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Pixie keeping watch. Feel safer knowing no squirrel will dare cross my porch. #writerpets #weimaraner #igauthorlife #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writerslife #indieauthor

1 0 Sep 19, 2017

New #Fiction from #TristaDaniell's new series - #WhoresNWives a good late night read for all you night owls! Snippet below, click the link in my bio and visit Fiction/Whores &Wives to read the rest! As always, visit me on the web to subscribe and to stay updated on new posts! Please comment (here & on the blog) and share this story with your friends if you enjoy! Thanks so much for your support! XXOO 💋 -Trista Daniell Whores & Wives [III] snippet: You understand, waiting isn’t going to make it any easier. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to untangle it all.” “Humph.” I chortled. “What’s a few more turds among a mound of bullshit?” “A few more pieces of shit you’ve got to clean up…but if you don’t mind…” She shot a stern look in my direction before jotting a few more notes in her tablet and flipping it closed. “Alright,” Her tone was suddenly light and airy. “Your exercise for the week is to talk to your mother again – and this time from the place of an adult. Make sure your father joins if he can. And remember, you must be present in the moment. Remember your own voice – you are not a child, speaking to her mother, you are an adult speaking to another adult about your truth. You have a right to know this, but she has a right to refuse. Prepare yourself for this rejection – again – and this time, find a way to cope around her rejection.” I sighed. I’d confronted my mother as planned, passing along the message from the mysterious Darryl D. Height in hopes of a reaction, but she gave me none. She didn’t even flinch when I handed her the photo. She glanced at it, briefly, and mumbled something about a dog not rotting with the rest of the dead hounds. Before saying, “She’s your cousin.”.... #writingcommunity #storytelling #shortstory #readingbreak #Tuesday #readme #creativewriting #blackwriters #shewrites #spilledink #wordporn #blacklesbian #lesbian #lesbianfiction #lgbt #lgbtfiction #women #wives #whores #lovestory #love #reading #lust #betrayal #deception #wordporn #writerslife

0 0 Sep 19, 2017

Its been awhile but a new episode of the wicked hour has been upload. On today's episode realtlpeterson talk about the fear of failure and how to overcome it. Now avaiable kn iTunes and stitcher

1 1 Sep 19, 2017

Tuesday afternoon. Should be working... instead took a long and leisurely walk with my mum and the dogs. Bliss ❤️🐾 ❤️ - #writerslife #dordogne #perigordnoir #france #frenchblogger #frenchlife #countrylife #forest #countrygirl #countrywalk #lovemylife #family

3 0 Sep 19, 2017

The healing power of breath 💜

2 2 Sep 19, 2017

Its been awhile but a new episode of the wicked hour has been upload. On today's episode I talk about the fear of failure and how to overcome it. Now avaiable kn iTunes and stitcher

3 1 Sep 19, 2017

IF I COULD If I could ask the wind, to bring me to wherever you are, Maybe I already did. So that you will know how much I'm longing to be with you. If I could ask to be a thunder, Maybe I already did, So that I can shout to the world and you hear me say, how much I miss you, how much I Love you. how much I wished to be with you forever. If I could ask to be a rain, Maybe I already did, So that you can feel me, And to wash away your pain through my presence. To let you know that I can do everything just to win your heart. If I could ask you to hold my heart in your hand, A wished to tell you from the very start that I want to be your honey, I know we get along much better than you and your girlfriend. But you know nothing nor try to ask me. Oh dear, my only love. All of the lonely night even the moon is hiding its light. I'm waiting for you to come, To hold you tight and kiss you good night. All of the bright new day even the rain was pouring on my way, I'm waiting for you to light up my day. Only you Only your love. © Mari Felices Just wanna share my old poem. It was already published in DIVINE MADNESS ANTHOLOGY. #poema #poemsofig #poems #poem #poetry #poet #poets #poetrylovers #poetsofinstagram #marifelices #writerscommunity #writerslife #writersofinstagram #writer #writers #writersofig #poetrycommunity #poetrygram #poetrygrams #poetryofig #poeticjustice #repost #reposted

13 2 Sep 19, 2017

My kind of afternoon meetings 😉

27 1 Sep 19, 2017

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 let it burn baby

935 25 Sep 19, 2017

If you have a nagging winter wellness question, like why is peppermint so popular or how does one make a DIY natural cough drop, now is the time to ask ya girl. . Over the next week or so I'm putting together my editorial calendar and would love your questions, suggestions, and ideas for articles you'd like to read this season. Anything from gardening to cooking is welcome. Be creative& feel free to DM🌲✨

8 1 Sep 19, 2017

Like most writers, I struggle to find time to write. In my newest blog post, I help you prioritize your writing so you can schedule time every day to what you love. Check out the link in my bio. What keeps you from writing as much as you want? Work? School? Kids? #writing #amwriting #writer #writers #writinglife #writerslife #writingtips #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #blog #writingblog #novel #book #books #writersnetwork #writingmotivation #editing #amediting

6 0 Sep 19, 2017
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