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Ahhh life! #female #lady #woman #spice #sweet

4 1 Apr 30, 2017

One thing I've learnt, in my chaotic life is not to let fear control you. Now, that being said how do you overcome a fear? Hit it head on, like a freight train roaring toward its destination? Or slowly like a tortoise waddling toward the waters edge? I'm no expert, I'm not even student Hell, I'm a rookie. With no idea where to turn next. I haven't been intimate with a man sober in over 4 years. And I haven't wanted to try. Until last night, everything inside me was screaming you are ready. They lied, boy oh boy, did they lie. This fear, crawled up and out of no where, digging her harsh claws in my throat and fogging any and all common thought. When my haze had lifted I was in Michaels arms, sobbing into his shirt as he hushed me like you would a child. Hand drawing slow circles on my back and a gentle rocking motion. I apologised and scrambled for the bathroom I needed a minute and he understood, respected that. He was sitting on the end of my bed, I was terrified to look at him, I didn't want to see his eyes, the look of pity on his face. Instead I walked out, he followed and I asked him to leave. He said my name I wanted to wince at the tone in his voice. Breathing deep, Freight train I found his eyes, searching his face No pity, not even an iota of judgment Just concern, honest to god this man I have no idea how to take. I don't really remember thinking, just walking into his arms and he held me. Whispering sweet nothings and everything's all at once. He stayed until I had fallen asleep on the couch, he tucked me into bed wrote me a note and then let himself out. I swear to the angels this man makes my head spin, but in the most delicious ways. I promise. ✨ #writersofinstagram #wordswithqueens #herheartpoetry #lovepoem #herheart #movemountains #love #abuse #writerscommunity #writeyouonmyheart #writer #writing #poem #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #poemsofinstagram #rmdrake #rupikaur #reflection #heartfelt #fear #heartbreak #lifequotes

4 0 Apr 30, 2017

On top of a waterfall, taking notes on how to go with the flow ❤️🌿

8 1 Apr 30, 2017

Trying to sneak in a little writing session this morning, before life takes over.. Really would like to finish scene 3 today.. 💭✒ The sun is shining and I love that spring is here - finally! 💜🌼 #amwriting #writerslife #writersofinstagram #motivation #inspiration #wordcount #dreambig #writinggoals #writer #firstdraft #100days #deadline #skriver #forfatter #coffee #hvitveis

3 0 Apr 30, 2017

One cup Oatly barista, one cup self raising flour, one splosh lie, they were the best pancakes ever 👌

4 1 Apr 30, 2017

you are a co-creator. pick up your pen. finish your story. #IAm #TheWomanWithoutAPlan

2 2 Apr 30, 2017
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