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Strength, determination, focus 🤸‍♀️⠀ 📸 hanaviktorija

2 1 Dec 17, 2017

The boss told me to stop posting so many pictures of goats. 😂 #Rebel 🕶 — You’re welcome for this weekend dose of non-yoga related adorableness! ✌️💜 — #FindYouphoria

1 1 Dec 17, 2017

My Happy Place!! 😊🙏 #yogalife #yogalover #theclassbytt #wanderlusthollywood

2 2 Dec 17, 2017

Take time out to relax and rejuvenate this silly season. I know I need it!

1 1 Dec 17, 2017

New Year, New You?! Happy Holidays from OMie Yoga ❤️

3 1 Dec 17, 2017

Repost from sammysamkiani using RepostRegramApp - Spaces available as we got the larger studio at 9 Havelock Walk 😁 This yoga class is going to be particularly nourishing - focussing on SSSs...Slowing down, Softening, Simplifing, strengthening 👌🏽 if you’re feeling a bit 🤪 come join us and get 😊✌🏽 find out more via link in bio or just come along to 9 Havelock Walk and drop in to class ✨ #yogaforesthill #foresthill #yoga #havelockwalk #nourish #grow #flow #prana #yogalikewater #yogaforstiff #yogaforrunners #yogaforlife #yogaforeveryone #breathe #connect #be

1 0 Dec 17, 2017

"To attain true inner freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them... Once you've made the commitment to free yourself of the scared person inside, you will notice that there is a clear decision point at which your growth takes place." -Michael A. Singer (The Untethered Soul)

5 1 Dec 17, 2017

Yoga, sí... pero qué es? Yoga es aceptación, es unir las 3 partes del ser humano. Cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Yoga es conciencia de cada centímetro de tu cuerpo. Yoga es respirar. Es ser valiente, es levantarte del sofá un domingo frío y superarte yendo a clase. No se trata de hacer posturas perfectas o comer chía. Yoga es ser feliz, es ser tú misma aunque no te veas perfecta. Yoga es tener coraje y amar la vida como venga. Es pensar en los demás antes que en ti misma. Yoga es relativizar la vida y darte cuenta de que solo hay una. Es sentir todas las células de tu organismo. Y estar feliz de sentirte viva. Pero ni el incienso, ni los ohms, ni las fotos de posturas perfectas podrán llevarte ahí. El yoga, está ya, dentro de tu corazón. Sólo necesitas el espacio suficiente para ver el poder que tienes y conectar con él. Yoga eres tú, sin excusas. Con todo tu potencial. Sonriéndole a la vida. _ #practicayoga en californianhotyoga _ Fotografo ana_anuanua ❤️ _ #yogaforlife #yogaforfreedom #beyourself❤️ #beyou #setu #beyoga #californianhotyoga #californianhotyogamadrid #yogamadrid #vinyasapractice #clasedevinyasa #igersyoga #yogajournal #telvayoga #womanhealth #smiletolife

16 0 Dec 17, 2017

I’m looking pretty serious here 🤓 but the truth is, feeling a part of the family here thespace_studio and having the privilege to share #yoga with such a beautiful #community of people is SO much fun and it’s a real joy in my life. 💕 ००००००००० I found it really hard to find my feet as a #yogateacher and I’m still learning about my offering. I think it’s a blessing and a challenge at the same time that you can’t ever reach an endpoint where you think you’re now the best teacher you could be, or indeed the best student - it’s a continual growth and ongoing evolution (or more appropriately an #INvolution). 🌱 ००००००००० The end of a year traditionally comes with a dose of anxiety for me so I’m trying to remind myself of an important lesson yoga has taught me: there is no endpoint to this practice (of life) - each step of knowledge and experience simply opens up the next and when we can step into that space with courage and curiosity, it’s really #newbeginnings rather than finales. ✨✨ . . . . . . . 📸 fitnessfirstmagazine ✨🙏 . . . #2017 #newyear2018 #2018 #yogaforlife #yogagirl #yoga4growth #stepin #change #renewal #trusttheprocess #expansion #kula #community

5 0 Dec 17, 2017
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