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“Hello, I’m Molly Burke and I’m blind. But I’m also a lot more than that …” We couldn’t agree more. Molly is a YouTube fashionista who likes yoga, downhill skiing and tea. She’s also a motivational speaker who uses her channel to discuss accessibility issues, anti-bullying and mental health. She’s an advocate, an adventurer and an activist. In a word: awesome. Here’s Molly and her seeing-eye-dog, Gallop, receiving a Silver Play Button for reaching 100K subs. Congrats on the award, Molly … and here’s to many more. 🏆🏆🏆 Click the link in our bio to check out her channel.

36481 157 Sep 22, 2017

Think you've seen it all? Think again. Watch #EllenShowMeMore only on YouTube!

23052 85 Sep 21, 2017

Our #HispanicHeritageMonth celebration continues! Stay tuned as we highlight some of our fave Latinx creators from now through October 15th. Today, we'd like to introduce you to dulcecandy, a former U.S. soldier turned beauty-and-lifestyle guru known for her sophisticated style and big heart. One of Dulce’s main goals is to help women achieve confidence and feel beautiful. As a mother and wife, she has dedicated her life to leading by example and empowering others to be their best selves. #regram Tap the link in our bio to get to know her better.

41812 166 Sep 19, 2017

It's the first day of #HispanicHeritageMonth! Stay tuned as we celebrate our creators and their stories all month long, starting with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at ozunapr’s concert at Coliseo de Puerto Rico tonight. Swipe for a special message from the man himself and check out our story to watch the evening unfold.

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🏆Give it up for this year’s crop of Russian Golden Button award winners 🏆👏👏👏 #videoppl

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Everybody lace up. Episodes 1-3 of Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge are now available on YouTube Red. Link in bio. #LaceUpSeries #sneakers #sneakerhead #kicks #igsneakercommunity #instakicks #adidas #kotd #YTRedOriginals

31207 156 Sep 13, 2017

TheEllenShow has a surprise for you! MORE LAUGHS & MORE CLIPS. On 9/19, watch #EllenShowMeMore, only on YouTube.

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Creators unite ✌️🇹🇭+🇰🇷+🇯🇵+🇮🇩+🇦🇺 = #CreatorSummit in Melbourne! Creators from all across the 🌏 have united for a week of thought-provoking conversations, collaborations and fun at the #CreatorSummit. Follow our Instagram Story to see what they’ve been up to.

50580 1530 Sep 6, 2017

"Humor is one of the best ways to lower somebody's defenses because once you've got them laughing at you they are way more willing to hear your point." Introducing one of India's funniest and edgiest comedy groups, allindiabakchod (AIB). AIB has revolutionized “funny” in India with the country’s first-ever, and most-heard, comedy podcast. The group then went on to attract over 2.5 million subscribers to become one of the biggest channels in India. With a passion for social good, AIB leads an emerging group of digital crusaders advocating for the cause of net neutrality in India. For their YouTube Creators for Change project, they use comedy to highlight the harassment and hatred women face online in an attempt to foster dialogue around the safety of digital environments. Click the link in our bio to see their #CreatorsforChange project.

44875 720 Sep 1, 2017

The #LaceUpSeries designers are ready to stomp the competition in the ultimate sneaker challenge. 👟 Tune in 9/13 to watch on YouTube Red. #sneaker #sneakerhead #kicksonfire #kickstagram #nicekicks #igsneakercommunity

29791 536 Aug 30, 2017

“Hi I’m Jack Francis, and by now you’ve realized there’s something wrong with me.” Well, we wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with Jack Francis, but he’s definitely inimitable. And that’s partially because Jack has Tourette Syndrome, a condition that makes him shout curse words and suffer extreme ticks at stressful moments throughout the day. But there’s a lot more to Jack than his disease and that’s why we subscribed to his channel as soon as we found it. For starters, he documents his experience to generate awareness and help others understand and manage issues of their own. Important stuff. But aside from that there’s also the sheer swag he brings to everything he does … from tattoo sessions to haircuts to just hanging out with friends. Don’t take our word for it though! Click the link in our bio to learn more about j.franciss

41901 518 Aug 25, 2017

ATTN: camila_cabello is taking over our Instagram story live from her show in Pittsburgh. Catch her behind the scenes on the road as she films her tour documentary and more!

65133 696 Aug 23, 2017 PPG Paints Arena

We’re out here at YouTube Space LA for #YTLiveWithKD! Our starting lineup is stacked: kevindurant, seanseaevans, whatsinside, ryansfamilyreview, and our host swoozie. . . . Click the link in our bio to watch the Stream Dream Team at 3 PM PT

26266 160 Aug 22, 2017 YouTube Space LA

Did you catch the talented jadebug98 and mizzk.o from StepUpSeries performing at the #TeenChoice awards? Check out this behind the scenes clip for a closer look at the #HighWater move from the upcoming series.

35260 914 Aug 17, 2017

“We are trying our best to show people that Indonesia is a multicultural nation.” Introducing CameoProject, a collective of Indonesian comedians who use laughter to affect positive change and spread awareness about problems their country faces. Through comedy skits, vlogs, news spots, and musical spoofs, each member of this diverse group works hard to challenge taboos and question the status quo, all while putting a smile on your face. As #CreatorsforChange, Cameo has partnered with an NGO called “Maarif Institute” that has a wide network of students across the country. Together they aim to educate high school and university students in 10 cities in Indonesia about the importance of creating positive content. Click the link in our bio to see their #CreatorsforChange project.

53491 356 Aug 16, 2017

Meet Humza Arshad ( humzaproduction). He’s a comedian, actor and #CreatorsforChange ambassador and he's at the #CreatorSummit in Rio discussing the ways he uses his platform to tackle issues like extremism and islamophobia. Humza tours schools across the U.K to speak to kids about embracing their identities and countering hate.

45304 796 Aug 10, 2017

Spotted: Our #CreatorsforChange fellows, rightinthenads, myles376 and khanstopme are at #SitC2017 discussing the importance of using their channels to effect social change and to help people within their community.

60071 533 Aug 6, 2017

Last night at the YouTube Space LA iisuperwomanii x Creator Talks came together to chat all things #GirlLove in support of ending girl on girl hate. 💕 👯‍ 💕 #regram

93307 411 Aug 5, 2017

Dina Tokio is a #CreatorsforChange ambassador and kashmea.w is a 12-year-old app innovator. Both are striving to impact change and help others. “Yesterday I met a 12 yr old GENIUS! kashmea.w Like for real, an actual genius, in fact I felt a little intimidated especially when she talked me through the app she's created! specialluk specialising in helping people with disabilities & allergies” Photo by dinatokio

58186 575 Aug 2, 2017

We’re hosting a series of panels and workshops to foster a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. Our latest meet-up just went down and guess who showed up … “MAD day hosting the incredible CEO of YouTube Susan Wojciki for a panel discussion on Identity and the Internet. Made even better when sh'boy humzaproduction makes a guest appearance. Trying our best not to crack inappropriate jokes, before Susan deletes off the Internet. Raaasssssss. #creatorsforchange” - Nadir Nahdi Photo via rightinthenads

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