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Profile of @2oceans - The Bronx breeds greatness.

*edit* Jacket reads: "We're all human until you're Black". White man guns down a music festival and we learn about how his actions are "unique" and "out of the blue." A Black person gets killed for no reason and we learn what they had for breakfast that day and about the time they stole a piece of candy in grade school that led to their "criminality". Humanity is lost on Black folks and found instantly for their counterparts. Nothing new, it's still b.s. 📸: munayosan #whatsnew #sameshit #differenttoilet

198 14 Oct 7, 2017 New York City Hall

Keep shinin' sis. opalayo #cantstopit

113 8 Oct 2, 2017

Grateful for elders like sister Yasmeen, Blood, Sekou Odinga and Dr. Garrett. Thanks for inviting me on behalf of blmnyc to moderate the panel for this year's Black Panther Film Festival. Learned a lot today. #grattitude #elders

175 3 Oct 1, 2017

schomburgshop is the first location to carry pieces from the #affirmthepositive collection. Head to Harlem asap, on sale now! 🙏🏽 #jacketscomingnext #websitetoo (Huge shout out to blumood joshuachakra & wearthefund )

142 38 Sep 28, 2017

Thanks for the laughs and good conversation. We both know #thebronxbreedsgreatness 📸: dondregreen

242 15 Sep 25, 2017 Freeman Street

Let em try. #friday

56 3 Sep 22, 2017

Don't let folks consume you with their insecurities. #wednesday

87 3 Sep 20, 2017

Let's try and get this to sza (you can have the jacket) . Tag her/share it please 🙏🏽 #garden

161 29 Sep 18, 2017

It's like a jungle sometimes. 📷: blackboikei

318 14 Sep 5, 2017

Easy to forget, try not to. #monday

154 10 Aug 29, 2017

Create space with us this weekend. Cc: blmnyc

80 5 Aug 24, 2017

Look forward to debuting my first installation piece. So much talent in one show. Stop by the opening in a couple weeks. #growth

68 6 Aug 22, 2017

Never let someone dim your light. Whether it's speaking up for yourself or for our people. Find your voice and let it run free. #thursday

132 7 Aug 17, 2017

Happy 1st birthday Olivia. Wish I could see you more often. Your tio loves you! (And will help make you an artist one day lol) #familia

121 9 Aug 16, 2017

New merch soon come.

101 4 Aug 15, 2017

First iteration of my Cajon drums was great. Learned a lot (sand the corners better) and appreciated the energy. Thank you munayosan for filming and blackboikei for the impromptu bat-call that got a large crowd to show up. #defendcville #nonewkkk #whosworldisthis #itsyours

191 12 Aug 13, 2017

[The artist Keith Haring noted Mr. Basquiat's desire to control the art world, not be controlled by it. ''He disrupted the politics,'' Mr. Haring said. ''He said if he had to play their game, he would make the rules.'' -Constance L Hays for nytimes ] Keith Haring was highlighting that we should think outside box like his good friend Basquiat had. To live life, not merely survive. Rest in Piece JMB. We are still singing your praises 29 years later. August 12, 1988. #thinkoutsidethebox

89 1 Aug 12, 2017

I'll be bringing my new Cajon drums as part of my latest works. Let's stand in solidarity with Charlottesville this afternoon.

41 1 Aug 12, 2017

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the studio today. Huge props to my studio partner artoftijay . Powerful presentation today. Thank you laundromat_proj for the continued support. Much more coming soon! #grateful

152 4 Jul 30, 2017

You got this. 📸: blackboikei

217 21 Jul 27, 2017
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