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Happy Heart und Träumereien 😊💜 . #typography #logo #logodesing #personal #handlettering #happyheart #yoga #yogaforhealing #yogaforlife

21 0 Dec 18, 2017

✨LIVE SERIES: Restorative / Yin Yoga✨ - Okay so a few days late on this one but you can find the LIVE video from Friday on my Facebook explaining the differences between these styles of yoga. - Yin focuses on targeting connective / myofascial tissue while Restorative is all about gravity assisted poses to decrease tension in the body. - Both styles incorporate 6-10 stretches that are held anywhere from 2-10 minutes depending on the instructor. - 😳I did not film in the studio as planned so I substituted pillows for bolsters and towels for yoga blankets. Now you can practice at home too without the expense 🤗👍🏼

58 2 Dec 18, 2017

Can’t catch me saying “woops” after sharing this box of macaroons with my favorite people over the weekend 🧡💛💚 loved every minute of an early holiday weekend with my mom- treats definitely included!

19 2 Dec 18, 2017

My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for libertyadvance and all who come to this beautiful place. 💗💗💗 And my deepest gratitude for these two.. for all of your wisdom and for carrying such potent traditions. Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏🏼 . . . . . #libertyadvance #retreatcenter #yoga #yogaforhealing #yogaretreat #sandiegoyoga #meditation #gratitude #love #community #satnam #teachers

23 1 Dec 18, 2017

Getting rid of all my clothes from my deepest disordered days- shit I never thought I’d LOVE doing. I look at a pair of pants, imagine my disorder is worth the $100 I spent on them, catch myself and it’s like BAM I’m nailing you on this ED. Each item is like this, and it’s a whole lot of domination over my disordered self because I spent a lot of time and money and life energy for silly little pants. Recovery, I get to realize over and over, is priceless. Healthy self is winning this Sunday 🙌

25 4 Dec 18, 2017

An enormous THANK YOU to barblwallin for her kind, caring, and generous heart and all that came to support Yoga For Hope yesterday! It was an honor to be a part of this event! A little yoga, family and friends coming together for fun and making memories. This is what the holiday season is about. If you couldn’t make the event, please remember you can donate directly to Jasmine's Butterflies🦋 Let’s all reach out and help her reach her goal of $3000. The link is in our bio. All proceeds go directly to AFSP. #transcendyogastudio #yogaforhealing #yogaforhope #afsp #gratitude #love

20 1 Dec 18, 2017

My favorite way to describe yoga is to compare it to squeezing out a wet towel. You kinda twist and squeeze and crunch to get out all the gunk. I’ve been so stuck in my own head lately and being caught up with anxieties and frustrations about the future that I’ve been avoiding my mat like the plague this week. I think because there was just so many things I didn’t want to confront. Today I made the commitment to practice, threw on some music and flowed and flowed until the sun set and it became a candlelit yoga where I then melted over a bolster in savasana. Holy crap I feel like I shed a layer of skin and became a new human. All of those stresses faded away and I realized how perfectly timed everything is. Now my anxiety has been replaced with excitement for all the things to come in the new year. Whenever you feel an aversion to getting on the mat it’s usually when you need to do it the most, there’s probably something there that you need to confront and squeeze and flow out in order to feel a billion times lighter. ✨✨

50 4 Dec 18, 2017

Happy Sunday fun folks ✨ It's day 5 of #yogireindeergames and our reindeer is comet 💫 so we have #starpose Peace ✨ Glorious hosts calamityjill21 erickuhhls ✨✨✨ Generous sponsors moonchildyogawear liforme ✨✨✨ #yogini #yogachick #yogalove #yogforlife #yogaforhealing #practiceandalliscoming #doyogachangeyourworld #fitfam #yogastrong #yogajunkie

67 4 Dec 17, 2017

Welcome glorious beams of light to day 3 of #wintersolsticetribe And our pose is halfmoon (I chose a #sugarcanepose variation) I am releasing (or at least trying my best) so much fear ... yoga helps 💜 Sending you all buckets of love Beautiful hosts elliegriffinyoga anywhere_yoga Generous sponsors officialvaclothing sashka_co malaprayer the.happyproject jalaclothing gypsyarts earthrunners mayanyogatribe awakenthepeace ✨✨✨ #ibendsoidontbreak #yogaforhealing #practiceandalliscoming #doyogachangeyourworld #yogaforlife #yogini #dancer #omgirl #yogaover40 #yogamagic #fitfam #yogastrong #yogalicious

