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A Confession. Why always it started with a Friendship and ended with Broken Heart, Red Eyes and Being Strangers, again? Yes, I love My Bestfriend. But What is My Fault? It was always me who try my level best to wipe out your tears. It was me who make you laugh always, when you were sad. Ya I know I'm wrong, but what do you think I don't stop me? "Your Love always caught me off guard". Do you know, how I feel when you cry in front of me? Do you know, how I feel when you post the pictures with him who doesn't even worthy for you? Do you know, how My Heart ache for you just to be with you alone? Do you ever try to Understand My Feelings? I always try to give you hints but I wonder, Do you ignore it or avoid it? Yes I always hesitate to confess My Love because I was too afraid to lose you. I'm shattered deep down but, Do you simply care? I don't know. I don't know how to earse you, how to delete your memories? I'm wounded, there are numerous scars you left behind on me and each of them defines a story. Now we are Strangers, but I still miss the Favourite person of My Life. Now My Rainbow turns Black! And the only thing is left to ask, Do you ever Miss me?. . . . #quotes #writercommunity #writer #spilledink #instagram #inspirationalquotes #instagramwriters #indianwriters #writing #igwriter #wordporn #writersofinstagram #love #motivationalquotes #stories #thetrippyquotes #wordgram #wordlust #affection #writer #pentalks #bookworms #books #confession #poetsofinstagram #wordgasm #musings #insane #rain #lovestory #brokentale

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Tell me, what do you say?

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When Pinata read Colleen Hoover’s latest book we were a little skeptical. We spent months to finish it and it was not because we got too busy or we found love in the shape of another book. It was simply because the story was not what we hoped it was. At all. And definitely not in a good way either. Despite writing on issues like sexual abuse and suicide Hoover’s dealing with such issues has at times been faulty. Her latest novel follows Lily Bloom whose deeply troubled childhood has scarred her and her mother. Lily has always resented her mother for staying with her abusive father, Andrew Bloom. If we are being honest, the description at times gets as stupid as her name. Like seriously, what were her fictional parents thinking when they named her that - or were they even thinking? Anyway, there is a backstory to it and you will find it in the book. We are glad Ryle Kincaid found it funny, at least. She struggles with a fundamental query presented to most survivors of abusive marriages: if your partner was abusing you why didn’t you just leave? In the midst of her turmoil she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon, with whom begins a burgeoning romance. Just when it seems that Lily can put behind everything that has happened, a part of her past returns and Ryle cracks.She is taken back to a time frequently where her only solace was this homeless guy, named Atlas Corrigan and Ellen. Hoover makes you feel too many emotions for Atlas. First, what Pinata has termed as the help-an-orphan spirit, is based on how we feel about Lily helping Atlas. We are sure many readers have felt a need to help someone as helpless as Atlas, out here in this non-fictional world. Second, the readers were also engulfed with a need of a similar person in their life because Atlas and Lily were perfect. This isn’t to say that Ryle and Lily weren’t because they were until Hoover decided it was time for a twist. This brings us to third which is confliction between both of the guys. Part 1/2 ***************************************** ✍🏼 by meeshaslays azabihijabi37 #Pinata #poetryofinstagram #poetry #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writers #writerslife

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😂😂😂 Can you relate? If so, which book made you feel this way? Comment below!

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Back in second home, Colombia, I had the opportunity to share in a poetry night. It was nice to get back where writing started for me. #amwriting #poet #poetry #poems #roots #myroots #mypenandme #feelings #words #art #artist #creative #creativity #writer #author #writersofinstagram #instawriter #authorsofinstagram #artistsofinstagram #mylove #myfirstlove #writing

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Nothing good was ever easy.

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Gentle reminder #i_wimana_c ____________________________________________ Click the link in my bio and download my newly released free EBOOK 'CATERPILLAR' written as a Thank You from me to you for the love and support you continually show me, and don't forget to go order your copy my new chapbook "ECLIPSE" at my website I love you all🙌🏽 None of this is possible without you🙏🏽 #eclipse ____________________________________________ #life #heart #love #picoftheday #instadaily #bookstagram #quoteoftheday #beauty #poet #poem #poetry #poetsofinstagram #writer #thankyou #writing #writersofinstagram #quote #quotes #art #artist #relationship #follow #followme #repost #author #caribbean #trinidad #tobago

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#Repost blerddating ( get_repost) ・・・ 'Member this? Yes, Rachel True is joining us tonight! 9pm Eastern on Twitter! Enter the hashtag #blerddating in your Twitter search bar to join!

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- Part 10b - Afterwards Maya rearranged the furniture and turned the couch into a comfortable bed. They always slept on the sofa bed while at mayas because her room was barely big enough for her single bed and a small dresser. Maya ran upstairs to get into her pjyamas and grab em a shirt as well while emily sat down on the couch. Maya appeared through the door a minute later and threw a light blue tee on the couch, then strolled to the kitched to get some drinks. emily took off her jeans, shirt and bra and pulled the soft tee over her head. it smelled lovely like maya. she curled up on the couch as maya set the drinks on the table and sat down beside her. "you still have mayo on your cheek" emily laughed as she softly rubbed the sauce off of mayas face. maya looked her into her eyes, reached out and cupped em's face in her hands. "i love you, beautiful". before emily could say anything, maya kissed her, softly, then harder. emily threw her arms around maya and pulled her down on the couch. maya slid her hands up emilys thigh, then lay it on her lower back, and slowely pulled the blue shirt up. emily slid the bands of mayas tanktop down while stroking her arm gently. she kicked a remote on the ground, and the tv turned off, as she curled her legs around maya, feeling every inch of her soft, warm skin. maya ran her hands through emilys hair, then down her bare back. emily felt her body fill with warmth and with something more, she felt safe, loved, and genuinely happy. 💓 you know what happened next xxx let me know what you think to be tagged? #writing #writersofinstagram #connorfranta #lgbt #photography

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THIS. Never, Never, Never, NEVER give up! #motivationmonday #writingadvice #writersofinstagram #writer #amwriting

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We keep searching for something special, and we don't realize that we are magnificent and brave.... just because we are here in this cruel world that we call home 🌎☘️☀️

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How much love How much gratitude How much compassion How much empathy How much kindness How much joy How much wonder Can our hearts hold? When you share your light You will know. I was awoken this morning with the words "How much?" resounding very loudly in my head. I pondered these two words, asked my Guides and they responded. Susie 💜

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