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“It’s loss, that’s what you see on her face. It’s the pain of loss.” . . She looked away from her and turned to him, her expression surprisingly gentle, and curious. He shrugged. “It’s that pain where you’ve lost something, or someone. And it feels like the world is breaking, that you’re breaking, but not really. You want to break but you can’t. You feel broken but not enough. So you carry on. Everyday you feel like there’s a part of you missing, that the feeling of loss will fade away. You tell yourself that it’ll get better soon. People will tell you that it’ll get better with time. It might, don’t get me wrong. It might. Maybe it will get better someday. But right now you feel that emptiness that crying won’t fix, it’ll just be there. It’s the pain of loss of something that you won’t get back.” . . “How do you know that?” She had asked then, her voice still echoes in his head. He had never thought he’d feel that again.

3 1 Apr 28, 2017

Hindi is always the feel of an Indian. Some out of the syllabus lines.

2 1 Apr 28, 2017

2 1 Apr 28, 2017

How could it be? Me and you. You're red. And I? A completely different hue. What if we merge? What if we don't? What if I change? What if you won't? What if the colour we create turns out to be gore? Everything changes; I become something you abhor. How could it be? You and me. You're red. Now I'm a different she. -A.M© . . . . #words #writers #writewritewrite #writersofinstagram #wordplay #wordporn #poetryislove #poetry #poetess #she #poetryisnotdead #igpoets #igpoetsociety #logophile #lovewords #inlovewithwords #poetryislove #poetscommunityofinstagram #instadaily #instagood #loveforwriting #followher

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😂😂😂😂 I'm working on it though. Yesterday's word count was on point. Today's shall be too! #goals #nevergiveup #followyourdreams #dreamchaser #bookstagram #writers #writersofinstagram

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