74 8 Dec 17, 2017

Healing from home: family cupping session! After struggling with constant coughs this season , my family were gifted with a set of ‘cups’ for home use by a lovely polish friend and today we tried them for the first time. Cupping has been around for over 3000 years and there are references to its use in many cultures all over the world. Today it is used widely in China, Mexico and Eastern Europe and is often a knowledge passed down through the generations and used as part of a home healing tool kit for all the family. The vacuum created by the suction in the cups puts gentle pressure on the fascia and helps to improve circulation and prevent stagnation in the area. This in turn helps the body to elimate waste that has built up in the surrounding tissue and bring fresh nourishing blood to the area in need. I love when my little guy is involved our home healing rituals and absorbs first hand the idea that we have the power to heal ourselves in many situations. #yogaforhealing #healingfromhome #yogawithlydia #yogaforeverybody #yogaforyourfamily #ancienttraditions #cuppingtherapy #empowerment

15 1 Dec 17, 2017

Day 4: Pincha #tothelightsideofthemoon Going for straight lines but battling against a curvy body 🤣🤣 - plus the added bonus of a beetroot head 😆.....this is why I don't post many pincha shots - no one needs to see that burgundy concentration face 😲😜😜😜✨ ✨ Hosts: dinalovesyoga yogini_anastasia k_evayoga 🌕 Sponsors: liforme jo.ko szmalas esohokat mediterranean_care#yogaforhealing #yogafortrauma #yogamum #yogaphotography #instayoga #practicenotperfection #yogapracticenotperfect #asana #yogajournal #yogaaddict #yogafortherapy #yogaforstrength #yogaforfitness #yogateacher #teenyoga #teenyogateacher #yogaphoto #yogastrong #yogaeveryday #yogachallengeseverydamnday #yogaeverydamnday #instagramyoga #pinchamayurasana #pincha

213 5 Dec 17, 2017

Hey Everyone! All friends near and far, in Charleston or not!My best friend is hosting a Yoga for Mental Health even and it would be INCREDIBLE if you could check it out! This event is to help benefit those struggling with mental health and to bring awareness to mental health. EACH AND EVERY one of us knows someone who has struggled with their mental health or have struggled with their own mental health, which is why it is so IMPORTANT to spread awareness and erase the stigma. All donations go to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). It would be AMAZING if you would attend or even donate to help such an amazing cause. Monic Rozier has worked her tail off for months to help make this event happen! She’s got such a passion for both Yoga and the mental health field. When she is not assisting or attending a Charleston Power Yoga class she is working on the floor, in an inpatient psychiatric facility, to help support those in crisis. She is the REAL DEAL when it comes to supporting those with mental health and hopefully this event will take us one step closer to ending the stigma! SO lets work together to help make this event a success!!! follow the link to the event: in the about portion is the links to the eventbrite page and to a Gofundme account #mentalhealth #endthestigma #yoga #yogaformentalhealth #charleston #whyicpy #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforhealing #awareness #charlestonsc #kingstreet

25 0 Dec 17, 2017

Sometimes the best thing I can do is show up. ... I’ve had a few very challenging days this week and found myself dreading the times I had committed to offering my practice.. I noticed my mind trying to convince me that I should cancel or find someone to cover for me and the universe also conveniently provided me with some obstacles that were encouraging these thoughts. But each time I showed up I experienced healing within myself and I knew it was right for me to be there.. and those who witnessed me reflected this back and shared their gratitude for my presence. ... Sometimes the best thing I can do is show up. ... . . . . . Photo by Rimi #libertyadvance #retreatcenter #yogaretreat #yoga #sandiegoyoga #meditation #healing #soundhealing #deepyoga #yogaforhealing #blackandwhite

45 0 Dec 17, 2017

Each experience in your life was absolutely necessary in order to have gotten you to the next place, and the next step, up until this very MOMENT. #mindchallenging #keepcalmanddoyoga #yogaforhealing #yogaforhealth #yogavibes #yogapracticedaily

24 1 Dec 17, 2017
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