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Long sappy post warning 🚨 So yesterday I got to take off something that has been on my dream board for over 4 years. The car I claimed when I first began my Arbonne journey. Due to having two newer vehicles upon promoting to RVP we were upside down and unable to get the car I really wanted. Arbonne gives RVP’s an 800$ car allowance for any white Mercedes benz of their choice. Since promoting I have worked so hard to pay off all of our debt so I could have the Mom car version of the Mercedes. Well, Wednesday night my sweet husband took me out for our anniversary and took me on a scavenger hunt! The last place we went I opened a Mercedes key chain with a note!!!! Brandon had my car ready to go get! So yesterday we went and picked up the Mom car! Surreal can’t even describe the feeling. To me it isn’t about a car. It’s about how amazing God is and how if you dream it you really can do it. I can’t help but laugh that this girl from brushy mountain drives a luxury car. This teen mom with a G.E.D!! College drop out. (BUT GOD.) Yeah that was me. He wasn’t done with me. He isn’t done with you either. If you want your life to look different say yes to the call and go change your life! Thank you Brandon Slaughter for the sweetest, most amazing gift. I love you so much! Thank you Arbonne for the opportunity of a lifetime! #transform #youweremadeformore #moretolife #limitless #arbonne #mercedes #thankyouJesus

102 9 Jan 21, 2018

“Guard your heart, above all else, for everything else flows from it.” .... but now, you are where you are.. Through the pain and emptiness, beauty will come, you will rise. I hear Him. #powerful #beauty #youweremadeformore #proverbs #flowers #smile #phoenix #rise #selflove #yourbeautiful

14 0 Jan 20, 2018

STM students defending life at the #marchforlife #prolifegeneration #youweremadeformore

230 0 Jan 20, 2018

What if the ONE ☝️ thing you struggle with is what God is using to launch you into your next season of life?? . What is weighing on you the most right now? Finances? Relationships? Employment or lack there of??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Whatever is going on in your life you COULD be on the brink of a breakthrough. So stop walking the fine line of your comfort zone and STEP OUT. You never know the blessings that are waiting for you just on the other side. ❤️ . #youweremadeformore

18 5 Jan 19, 2018

Vulnerability post here🙋‍♀️ Ya'll I'm short! If you don't remember I'm a mere 4ft 11in. This means 5 pounds up or down is drastic for me. And the first place it's noticeable is my face🤤 Clearly there's a difference in my face in this picture. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve 32 days, check the difference! What you can't tell from the picture though is on the right I no longer have stomach aches or "bubble gut" after eating, the headaches are gone, my skin is clear (No filters at all on this pic!), my hair is starting to feel thicker and not greasy, the brain fog is gone (hello mom to a new born🙋‍♀️ and 2 year old) and best of all I feel confident! You all keep seeing my delicious smoothies and yummy dinners, but I wish you could FEEL it (The health not my food🤣 don't touch my food!😂). You could keep doing the same things you've always done wondering why you don't feel good, why you're so tired, why your stomach hurts, etc. OR you can learn how to properly fuel your body and set a foundation for your health. February 5th were kicking off a new group. You don't have to wait for January 1st each year to "New Year, New You" join in on this journey for yourself and your health or because the recipes are really yummy😋 Realize your health is your wealth and you're so worth it! . . . . #NewYearBetterMe #FueledByPlants #30DaysToHealthyLiving #LovingLife #Learning #Growing #InvestingInMyself #HealthyMom #VeganProtein #NonGMO #NoSoy #NoDairy #GetItGirl #PlantBased #YoureWorthIt #YouWereMadeForMore

58 9 Jan 19, 2018

💖Even when the world tries to get you to forget - remember that you are worthy without validation & that you are whole all by yourself.💖 • You inspire me always.💓 • | | #KeepGoing & #KeepGrowing | | • • • #YouAreAHealer #YouAreAmazing #YouAreCapable #YouAreMagic #LightBringer #LightHealer #YouAreMadeOfStars #YouInspireMe #YouAreWorthy #YouAreWhole #SelfAffirmatiobs #Affirmations #Remember #InspirationalQuotes #MotivationalQuotes #LifeQuotes #Quote #Quotes #Inspiration #RaiseYourVibration #YouWereMadeForMore #StopHoldingYourselfBack

26 2 Jan 17, 2018

It's Sunday night 👏🏼 that means a new week // new goals. I write down my goals for the week every Sunday night. What are your goals this week? 💗 If you don't have any goals, how are you going to move, change and grow? If you have a dream but no plan to get it done, it's just a wish. We need to dream bigger and set new goals! 💪🏼

14 1 Jan 15, 2018

Caring what people think about you is useless, most people don’t even know what to think about themselves.. 🤔🌿💪🏼 Don’t allow people’s opinions... or worse, the FEAR of what people’s opinions MIGHT be... stop you from going after the goals & dreams God has specifically given for your life, remember it may not be evident to anyone but you in the beginning.. most initial leaps of faith have to be done alone.. but it’ll be so worth it, we were made for so much more than an average life!🎉🔥🌟😘• • • • • • #LiveAbundantly #StopCaringWhatOthersThink #YouWereMadeForMore #BossBabe #InspireQuotes #DontEverGiveUp #FindYourPurpose #GodHasAPlan #Goals #Dreams #Goodnight

46 8 Jan 14, 2018
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