our bio. #amanats #modelaviation

205 0 Jul 18, 2017

#Repost nmamuseum ( get_repost) ・・・ #ControlLineCombat is our educator's favorite event during #AMANats! What's yours? #modelaviation

122 1 Jul 17, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

RC Pylon continues today at the 2017 AMA Nats. Read today's issue of NatsNews by visiting the link in our bio. #amanats #modelaviation

200 1 Jul 15, 2017

It's hot and humid, but there are a record number of jets and pilots flying at Jets over Kentucky in Lebanon, Kentucky! The event, held at the Lebanon-Springfield Airport, runs through Sunday. #modelaviation #flyingfriday #rcjets #turbinejets

175 2 Jul 14, 2017 Lebanon-Springfield Airport

The 2017 CL Scale and RC Pylon Nats have officially begun. Today was static judging for CL Scale. Read a preview of the events in today's NatsNews by visiting the link in our bio! #amanats #modelaviation

211 0 Jul 14, 2017

The 2017 Nats resumes tomorrow with CL Scale and RC Pylon Racing. See more at the link in our bio! #AMANats #modelaviation

134 0 Jul 13, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Here’s a Throwback Thursday with ties to Amelia Earhart! Model Aviation, February 1993. About the cover: “An AMA member since 1939, Bill Harney of Manomet, Massachusetts, recently played an important role in the identification of metal artifacts linked to Amelia Earhart’s plane. Harney is pictured with a scale model of Earhart’s Lockheed 10E Electra and photos of the famous flier and her plane used to help research and identify the aircraft’s remnants. Harney says the model, featuring a six-foot wingspan and an all metal cover, will never fly—he intends to keep it as a static display. A two-time scale team member in 1970 and 1974, and the 1973 Nationals Scale champion, Harney has been compiling research on Amelia Earhart and her plane since 1950. Remnants of what is now believed to be her aircraft were discovered in 1991 on Nikumaroro Island in the central Pacific by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Discovery.” #tbt #modelaviation #ameliaearhart

381 3 Jul 6, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

Have a safe and happy 4th from the Academy of Model Aeronautics! #4thofjuly #modelaviation #fireworks #independenceday #photooftheday

208 1 Jul 4, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics

The 2017 IMAC Nats wrapped up over the weekend. Congratulations to all our winners! Read more in the latest issue of NatsNews by following the link in our bio. #modelaviation #IMAC #mini #AMANats

81 0 Jul 3, 2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics
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