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9pm! How did that happen? Such a busy day but wanted to share with you some progress on this current program. I’ve about a week to go and I can hand on heart say I’ve not done all these workouts to my full capabilities. Turns out Yoga and me are not great friends! Lol! But, I hope that you can see that even with a week to go and not at my full and personal best ( although it’s not an excuse to not give it your all) I have made some progress. The best illustration being the before and after measurements. I weigh more today and that’s a combo of muscle building and time of day that I’ve weighed myself. I would say that over the past couple of weeks my weight has stayed steady but with inches lost my clothes are fitting that much better again. Tops are getting too big and trousers will soon need replacing. It’s funny. My body is so different after having children yet my expectations of weight loss and fitness hadn’t changed yet they needed to because my body had changed and needed a different approach in order to make things work. These programs are allowing me to try different things. I drink a Shakeology every day and also eat much cleaner and it’s all starting to show. It really is a case of believing in the process however long that may take as it’s so different for all of us. I enjoy my chocolate shake and I’m really enjoying lifting weights. Two things that would never have crossed my mind 4 years ago when I lost a lot of weight to have children. I’m rambling on but just let me say, try it, it won’t hurt to see the difference it can make. I was a super sceptic but look at me and my rambling posts now! Lol! #transformationtuesday #healthylifestyle #sahm #fitmum #ukfitmum #fitafterkids #mumof2 #findthetime #youcandoit #ittakestime #yourfitnessjourney #wearealldifferent #youdoyou #thisisme #cleaneating #shakeology

10 2 Mar 21, 2018

Your personal journey starts when you are ready to accept change. Ask yourself what you truly want not what you think you need.....then just go for it.

110 3 Mar 19, 2018

Maybe you’ve thought about it and decided not yet. Maybe you are curious, but too afraid to ask. Maybe you just have a hard time investing in yourself. Whatever the reason the hardest part is always deciding to begin! Who’s ready to make the change and join me? The results can be yours too! Leave a comment or send me a message or visit my site and you can BEGIN!

3 1 Mar 18, 2018

Change up your flavors and it’s easy to eat clean. Try drizzling truffle oil made with extra virgin olive oil to your chicken after cooking. #love_makes_you_stronger #inspire1 #eatcleantraindirty #fitcouples #fitlife #fromourfamilytoyours #helpeachother #yourfitnessjourney

26 3 Mar 17, 2018

Register now: Congratulations Josheline! 💥🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉THIS TAKE ACTION CHALLENGE- Win for training just 20 minutes a day. One lucky lady will Win $1000 Yorkdale Shopping Spree again on March 21st, plus we will draw almost daily and give away $100 Yorkdale Gift Cert or $50. Lululemon Gift Cert or $100 Integrity Gift cert! We will supply you the workouts, and you will be asked to do them and post. ———————————————————————— This workout challenge if for: 1) ladies who want to train again and need some motivation 2) ladies who are busy 3) ladies who need to train at home 4) ladies who need energy 5) ladies who want to win! The #integrityfitness_takeaction challenge is for real!

237 7 Mar 17, 2018

Keep moving....the key to your success is to continue this fitness journey you have started. ▶️will it be easy the second time around? Maybe....but that’s all up to you. ▶️will you regret joining the challenge - ABSOLUTELY NOT. ▶️can you find 20 mins a day to get your body moving and focus on you and only you? OF COURSE YOU CAN! ————————————————————— The next challenge starts March 21st....we are offering 3 new challenges that will make you feel good about yourself and help you find that motivation that you need. ——————————————————————

91 3 Mar 17, 2018

We all have our starting points❗️ Don’t get discouraged or compare yourself to ANYONE . Just because you see “insert so called successful person here” doing his/her thing well doesn’t mean that they didn’t have to jump through hoops like you do 💪🏽 Everyone must begin and I find it easier focusing on being MY best self and not comparing my progress to someone else’s success. They are on a different path than you. This is YOUR fitness journey. 🏆 Everyday you give YOUR best (even on a bad day you can give your 100%) you win 🏋🏽‍♀️ #yourfitnessjourney #dontcompareyourself #sticktoit #giveyourbest #fitnesslifestyle #lululemon #bodybuildingcom #bodybuilding

53 6 Mar 17, 2018

14 Day Take Action Challenge starting on March 21!!!! The home of where:  SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD, SO SHE DID! Early bird registration ends on Saturday! Everyone who signs up by Saturday gets entered in the draw for the $100.00 Lululemon Gift Card! Why are we doing this?  We want to  help and reach out to all the women in our community.  This Take Action Challenge is for EVERYONE.  Visit the challenge website at and join our fitness family.

78 3 Mar 16, 2018

Sometimes you can't take everything so serious. Your health journey will be filled with up's and down's, we've all been there. But, don't forget to carve out time to have some fun!🤙 Its important. So on this beautiful Friday do something active that you enjoy! Maybe pick up a kettlebell, put it over your head and make someone take a picture of you like we did😂 Have a great Friday my friends! Move everyday, this is THE MOVEMENT! #themovement #mvmtptsfun

89 1 Mar 16, 2018

Life is like a movie , write your own ending. Keep believing, and stop and see all that you accomplished , and the strength within yourself... just like a sunset is different each day , so is everyone's fitness journey #sunsets #fitgirladvice #surroundings #risefit #neverperfect #nevercompare #yourfitnessjourney

7 0 Mar 16, 2018

Your next Take Action Challenge is here. ————————————- The workouts are short, sweet, effective and easy to do......anywhere! —————————————- Are you ready to experience a push of motivation, inspiration and an overall boost in energy? PLUS a chance to WIN great prizes? ————————————- Visit and sign up for our March, April and May Take Action Challenge!

65 1 Mar 15, 2018

Dont measure your progress using someone else’s scales! Everyone’s journey and results are different but everyone beginning is different too! Be your healthy!! :// double tap if you are on your own way to being your kind of healthy!! . . #thursdaythoughts #quoteoftheday #quotestoinspire #inspirefitness #inspirehealth #changeisgood #followforfollow #quotestoliveby #fitness #fitspiration #fitspo #instafit #fitstagram #perfectlyimperfect #yourowngoals #yourownresults #yourhealthy #inspireothers #helpingothers #seeingthechange #fitfriends #yourfitnessjourney #noexcuses #strongbody #yourhealthyfuture #fitnessmotivation

25 1 Mar 15, 2018

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others can walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Let that be your motivation today! 💪💪💪

16 1 Mar 15, 2018

Day by day! Be the best version of YOU💫 It Just keeps getting better and better. #neverevergiveup #mindset #fitnessmotivation #yourfitnessjourney

40 2 Mar 14, 2018

#Repost integrityfitness_worldclass ・・・ Thank you ladies for participating in the first ever TAKE ACTION CHALLENGE. A 14-day workout for inspiration, energy and ... to WIN a $1000!!!’ 🎉 🎊 it was a massive success and PART II STARTS this MARCH 21st. The three day early Registration opens tomorrow at 2pm. Register for 3 months of in-home workouts, training, TALKS AND TIPS, and a chance to win $1000 every month.... $105 plus tax! How more motivation do you need? It’s super easy.

169 1 Mar 14, 2018
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