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أنا أراك عندما أنظر في المرآة ، ليس لأني رسمتكَ في عقلي ، أو لأن عيني حفظت ملامحكَ ، بل لأنك تشبه أفكاري ، تقرأني قبل أن أتكلمَ ، لم يسبق لأحداً جعلني في مثل شعور الدهشة التي أنا فيها الأن ، لهذا زرعتكَ في داخلي للحد الذي يجعلني أقتنع و أتقبل إنكَ أنا بكل ما فيكَ . 4:02PM #كتاباتي #كاتبة #كتاب #سوريا #العراق #لبنان #بغداد_العراق🇮🇶 #writer #queen8 #writing #baghdad #iraq #writers #syrian

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My new blog post called 'The Inclination of Germination', about the growth I have experienced this year, what I gave learnt about myself and once we have worked in the emotional soil we must as Einstein stated 'No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness thst created it'. We have to seek and immerse ourselves in higher levels whilst still remaining embodied. It's not about leaving the body it's about forming a broader range of love for it. It's about being clearer and that often involves a massive clear- out process. Check it out at link live in Bio #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #soul #mindfullife #femaleblogger #femininepower #blog #spreadlove #selfgrowth #selfloverevolution #awakeningyourpower #inspiration #womenunite #loveyourself #loveyourbody #healing #healer #embracingfears #liveyourtruth #wellness #writers #writing #creative #creative writing #personalwriting

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Read Caption ⬇⤵ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• You finally got her! Now she is in your bed. You help her remove her cloths! You have removed your cloth too. See her curves. Wow now, you are so hard, and she is horny too, hey before you have sex with her, kindly ask yourself about these things, ••••• 1. Do you really love her? -Yeah, I know you like her buttocks, I know she has big breasts or you just enjoy rubbing those breasts, I know you like the way she talks. But do you really love the person she is? ••••• 2. After sleeping with her, what next? Will you still love that breasts? Will you still love her smile? ••••• 3. What if she gets pregnant? Will she face the world alone or will you stand by her? Are you ready to stand as a man and say yes! We both did it, it is our Baby! Or will you look for excuses? ••••• 4. If she calls to tell you that she is pregnant, will you tell her to abort it and risk her life or will you tell her to keep the baby? ••••• 5. Very important, if she gives birth, can you take care of the baby? Can you meet the emotional, mental, psychological and financial demands? ••••• 6. Is she someone you can marry or someone you just want to sleep with? Imagine if this was your sister with someone else! ••••• 7. If she is good enough for you to sleep with, why can’t she be good enough to be your wife? ••••• 8. If you sleep with her and leave her. Think about how sad it will be, think about the pains and the sorrows. Imagine if this is done to your child! ••••• 9. Think about tomorrow. Don’t just think about today, I know you just want to do it! your hormones are up, What will happen when your hormones are down?? ••••• There is major difference in these two thoughts... -Yeah, I fucked her.. -Yeah, I made Love with her... ••••• This is just a piece of advice for the youth, think or ask yourself this questions before you take the next step. #HaveGreatSex ••••• #Like, #Comment your views, #Tag your #friends who should read this. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Credit : 13.bhai Follow indigenouswriters for such captions

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Theee lives, spent between Aristotle and Żytomirski. I want to see your favorite bookstore! Go, go, go! Also, take me back to NYC, please 😢

5 1 Dec 11, 2017

I Believe. They say I live in dreams and that world which won't ever exist, Yes I do live in dreams ,which do make me believe in Love,Friendship, Magic, Adventures & Everything good ... And how someday I will be off to discover those untouched lands surrounded by deep oceans,deadly snow and mysterious dark woods....! Yes I do believe there are these people ,who might have already crossed my path and those who haven't very soon will, And that we will recognize each other from that feeling of being one n warmth that will come along with us coz our souls definitely would show similar signs of thrills ... I do believe they will be wild enough to dance in rains n storms together, And will be daunting enough to deep dive into those waters just to get a view of sea feathers... I believe they will be sexy enough to flaunt their flaws, And wild enough to break all the laws...! I believe they will definitely be kind enough to help the helpless to heal, And wise enough in today's world to believe in angels and not the devils...! Meanwhile I am just packing my bags and getting all ready, Coz somewhere inside it feels they are almost here to bring on that fiery rhythm to my life which is so unsteady . #poems #poetry #truelove #life #adventure #writers #writingcommunity #wordporn #bond #destiny #fate #motivational #don'tquit

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