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Two of my Portland purchases at Powell's Bookstore. (If you have not been there, get a flight there ASAP!) I have been looking to grab those online for a while but shipping is killer. I went through Hand Lettering 101 and I can't wait to dive into the 2nd volume and Modern Florals is to push my comfort zone. I am NOT an artist in the traditional sense but allikdesign 's illustrations are too pretty not to give it a try! If you do not follow allikdesign or chalkfulloflove, seriously go follow their accounts. I am always super inspired! ❤️

58 7 Mar 15, 2018

All this beautiful weather has me looking at some long term plans for the Spring. Would anyone be interested in some Spring Mini Sessions in May? What about another 123 Click (my beginner photography workshop)? Trust me, we will have the BEST time either way!

39 7 Mar 14, 2018

You know I am a little bit of a book nerd right? Like, when Caleb and I go on a date we almost always stop at Indigo. He goes off to the car magazines and 'how-to' books and I wander off to the Christian living and faith section (not to mention day dream around the home decor). ⠀ ⠀ Just curious, who else is a book worm that follows me? #bookwormsunite

45 6 Mar 13, 2018

It is so so special to be able to witness so much excitement and expectation for the arrival of this little one. She is a very luck little lady. How was your older child(ren) reaction about the arrival of a new sibling? #lanapalmerphotography

66 16 Mar 13, 2018

Feeling pretty basic with my coffee and the one and only magnolia Journal. But joannagaines can be featured on my Instagram feed any day. ⠀ ⠀ This edition was all about intentionality, which I have been striving (step by step) towards this year.⠀ - Intentionally listening to podcasts instead of turning on Netflix. ⠀ - Intentionally setting time aside each day to connect with God and do something quietly like read, journal, handletter, and even color! ⠀ - Intentionally purchasing fair trade (baby steps) and trying to weed out toxins in our home. ⠀ - Intentionally setting aside time for my little family and exploring the city (a good excuse to find bakeries and donut shops).⠀ ⠀ I think my inspiration for all this has been being a mother. Time goes so quickly and we teach them so much. It really overwhelmed me in the last few months to do things a little differently than I ever before.

32 2 Mar 12, 2018

My son constantly asks me why can't we have another baby. And the constant reminder that this is it for us, is a curse and a blessing wrapped in one. It is a curse because I think that coming to terms with the fact that this is the last time I am holding a 13 month old of my own, it's bittersweet. It makes me miss what I had and have. No more new beginnings, no more first steps or first kisses. On the other hand it is a blessing because it truly makes me appreciate the now and be present. It makes me aware of all of her milestones all her firsts that are my lasts. It makes me thankful to be able to fully enjoy this experience one last time. It may be time to close this chapter in my Motherhood book but I'll do it on my own terms. With a smile and a tear. With the insecurities that all women have but choosing to exist in photos because there is no do over....So here we are. Me and her. 😊😓 #lanapalmerphotography

79 19 Mar 12, 2018

Did you catch Miya and Christopher on the blog yesterday? They are SO CUTE (which I may have repeated about 50+ times during the session). Also, did you catch #leahrecommends on my stories? I love sharing books I read, rhythms I practice and businesses I am crazy about with my friends. You are my friends so I am not hiding good things from you. ❤️

19 1 Mar 10, 2018

I have been OBSESSED with podcasts lately. Here are a few you should check out.⠀ ⠀ 1. The Happy Hour with Jaime Ivey (such a fun, encouraging podcast for women).⠀ 2. Love that Lasts with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke (Brides, this is full of marriage resources! LOVE)⠀ 3. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs (Listen to the episode with John Crist. Hilarious)⠀ 4. Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher (Loving this learning about business from other women, especially creatives)⠀ 5. In These Shoes. (Never heard of it? Well, this is Caleb's and my podcast. We aren't professionals but we have fun! Planning our next six episodes and hopefully recording some more).⠀ ⠀ Have any more suggestions? I am trying to get away from TV for a while 👍🏻

15 5 Mar 8, 2018

One day I want to look back on this photo and just see the beginnings of all the great adventures we are going to take on together, including the greatest journey of all. The steps of remarkable faith.⠀ ⠀ Thank you to my hubs for snapping this one ❤️

36 4 Mar 7, 2018
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