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It’s a sad day 😢. I’m getting in my truck and I witnessed this act of racism this foul disgusting hate !!! What is this world coming to !!! My wife smahovetz shouldn’t have to see that !!!! YELLOW LIVES MATTER !!!! #yellow #yellowlivesmatter #yellowstarburstlivesmatter #yellowforlife #yellowisthebest

56 5 Dec 13, 2017

I had a ton of fun hanging out with the cops in Orlando 😜 #Simpsons #dohnuts #mmmm #doh #universal #yellowlivesmatter

38 0 Dec 11, 2017

They let ling ling join this year but he has to sit next to the dog. #yellowlivesmatter

14 0 Dec 8, 2017


10 3 Dec 8, 2017

#YellowLivesMatter raymond.f.n

446 7 Dec 4, 2017

Today is a public holiday!!!! I insist...atleast it's mine... Eh! Where to begin.. .. I Managed to find some sensible (some debatable) pics just to brighten this yuwa day.. Sometimes it feels like you have met everyone you need to meet and figured your life out and then God throws you an unplanned die hard kuku sister! As if life is not crazy enough.. You my dear are REAL.... and this sis loves ya! Now about this age thing.. hihihihi I will start another post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CRIMINAL!! #yellowlivesmatter... #fun-atic... *me love you long time 🤣🤣 missdeedan

47 2 Nov 30, 2017
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