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Gotta give this man the pedestal he deserves today. 2017 gave us a long and challenging summer. There were lots of days when I couldn't grasp happiness. Weekends where I'd hide from the world because my bed felt safer. Nights when I'd inconsolably cry. Rich dealt. On his own. He always reminded me of who I was and what I have yet to accomplish. He was as patient as could be while being the definition of a partner. The definition of family. I'm blessed. #mcm

132 7 Sep 25, 2017

...just in case these woes forgot. #phillyfashionweek

136 6 Sep 24, 2017

#phillyfashionweek with my fave mrernestowens

64 4 Sep 24, 2017 Dilworth Park

About a week ago I announced Fall Fest in Southwest. What I thought would be a hushed over benefit BBQ rolled into an avalanche like snowball of love. I've truly taken my network for granted. And I'm forever grateful to each and every person that shared it by any means. We're far beyond our fundraising goal! We're almost sold out! And people are still purchasing the "absent donor" ticket. I'm over the moon to announce we'll have smoked turkey and a brisket from jerkchickenman On the menu. AND West of Center x dockstreetbeer will be poured by the ounce. Stay tuned for the full menu. #FFSW17 #cookingwithatg #hostingwithatg

27 2 Sep 22, 2017 Farm 51

Finding pleasure in the simplest things. Like fresh sliced Italian bread covered in Kumato & avocado. Then barely sprinkled with balsamic vinegar, ovoo, fresh cracked peppercorn and parmesan. #saturdayvibes #cookingwithatg . . . #foodie x #foodgasm x #eeeeeats x #feedfeed x #inthekitchen x #instayum x #instaeats x #foodbloggers x #foodpics x #phillyfoodbloggers x #kumato x #recipedevelopment x #stuffontoast x #avocado x #chickenandwaffles x #snacktime x #homemade x #forkyeah x #blavityfoodie x #todayfood #buzzfeedfood x #buzzfeast x #shareyourtable

78 4 Sep 16, 2017 South West Philadelphia

Resisting the urge to fall! Don't we have at least a week left?

48 0 Sep 16, 2017 Produce Junction Inc

The amount of times my eyes leaked at my desk today. We are floored at the size of these donations. We're half way to capacity and already exceeding our expectations. In a day! I can't say thank you enough!!!!! #FFSW17

23 0 Sep 15, 2017 Farm 51

All these Black folks with titles on tiers. #theconnect thank you heatherqader 🤗❤️

60 2 Sep 15, 2017

Hey friends 👋🏾 I'm curating an impactful event and my hosts at farm51 say I can invite you too. Read all about it at #linkinbio Space is limited and tickets have already started selling. Hopefully you can make it out! All proceeds benefit local community associations and their programming. Let's give back together and have a great time while we're at it! #ffsw17 #cookingwithatg #hostingwithatg

74 12 Sep 14, 2017 Farm 51

This year we volunteered at #bikeoutphl and the experience was still an enriching one. There's something to be said about feeling one with such a surreal environment. I did lots of spaced out thinking on this trip to the farm. Tasted some food I wont forget. That apple butter! I laughed until my stomach hurt. I even judged a coffee competition. Thanks for letting me help out brianjameskirk. #bikeout17

37 0 Sep 11, 2017 Sankanac CSA

HOT Mustard Fried Chicken These chicken thighs brined all day in a mixture of brown spicy mustard, lemon juice, fresh garlic, onion powder, smoked paprika and chili oil. Then they were dredged in flour seasoned with garlic powder, white pepper and more smoked paprika. I was after "sweet heat". So I simmered some white peaches and a pit down to concentrated simple syrup and turned up with some Raspflower Blossom raw honey. Drizzled it on top. Omfg. This chicken is not a game. I win. You lose. *Nicki Minaj laugh* I'll go back to ignoring my sides now. Hard to care about greens and potatoes when the peach honey's getting poured✌🏾. #cookingwithatg . . . . #foodie x #foodgasm x #eeeeeats x #feedfeed x #inthekitchen x #instayum x #instaeats x #foodbloggers x #foodpics x #phillyfoodbloggers x #baking x #recipedevelopment x #waffles x #chicken x #chickenandwaffles x #dessert x #homemade x #forkyeah x #blavityfoodie x #todayfood #buzzfeedfood x #buzzfeast

128 7 Sep 7, 2017 South West Philadelphia

This farm house table looks so much better than the lumber that's been laying in our living room for the last month. Built her from scratch. #Arliecxh is officially equipped to host a dinner party of 8. #laboroflove

76 9 Sep 5, 2017 South West Philadelphia

Hey. Gonna #bragtag my CEO on an instagram post. For someone who consistently reminds me that our professional team is a team, and in fact not a family, christopherwink still bolsters us as if we were his own. To be clear, he discourages the use of "family" amongst our team because he never wants us to feel like we are stuck with him. He encourages and amplifies our growth. Y'all don't have a boss better than mine. Oh yeah. We run shit. And he ordered that transcription. * 🎤 drop* Thanks for believing in me Wink.

67 3 Aug 27, 2017

#arliecxh @ #phlgeekawards x technicallym

168 7 Aug 27, 2017 String Theory Schools

Last night I lead the Technically Media front for a black tie awards ceremony first championed by geekadelphia. It celebrated people dominating in industries that aren't typically recognized by the mainstream. Philly folks. Categories ranged from scientists to impact leaders to multimedia projects. The one common thread, our crafts are too niche to be revered or even understood by others. The 2017 Philly Geek Awards was easily my best produced event to date. Honored to have been one of the dedicated hands to pull it off for the seventh year. The late nights and 100s of emails were absolutely worth it. I can't sleep because I'm already brainstorming how to top a night like the last. It's gonna be a challenge. But I can't wait to do this again!!!!! #eventplanner #phlgeekawards #blacktie #fancyaf #epic #getgeekywithit #butcanwegetwillsmithforyear10?!

87 4 Aug 27, 2017 String Theory Schools

Idk how to describe the joy of my evening yet. So I'll brag about the aftermath that was the ultimate #fightnight.

51 0 Aug 27, 2017

When nealsantos says you get one shot, it's bound to be a good one.

113 0 Aug 22, 2017 South West Philadelphia

I'm sharing my happy place with my favorite people to benefit the local community. Clear your calendar's October 8th. It's gonna make you say "wow".

120 0 Aug 21, 2017 Farm 51

#FitRetreatPHL was awesome. I'm currently laying in bed too sore to move while I watch footage from yesterday. Both loving and cursing zayjed in my head. Grateful for friends that persuade me into fun and beneficial things.

76 8 Aug 20, 2017
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